Canapé growth is on fire you could join a group $63 f tempers is also not like rivers fire mmm en is on fire csx is on fire a lot of grease is on is h arv is on fire tilt is on fire enemy growth is on fire kronos group is on fire rivers is on fire i add this is on fire oh my goodness do you guys see this fire we have full alert everyone what a way

To start 420 let’s go cannabis stocks have decided that it’s their time when a full alert we are green look at you man man let’s go man man what i told you for memphis i’m in the green on that man we havin a green day a usa at 137 also in the green are our 2.0 how about xena xena 194 there what about a lef coming from the dead a pre % charlotte’s

Web up for you meta up 4.9% medlen is what full alerts everywhere photos dirt is what i am this is what fido’s ain’t going nowhere you know is pain in my opinion your way watching you a friend it’s time to say good night casino with the fever that should be but you believe my way up to supreme you bear on this company can you go make some cream

So i i’m a sedan it’s about to pop in same time god hendra canopy growth is just on fire as predicted we’re not really surprised here the huge news the massive news that canopy growth is in talks to acquire acreage holdings the rights to acquire acreage holdings and it is exploding on this news and take a look at mb i owe our entire communities talking

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About this one mbi oh it is absolutely on fire crazy crazy crazy crazy day for mb io mustang bio or rd if we look at the chart you can see that this baby is just going right up let’s look at the chart on cg c cg sees the stock of the day today let’s take a look at the chart why is it looking like that so you could see here that cgc is just exploding up and

What what’s going on here tilt wow tilt is exploding everybody tilt on fuller up to 250 what a roofer tilt we’ve been talking about tilt we’ve been saying is it a time to buy it looked like it was the time to buy for tilt tilt exploding up massive tilt put this in the group chat look at this tilt was just perfect opportunity for tilt and look at a heart

Of har v wow har v har v is up eight point eight two percent so har v is having a day all the indicators are pointing straight up for herv unbelievable truly up 7% wow unbelievable truly up 7% rivers up five point nine three percent men men now coming down a little bit after being up big see med man right here all the indicators are pointing right up for

Med men they’re very very bullish all these indicators are very very bullish for med men see xxi very bullish wow shut up to a high of 190 today is that today no that was yesterday see xxi having a monster start to the day north making a big push look at this move by north north coming right up north making a big push to $1 dollar 3 right now north up 6%

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Big move from north mad men had a big move all the way at a 422 and now it’s coming back down after a huge start a usa at a dollar 38 of 4% so it looks like we had a lot of green and we’re having a little bit of a pullback we’re still lots of green still lots of green lots and lots and lots of green well we are coming down a little bit but some things are

Going up and some things are coming down acreage wow what a day for acreage acreage on news that they’re going to have their rights acquired by canopy growth is up 8% as predicted what a start to the day this is unbelievable everything’s on fire i just wanted to bring it to your attention put it up put you guys on alert everything is green today massive

Moves everywhere does your boy rich from rich tv live if you’re not winning you’re not watching we’re bringing the winners and we bring them to you first can it be growth just a giant leading the way up 7% on news that they will be acquiring the rights to acquire acreage holdings for literally over three billion dollars like are you kidding me so the

Whole sector is responding to this news and we’re seeing green everywhere left to know what you guys think if you liked this video smash the like button share the video comment down below is your boy rich from rich to be live if you’re not winning you’re not watching i got to go back to training this is way too crazy i can’t stay live omo omo gotta go hey


Remember we’re not licensed advisors do your due diligence do your research before you invest in anything that we talk about here in rich tv live okay if you’re not winning you’re probably not watching we’re bringing the winners and we try to bring them to you first you know sometimes it’s hard because i want to do some trading but man what a start to the

Day unbelievable movement everywhere prp o up 2012 % m bi o up two hundred and twenty seven percent cb bt up seventeen percent s cb z like man we just we’re seeing like momentum everywhere this is crazy this is absolutely crazy don’t be afraid to take your money and running take your profits when you see them we’re deep green we’ve seen canopy growth go

To 62 and now they’re falling back they went to 63 85 wow now they’re falling back a little bit where will it go stay tuned green growth brands is up four point two seven percent as predicted green growth rents

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