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Well folks i didn’t really think i would ever be involved in a stock with this much drama outside of maybe tesla my esl but folks do we have a drama show for you here today in regards to the chef so here we are right here we are i’m gonna try i’m trying to get this video out as fast as possible so now i’m gonna edit this video just gonna release it however it comes

Out okay but essentially over a half hour before the market closed next thing you know on message boards on twitter everything across the board people got the numbers the numbers the tattoo chef numbers that are supposed to come out after the bell also in this sec filing gets leaked and next thing you know everybody’s like hey they did 58.8 million 44 revenue growth

And this is turning up all over the place before market closes okay and it was pretty obvious because all of a sudden the stocks shot way down as soon as this news broke and it’s like what in the world is going on here next thing you know i’m checking this out i’m seeing these forums are posted yeah these are securities and exchange uh commission forms that are

Basically being filed here that somehow got leaked and released literally before market closes okay i mean this isn’t just isn’t something that usually happens and this is something that usually shouldn’t happen uh yeah because obviously it’s material information and if material information gets leaked uh that’s not a good thing because it affects stock prices

Right and so that’s why also next thing you know tattoo chef stock was selling off okay look at this this was in that report that comes out literally before the market even closes like almost an hour before revenue for the three months end of september 30th 2021 increased approximately 17.8 mil 44 to 58.8 mil this is a huge this is like crazy i’ve never seen this

In in my 12 plus years being in the stock market i’ve never seen numbers for a company get leaked uh like this okay i i’ve had you know suspicions of sometimes leaked numbers because you’ll get a big move in a stock price or something like that right before like you know in earnings comes out like a half hour before 15 minutes before and it’s like does somebody

Know something here does like wall street you have a little insight on this did they get the numbers before everybody else because that stock’s moving already and the earnings aren’t even out right but this is like straight up like everybody had access to this if you have the link like everybody had access to this is on the sec filings i’m like this is this is

Absolutely craziness now also in this it was very very important they said that basically uh they’re they’re you know looking into the numbers of the past and they expect an immaterial change to any of the past numbers now immaterial is very important that basically means it’s not a material difference okay a material difference would be a substantial difference

In the numbers something went wrong there in the past with the accounting or something like that so that’s great news that it’s an immaterial difference okay but needless to say this is absolute craziness that the numbers leaked you know way before the market closes okay so i went on my instagram i said you know this is crazy uh by the way if you don’t follow me

On ig follow me on ig ttcf numbers got leaked everybody’s got access to this it’s on twitter it’s on message boards everywhere supposedly 44 revenue growth crazy by the way i did a poll earlier in the day on my instagram this is this is uh how i would call it divisive of a stock tattoo chef really is look at this perfect 50 50. 50 of people said the stock would

Crash 50 said skyrocket like you know it’s even as all things in life should be absolutely extraordinary okay now you had short sellers also you know taking this moment to then uh you know make up obviously stuff this person is saying why are they saying 58 mil insiders are telling me 53 mil trash stock you know all of a sudden you get stuff like that out there

And people are confused during a time like this right where they’re like wait what do i believe here are these real numbers coming out this sec filing here is this real this is crazy and then you have shorts obviously saying stuff like that trying to get people to sell out yeah it’s it’s a it’s a drama show nonetheless and so next thing you know the stock tanks

Down right and by the way also tattoo chef announced they’re going to participate in this jeffrey’s west coast consumer conference and by the way i’m going to share in this video exactly like where i think the stock price is going tomorrow moves i made after hours moves i’m planning on making in regards to tattoo chef i’m going to share all that in this video as

Well okay but nonetheless the stock goes down right i mean it was it made a nice run up to 17 plus and then just boom as soon as this right here essentially guys right here this was when the the news broke right around those numbers there and it just boom it shot down and bounced back shut down and bounced back uh but neither say the stock ended up finishing down

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Three percent for the day now it was down even a lot more than that at one point i didn’t want to make a move in relation to it because you know i know there’s a lot of eyeballs on me if i was not on youtube i would have been buying the stock uh needless to say rate when it made that drop it’s just you know i get a little worried about like hey there’s these

Numbers leaked are they gonna look at me you know i have to really watch myself let’s just put it that way okay so needless to say it’s everywhere everybody’s posting it 44 year-over-year growth nice you know the numbers are going you know insane and it’s just it’s just a wild situation as far as the stock i mean just who could have expected this like like i

I’ve never seen this okay i’ve never seen this and i’ve seen a lot in the stock market but i’ve never seen a company essentially the numbers come out almost an hour before they were supposed to this is just it’s just craziness absolute craziness nonetheless okay so that’s all going on then after hours okay also the stock opens up right away after hours this is

Before the press release comes out so everybody should already know the numbers now at this point okay and i can guarantee you the people that probably sold off probably either traders or likely uh you know funds or whatnot because they got the numbers right away so they can make their judgments okay i want to sell the stock buy the stock whatever right so they

Make their moves there but rate after hours before the press release comes out it’s already down three point seven percent i saw it down as much as uh almost five percent at one point right this is before the press release comes out still at this point in time when i take this screenshot all right so it’s clear like somebody’s trying to you know get the stock down

Next thing you know the stocks break even after all that drama right numbers are still not out just a crazy volatility you got obviously people saying crazy stuff like this jeremy sold as a full position after hours you know that’s just it’s just you know people just say whatever they want to say right some people might even believe it that’s the sad part but yeah

Drama drama drama then finally the press release comes out it finally comes out record the tattoo chef reports third quarter 2021 fiscal resorts results record quarterly revenue of 58.8 mil an increase of 44 so first off that number is slightly disappointing to me i was hoping for 50 plus okay i uh in my opinion here’s what’s going on i think you know i think it’s

Been slow to get into a lot of stores essentially and when i say slow it’s not like tattoo chef is moving slow it’s like i think retail stores are understaffed and they’re taking forever with their freezer resets i’m looking at smith’s stores and i’m like holy smokes guys like were you ever going to reset this dang freezers and so i think a lot of the companies

Are just they’re in labor shortages and freezer resets are taking longer than expected essentially but needless to say 44 growth is still amazing yeah it’s not the 50 plus growth i wanted but 44 is still 44 growth that’s an extraordinary number the even more important metric okay is this one here branded revenue growth increased 56 to 35.3 mil that is tattooed chef

Actual branded products the the overall revenue that can take into account uh tattoo chef’s old business which was essentially selling private label stuff and take their new business so branded revenue being up 56 percent despite this uh freezer resets and a lot of these stores taking forever uh yeah definitely good numbers like i said i wanted 50 they did 44. uh

Yeah i’m not gonna switch my opinion if they did 56 i also wouldn’t switch my opinion it’s like regardless 40 50 60 it’s all phenomenal numbers in the end uh when it comes to this they said we are pleased with our third quarter results with record revenue driven by our tattooed chef brandon products that sam glady president ceo of the company tattoo chef is now a

Top 10 brand across the club grocery and mass channels and categories in which we compete that’s big guys once again gotta remember this if we just go back two years ago in time no one heard a tattoo chef this wasn’t in anybody’s stores or anything like that it’s already a top 10 brand across club grocery and mass channels and categories that they compete that’s a

Big deal okay this nonetheless our branded products are now in over 13 000 stores nationwide and we have executed on our plan to diversify both channel and customer mix looking ahead we believe we are well positioned to execute on our growth strategy with tremendous momentum entering 2022 and beyond sarah galetti chief creative officer who’s basically the one that

Makes all these products okay she says we are thrilled with tattooed chef’s acceptance at retail stores and believe products resonate with the next generation of consumers absolutely based upon the sell-through we’re seeing yes i believe that as well we are constantly looking for new ways to go to market and supported by our our recently announced acquisitions we

Plan to expand our product portfolio beyond the freezer aisle allowing consumers to enjoy tattooed chef products at home or on the go i’ve never been more excited about the future opportunities for growth obviously they’re talking about getting into the snack category nutritional bars meal replacement bars those sorts of things which is a crazy big opportunity just


As big if not bigger long-term opportunity than actually the the frozen opportunity for this company which is you know that’s a crazy opportunity like no in some of these target stores they’re getting a full door okay you know if things keep trending this way the next thing you know they’re gonna have two full doors three full doors it’s absolutely extraordinary

Especially once again for nobody ever heard of this brand two years ago for to make this much progress in the food space in two years time it’s off the charts epic okay for the full year the company now expects revenue to 10 to 215 so that’s disappointing that you know i was i was hoping for 230 plus this year that’s an it’s still an increase of 41 to 45 percent

Compared to 2020. i think two things have kind of hurt them uh well maybe even three things i think uh the main thing has just been slow freezer resets in these stores so basically if stores you know a month behind two months behind on a freezer reset right also and you’re putting to the situation where you need uh you know like your products just sitting in the

Back room or whatever or in the warehouse for that company waiting to get those those resets in right and so you can’t get that sell through and then that reorder in time at the end of the day does it make a difference like no it doesn’t like for the long term trajectory of this company if if a retailer is a month behind on resets who cares it hurts quarterly numbers

Right but does it hurt the long term numbers absolutely not so still the numbers are phenomenal just not quite as phenomenal as i want and then i think the other uh kind of factor uh behind these numbers is a weaker basically uh the generic business right which is them just selling like non-branded tattoo chef items those numbers have been disappointing because i

Don’t think the company really cares about that business anymore so they’re just kind of letting it follow the wayside the margins for that business aren’t great and ultimately that’s not the future tattoo chef like this is a company that is all focused on tattoo chef branded products right it’d be like tesla like let’s say tesla had a business where they just sell

To other car manufacturers or they could sell actual tesla branded products like obviously you want to be the one that sells actual tesla branded products right gross margin they expect in the range of 12 to 14 percent adjust to ebitda of negative 18 mil to 20 mil the company is committed to an aggressive plan of growing its brand through an extensive marketing and

Promotional spending that has already produced significant revenue growth in both grocery and mass retail basically the company is trying to make sure they support the brand as much as possible as they’re getting into all these retailers right because like i said two years ago they weren’t in target they weren’t in a walmart they weren’t in a kroger they weren’t

In albertsons they weren’t in safeway they weren’t in bonds they weren’t like anybody right and so also they’re getting in all these retailers and are going to continue to over the next several quarters and so you want to make sure the sell through strong right so the sell through can be strong and you can hopefully you know get those reorders again and get more

Skew space over time right you don’t want to flop when you get there so it’s very very important i agree with it uh capital expenditure is expected to be in the range of 15 to 20 mil the company is in a high growth phase and does not provide guidance for its most directly comparable gap measure net income and similarly cannot provide a reconciliation between its

Forecast to adjust the ebitda in net income metrics without unreasonable effort due to the starting of a new facility inflation with the economy ronnie rona related uncertainties that uh you know and all those sorts of things right and so obviously the company’s in a rapid growth phase this is a company that went from you know a little private label business to

Also wow the world’s looking at them and um you know they’re getting in all these big retailers you go and target now and you’re starting to see 15 skus and a lot of these targets i was at one target and i saw over 20 skus in arizona like out of nowhere like the growth has just been astronomical for this company 56 branded revenue growth i would like them to grow

Even stronger right but still 56 revenue growth is still 56 branded revenue growth right so after hours what did i go ahead and do well once the press release was out and everything like that and so now it was everybody for sure understood what was going on i basically uh made a little buy order i bought one thousand one hundred and eleven shares of tattooed chef

At fifteen forty three basically i’ve been trying to buy that stock under fifteen fifty and i felt like this was my chance so i went ahead and did it and uh my plan is you know as far as tomorrow goes okay by the way earnings calls going on literally right now as i’m recording this so as far as the earnings call goes i’m going to listen to that after this video

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Is over and i’ll do tonight i’ll do a full dedicated video based upon what comes out on that earnings call on financial education three so if you haven’t subscribed to financial education three subscribe over there i have a video coming out for you guys tonight on what information comes out of that conference call because i can get almost guarantee we’re going to

Get some material information on that conference call oh by the way it also if you want to listen the conference call yourself we should have it up tonight or tomorrow morning on the hungry bull app basically there’s a little thing in there where you can listen to conference calls just type in ttcf and go to earnings calls should have that but yeah i’ll give you

A full breakdown of that because i can almost guarantee you there’s going to be some material information that gets talked about in that conference call so that’s going to need its own like dedicated video there okay now in terms of my plan tomorrow and what i think is going to happen with the stock price tomorrow i think the stock price is really going to be

Driven tomorrow okay so whatever it opens at that’s going to be really driven by i think bigger investors and traders okay so from the time the stock opens whether it opens at 15 50 15 70 15 30 16 i think after that moment this is going to be driven by retail investors tomorrow in my personal opinion i think any traders and uh any big money that’s involved with

The stock which isn’t a ton of big money because it’s a one-something billion dollar market cap and it’s still somewhat of a new company the public market’s only been public for a little over a year i think after that moment we’re going to see what’s going on in the retail investor community we’re going to see who sells out of the stock who buys this stock who is

Uh happy and thrilled with the long-term vision the company and who’s not that will give us our our true clue on where retail is at okay that will be what drives the stock because like i said big money that was involved with the stock or traders they’ve already made their move or they’ll make their move in pre-market so once the market actually opens especially

After it’s been open for 15 minutes that’s going to be completely driven by retail at that point okay now for me personally um i wouldn’t be surprised if the stock has a pretty decent day tomorrow because here’s the thing you got okay one i’ll likely be buying tomorrow okay so i’ll be likely a buyer in the market especially if it’s under 16 i’m going to likely be

Buying the stock and if it’s under 15.50 yeah i’m going to be a heavy buyer okay and so you’re gonna have me buying out there i’m sure you’re gonna have a lot of other investors who have been waiting for the boogie man to get out of this stock right and so the boogie man’s out now okay they are now they set themselves up in a position where they can hopefully beat

Numbers right around quarterly numbers you know uh the shorts thought these were going to be some disastrous numbers they still did 44 revenue growth and 56 branded revenue growth i don’t call that a disaster they slightly missed okay so those numbers are extraordinary and i don’t think um you know i don’t think the shorts have much ammo here in this situation the

Boogeyman is out no now all you have is tattoo chef continuing to ramp up revenue next year and in future years get more and more skews out there you got likely they’re gonna they’re already talked about they’re gonna in 2022 they’re gonna get in the snack category they’ve got more frozen few food skews coming they’re likely to get in replacement meal replacement

Bars nutritional bars and that whole crazy opportunity and the brand getting even more famous and more known so yeah i don’t think there’s a lot of ammo the shorts really have to go off of now and now the company’s taking down numbers you took the boogeyman out of the market of oh could they miss numbers uh for the for the full year or something like that now if

Anything i think there’s nothing but upside there where they could beat full year numbers come in better than expected and everything will look even better than a lot of folks expected so i think that’s big that you get that boogeyman out of the market of oh it’s going to be a disastrous quarter and it just wasn’t a disastrous quarter okay so yeah i’m going to

Likely be a buyer tomorrow tomorrow especially if the stocks under 16 in under 15.50 that’s where i really start buying dang heavy okay once again i’m gonna do a full video tonight on financial education three in relation to the earnings call i’m gonna listen to that right now and um so so definitely subscribe over there make sure you subscribe this channel much

Love as always guys wow drama that’s all i got to say about that drama baby all right guys much love as always don’t forget to smash and peace

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