Greedy when Others are Fearful or Just Stupid

If you talk about investing enough with others, many will quote Warren Buffett where you should be greedy when others are fearful and vice versa. The thing is, this can be applied so wrongly in so many ways. It can be used as an excuse to lose money or buying into an extremely risky asset that has a real chance of bankruptcy and no possible future.

How’s it going everybody this is beat the bush everybody knows the warren buffett being greedy when others are fearful and fearful when others are greedy you can basically say for any stock that is falling heavily that everyone is just fearful and then you should be greedy and buying into it so it just keeps on going down and you’re not sure if it’s actually gonna

Go bankrupt or not it just keeps on going down and then you keep on buying it telling other people that you’re just being greedy when other people are fearful sometimes these stocks people are fearful for a reason and so you really need to figure out if people are over doing this if actually this stock is gonna come back or not now i bring this up because much of

The stock price today has dramatically went down and i see in the comment section that many people are repeating this phrase over and over and it seems like people just apply every which way today i just want to go over a lot of different pieces of financial news just kind of get some bearings around what is happening on the market today obviously the main thing

Driving the market is the infection rate so far as of the making of this video there’s 1.3 million people that has positive confirmation of the infection there’s 69 thousand people dead across the entire world every day i am looking at the increasing infections anyway every single day there seems to be more people dying now personally i last stocked up on food

On march 17 2020 this is about three weeks ago i’m checking out my supplies right now and it looks like i have about three to four weeks worth of supply of food left if i really stretch it i might be able to make it maybe four or five weeks since i tend to do things a little bit ahead of everyone else and when i make videos about it people just say i’m crazy or

Whatnot but i still want to just announce to everybody what i’m doing so if you’re following along on the newest latest things that i’m doing right now i don’t know you might be able to catch on to this as well and you know make yourself a little bit safer so one of the things i’m doing right now is i purposely just bought all my supplies long ago three weeks ago

And i just basically stopped going out i did not go to any restaurants i don’t even get taped out or delivered groceries as of now i can’t even get even if i wanted to but the main purpose of that is i want to minimize contact minimize my chances of getting infected every single time that you go out no matter where it is you are increasing your chances of getting

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Infected especially with more and more infections you know all throughout the united states really getting really dangerous just to go out even just even for a little bit right around a week ago i started getting a little bored and i’m sure a lot of people are getting bored since you know it’s been like three weeks for most people but over here i’ve started growing

My own broccoli sprouts i happen to have some broccoli seeds that i just sprout and then i would just eat the sprouts right but over here i’ll show you oops ah shoot gotta go like this you can see the broccoli sprouts over here they grew i’m not sure what broccoli even looks like this is the first time you’re doing it so i figure once they grow enough i’m gonna

Separate them and then in two separate pots and they’ll have more space to grow i have another pot back there that you can’t see and also after i ate my organic apple i’m like oh my gosh okay i can’t even buy any more organic apples because i’m not going to the grocery store so you know i take the seeds and then i just put it on some tissue paper wet it i make sure

It’s wet every single day and some of it sprouted so here i am trying to grow food this might work out in the long term maybe i’m gonna get some broccoli out of it but this is kind of planning for the future right in case if we get locked down maybe two three months from now i can’t get access to groceries i can’t get access to frozen vegetables even you know this

Might be a concern so this is kind of like an insurance plan right you’re not doing much anyway so – well sprout your own seeds start growing stuff if you have a yard or whatnot and i mean you might be able to grow some food just in case you can’t get any in the future i talk about this because i see our food supply being a little bit more limited right i don’t see

It completely going away because the united states is a huge producer of food the main problem that we’re gonna have is from delivery drivers being too afraid to deliver food and we already see this happening with milk where farmers cannot deliver the milk to the end customer and they actually have to pour it all out so not that i can grow all that much vegetables

Over here enough for me to eat or anything it’s just you know it just will help a little bit i think going forward something that i have to acknowledge myself over here is being trapped it is kind of trap right just you’re forcing yourself to stay in normally i would actually go out once a week go get the mail go get some sun or whatnot but now i’m not even going

Out because every time i’m outside i see a lot of people walking around i see this highly highly dangerous because you’re walking by all these other people that are jogging around you come pretty close to them and i just think this is really really risky because you’re in close proximity with other people out on the streets so now i’m actually not going out at

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All and i see this sort of this is sort of taking a toll i kind of treat the place i am in right now kind of like a spaceship where you know you’re on a long journey of a couple months or something and you’re just basically confined to a reasonable amount of space and you know you can’t go out of outside of it because the space outside i think of it as a sort of

Training but three weeks into it i can feel myself getting a little bit anxious and just kind of you know flipping my thumb like this i’m like oh what what should i do you know i’m like trying to patch up the wall you know you end up doing all these kind of things that makes you realize how bored you are right patching up the walls i actually made some of these

Masks out of paper towels panting stuff i actually found a beer bottle over here that matches the occasion i had to fill it up with some yellow water because i don’t have the proper beer to put in there i also see myself stress eating more because it’s kind of taking the place of other kinds of entertainment right instead of going out i’m like oh you know you

Stress eat you eat something delicious maybe you eat a little bit more than usual i find myself doing this honestly i’m not immune to going crazy i don’t want to go there right i’m not crazy yet but i can definitely sense that i’m a little bit you know just just kind of closer to the edge over there i just want to share with you guys what i’ve been watching on

All these free internet streaming services i’ve watch mandalorian so far i walk picard i am almost through silicon valley pretty funny show the pandemic documentary i watch a few of those i didn’t end up watching all of it yet and i watched the outbreak movie so far all of these very very entertaining but the more you sit in front of the tv the more you feel like

You’re wasting your time you kind of know that you’re stuck so then you end up watching it and then if you spend like a whole day watching stuff i can only binge watch maybe two three hours or does stuff before i have to get up and just completely stop for a couple of hours i think the hardest part of all this is you just don’t know how long you’re gonna stay here

Anymore it looks like we have to size out so late for the rest of the month this is three more weeks from today but going forward we really don’t know if this is gonna go on for another month because if let’s say people are free to move right and then there is an reinfection going on and then all of a sudden they’re like just kidding never mind we have to you know

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Lock down everything again and this could be recurring over and over again for several months i can definitely see this going on for several months so not knowing when this is exactly gonna end is it’s kind of like a taxing thing it’s kind of like i guess if someone locks you up in a completely dark room and they don’t tell you why they lock you up this is the most

Stressful thing and you don’t know how long you’re gonna be locked up for because right now even in santa clara if you go out without a reason without a proper reason to let’s say get groceries or take care of someone medical emergency or whatnot you can get a ticket for net for it now okay so something fun right now is i like to take a survey of everyone watching

This video what you guys think of cruise stocks right like the carnivals the royal caribbean’s and stuff all these cruise lines you’ve probably seen on the news they’re just like a huge petri dish of infections if you’re on it it’s like a death trap on these things now right at with these things going on if you happen to be on the cruise ship they lock you down

Into these ships the fiasco where you know they won’t let you out and the air circulates or something everybody gets the virus this is just crazy so i’m gonna put a survey over here just very interesting things just do one click and say what you think about cruise stocks so the question is would you buy crew stock a being yes be greedy when others are fearful be

Yes you will buy cruise line stocks except you’re gonna wait until it’s a little bit lower maybe it’s gonna go down another 50% and then you’re gonna buy it or see you think no you’re never gonna buy cruise stock and they are done you think they’re gonna go bankrupt the government isn’t gonna really gonna bail them out and the ones ever gonna ride the cruise

Anymore people are just crazy scared about this and if this is gonna be an ongoing issue with re-infections and stuff well no one’s gonna go on those cruise line maybe they have to pivot or something so see is no you’re gonna not buy any cruise line stocks so just fill out that thing and we’re gonna see you know how many people fill it out and you can see what

The percentages are in terms of the breakdown so that’s all i have to say about these few days worth of finance news i hope you guys enjoyed it don’t forget to give me a like comment down below let me know what you think of this berkshire hathaway sales of airline stocks and as always don’t forget to push that subscribe button and ring that bell icon thanks for watching

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Greedy when Others are Fearful or Just Stupid By BeatTheBush

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