Greenlane Renewables CEO Brad Douville (TSXV: GRN)

Greenlane Renewables CEO Brad Douville (TSXV: GRN) – OCTOBER 15, 2020 – RICH TV LIVE – Greenlane Renewables Inc. (“ Greenlane ”) (TSXV: GRN / FSE: 52G) today announced that its wholly-owned subsidiary, Greenlane Biogas North America Ltd., has signed an $7.7 million (US$5.8 million) contract for a new renewable natural gas (“RNG”) project developed by San Francisco, California-based Brightmark LLC (“Brightmark”). The multiple-site dairy farm project in the State of Florida will utilize Greenlane’s pressure swing adsorption (“PSA”) biogas upgrading systems.

Hi how you doing today this is rich remember rich tv live with our very special guest it is brad deville the ceo and president of green lane renewables how are you doing today brad very well thank you how are you i’m doing very well why don’t we start off with you telling us a little bit about green lane renewables sure well green lane renewables is in the

Renewable natural gas space so we are a global leader in equipment that upgrades biogas into renewable natural gas so biogas comes from decomposing organic matter from landfills wastewater treatment plants farms and and food waste so we take that biogas we upgrade it into renewable natural gas which is fully mixable with the natural gas that’s in the pipelines

Or the other main uses is vehicles natural gas vehicles using renewable natural gas very good now what is renewable natural gas and what are the current applications so renewable natural gas is renewable means low carbon so it’s no new net carbon added to the environment it has low carbon intensity and that’s really important because the two target markets are

Greening the gas grid so this is the underlying major energy system that sits next to the electricity system those are the two main ways to deliver energy to most all things residences buildings and industrial applications one ways through electrons through electricity grid and what we’re doing is greening the natural gas grid everybody knows about wind solar

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Hydro for greening the electricity grid well this is the one way you can actually green the natural gas grid the other key market is transportation commercial vehicles in particular the the heavy duty trucks marine applications diesel fuel is utterly dominant in those applications the number one alternative to diesel is natural gas so we can displace fossil

Natural gas with renewable natural gas that provides compelling decarbonization opportunities for these two enormous and important to the economy sectors transportation mainly commercial vehicles and greening the gas grid okay very good now green lane renewables currently offers three main biogas upgrading technologies could you please explain what these are

And what they do yeah so there’s there’s a number of different ways to do biogas upgrading so the first thing is to explain biogas is a mixture of mainly carbon dioxide and methane so methane is what we’re after methane is the number one component in natural gas so we need to separate these molecules before we separate the carbon dioxide from the methane we

Have to clean out some impurities like hydrogen sulfide volatile organic compounds we have to cleanse those and then we separate the molecules to do that separation step there’s a number of different technologies out there they do different things there’s four main ones in the marketplace green lane offers three of the main upgrading technologies so we offer

Um the company was founded on something called water wash uh so it uses uh some uh modestly pressurized water it’s like when you open a bottle of uh perrier it bubbles off the the gas well that’s co2 coming out of solution so it’s that kind of principle the methane does not go into solution and it passes through so that’s the water scrubbing technology we also

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Offer pressure swing absorption which is a kind of a batch method it uses kind of the molecules absorb into this media and then you discharge it and then finally we offer a membrane separation which is an engineered plastic the carbon dioxide goes one way and the methane goes another way and it’s another separation approach wow that’s impressive now who would

You say are green lane renewables main competitors uh well um water wash has been the most popular uh the most deployed technology globally we have a main competitor a swedish outfit called melnberg they only operate in in europe air lakeed should be a familiar name to most people there in the space they do membrane separation technology only they’re they’re

Headquartered in france a lot of their installations are in the u.s there’s a few other players that offer psa there’s some others uh warzilla for example just recently bought a company called pure gas they do chemical scrubbing which is the one of the main technologies we don’t do as green lane our customers prefer water because it’s got the clean environmental

Attributes uh and then one other canadian company is zbac based out of montreal so they do pressure swing absorption okay great and what would you say sets you apart from your competitors well the one main thing that sets us apart is we’ve been uh two main things one is we’ve been at this longer than anyone else we’ve deployed more systems globally than anyone

Else over 110 systems into 18 countries we’ve been around for 30 years so that’s piece one so there’s a lot of track record and credibility that comes with that and number two is we’ve we’ve determined that you need to have multiple tools in your tool kit that’s why we’re the only one in the marketplace to offer multiple technologies each of these technologies

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Behaves differently depending on the project depending on the biogas composition and the pipeline requirements that you’re trying to inject into okay great now rich tv live we’ve got members all over the world watching us in about 60 countries if there was one thing you would want shareholders to know about green lane renewables what would it be well let’s go

Back to the competitors right so one thing that we did deliberately with green lane was we just went public last summer we felt it was the right time because of everything that’s happening in the renewable natural gas space and the overarching uh focus on uh climate change and and driving green solutions green lane is a pure play in rg so if investors are

Looking for um specific investment opportunity as it relates to greening the grass gas grid and greening transportation you know it’s a pure play you can’t invest in airlockheed’s little business that does biogas upgrading because it’s part of a much larger opportunity as as most of our competitors so we’re we’re very unique in that way okay very good now what

Is the best way for shareholders to get in touch with the company best way would be go to our website there’s the contact link for sales inquiries they’re on their investor relations inquiries for our shareholders insight capital markets handles our ir for us they’re they’re our partner in that area all the contact details are right

There on our website okay great well thank you so much for your time today brad okay this is brad duville the ceo and president of green lane renewables thank you guys for watching you

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