Green Growth Brands Debuts on the Canadian Securities Exchange Under the Symbol (CSE: GGB)

Green Growth Brands Debuts on the Canadian Securities Exchange Under the Symbol “GGB” – RICH TV LIVE – November 13, 2018 – Xanthic Biopharma Inc. d.b.a. Green Growth Brands (CSE: GGB) (“GGB” or “the company”) will make its trading debut on the Canadian Securities Exchange (CSE) at today’s market open under the ticker symbol “GGB”. The highly-anticipated listing on the CSE represents the completion of the reverse takeover (RTO) announced by the Company in July 2018.

Hey guys this is your boy rich here on behalf of rich tv live and we have a new ipo launching today in 45 minutes green growth brands to debut on the cse with symbol ggv today november 13th let’s take a look at some of the big news this came out on november 9th x and thick biopharma formerly our quest resources inc and the green growth brands inc ggv which will

Be the new sequel of the ipo today is pleased to announce that they have completed the previously announced business combination divine below between eggs and thick and ggb see the business combination below following closing exotic will continue under the corporate name exam thick biopharma inc until the first quarter of 2009 teen following which time it is

Expected to change its corporate name to green growth brands limited the combined entity following completion of the business combination is referred to as we the company or the resulting issuer until such time the company will operate in ontario under the business name green growth brands it is anticipated the common shares of the company will resume trading on

The facilities of the canadian securities exchange under the ticker symbol g gb on november 13 2018 which is today the completion of the business combination gives retail and institutional investors a chance to participate in our growth story as we build a premium north american retailer of cannabis thc and cbd products we have built and led industry-leading retail

Organizations before and we will do it again by keeping the consumer at the center of everything we do peter horvath ceo of the company’s operating entity let’s learn a little bit about this new ipo the company the combined company is a lifestyle oriented consumer products company that celebrates health wellness and happiness we are in the business of cultivation

Processing and retailing of cannabis tea see cannabinoid il cbd and cannabis infused consumer products over the next 12 months the company intends to expand its retail and wholesale cannabis businesses as well as its cbd consumer products businesses through a combination of strategic partnerships merger and acquisition activity and organic license capture the

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Company’s objectives are to establish retail cannabis locations or otherwise apply for such licenses in various states within the same timeframe pursuant to state laws such activity will focus on those certain states or cannabis has been legalized for medical and or recreational use at the state level so this is clearly a company that’s going to be doing a lot of

Business in america conditional listing approval exact that receive conditional approval of the business combination from the canadian securities exchange on the csc on november 7 2018 the business combination remains subject to the final approval of the cse which is expected to be received honor about november 9th 2018 it is currently anticipated that the trading

In the common shares of the resulting issuer will commence on the csc today i’ve got a symbol g gb summary of the shareholder meetings yeah you could find out more information the business combination okay i’m not gonna go through all of this but as part of the business combination each of the common shares proportionate voting shares common share purchase words and

Proportionate voting share warrants of ggb collectively the ggb securities will be cancelled and former ggb security holders will receive 3.43 common shares proportionate voting shares common share purchase warrants and proportionate voting share weren’t of exotic as applicable for each ggb security so cancelled collectively so this is the news that is trending

Now remember risk tv live is strictly for education entertainment purposes always do your due diligence always do your research before you invest in anything that we talk about here on rich tv live you can see our feature videos all the breaking news stocks cryptocurrency information and if you want to join our secret stock picks group just go right here hover

Over contacts and you can also join us on it slack this court and follow us on all social media absolutely free and the news is trending everywhere this is their website green growth brand calm beautiful website very impressive and this is a company that i think has huge potential what do you think about this new ipo it’s growing season do you think it’s gonna be

A big winner here it says we’ve merged with exam tech biopharma and we are now proudly trading on the canadian stock exchange as ggb wow now go do your research learn about the company if you like this video smash the like button comment down below do you think this is going to be a winner they’ve got lots of brands and they’ve got a strong team and i think this

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Is a team that’s well poised right now to be potentially a huge winner and you can see we talked a little bit about peter horvath and look at this careers for us it’s more than a job it’s a movement if you are hearing us you’re probably one of us i like that and you can see that they’ve got positions in ohio currently hiring in columbus ohio check this out green

Growth brands announced that has completed a raise of 85 million dollars that’s right they raised 85 million dollars and if you want to keep up to date you can subscribe right here and get all the latest news and breaking information i’ve already done it that’s what i’m getting all this information just signing up and learning about these companies absolutely free

Here it is green growth brands completes up sized rays of 85 million to satisfy an overwhelming investor demand so they are raising money and once again you can take a look at their team check out this news green growth brands has another strategic investor brings total raise to a hundred and forty million wow my goodness these guys aren’t raising money look at this

On november 5th green growth brands on the cse ggb is pleased to announce its advance to its previous announced business combination transaction with eggs antic biopharma inc that it has closed an additional private placement investment of approximately thirty point five million with the strategic partner at a post transaction consolidation price of $2 per share

So this will probably coming out around two dollars two dollars and forty-five cents based on the information that i have been studying and i think that that man look at this assuming the exercise is an awful payment of the warrants the total fund raised by gigi be following the announcement of the transaction will exceed a hundred and forty million wow i mean

This is just the company that is raising money the private private placement follows gigi b’s initial private placement of convertible debentures which was up sized from its original target of fifty five million to over eighty six million decius two significant demand in particular from a number of strategic investors the transaction is targeted for completion


For the week of november 52018 and it will be symbol ggb and it will be trading in less than half an hour we’ve seen a significant amount of interest in the company not only from consumers and industry partners but also from the investment community at large said green growth brand ceo peter hore by expanding our relationship strategic investors is a priority for

Us and the recent deal fits the bill perfectly we are very focused on quickly expanding our footprint across north america and the funding will allow us to acquire additional cannabis licenses and grow facilities we’re also very excited about our cbd infused body care collection once again see me these guys which has been very successful in our test markets our

Management team has excellent exponentially exceptionally strong experience in the personal care and beauty industry so we’re confident that we’ll quickly gain a leadership position so i’m gonna be watching this company very closely today what do you think i want to know do you think this is gonna be a winner will you buy this stock is this something that you’re

Looking at is this something that you’re watching looks like a company with a lot of potential and it could be a huge winner but i always like to know what the people think i always want to know what people are doing are you buying this stock are you gonna watch it do you think this is gonna be an ipo that’s gonna go up you think this is an idea that’s gonna go

Down what do you think holler at your boy green growth brands see if we can see some of their brands let’s see here our brands each of our brands serves a distinct market but all of them are known for providing remarkable products an unmatched experience temp interesting seventh sense botanical therapy only oh that that’s the cbd body lotion interesting mary and

Jane these are big names so all right markets gonna be opening here in a but half an hour great company great potential i’m gonna continue to do my due diligence green growth brands calm what do you guys think hard your boy is your boy rich if you’re not winning you’re not watching huh peace

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Green Growth Brands Debuts on the Canadian Securities Exchange Under the Symbol (CSE: GGB) By RICH TV LIVE

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