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Oh man the stock market is just it’s just such a funny place you know the stock market is such a representation of life at the end of the day uh there’s certain things that go on and just like in life you you know people do very very questionable things and you’re like what are you thinking man like why did you make that decision oh the stock market could be such a

Representation of life and i have so much to show you guys in today’s video i always feel like it’s my job to kind of bring you things to your attention that are going on in the market that you aren’t going to see on the the front page stories right and i have some of those things to share with you guys in today that are going to absolutely blow your mind i got some

Warren buffett stuff to share with you guys here today oh it’s just going to be a a good video okay let’s just put it that way alrighty so first off here obviously a great day in the market dow was up huge 800 plus points nasdaq made a massive move up 3.3 percent s p 500 3 russell had a good day 3 percent uh ethereum bitcoin all those are doing very well today even

Gold eeked out again which you know it’s a good day when gold leaks out again all right now first up here look at this so look at this okay s q q q which reflects the triple inverse or negative 300 percent of the nasdaq 100 saw assets under management rise to an all-time high of 4.1 billion dollars last week this is essentially people betting against the market

That think the market’s going to go down this went to an all-time high last week a 4.1 billion but not just betting that the nasdaq’s going to go down it’s basically betting that nasdaq is going to go down massively right and they’re like super shorting it shows a lack of conviction the market investors are selling the rallies now versus buying the dips and uh it

Shows you that just sentiment in the stock market is overwhelmingly bearish right now like overwhelmingly bearish when people want to go you know a triple inverse on the nasdaq and it’s hitting an all-time high of assets under management you know people are just ultra bearish at this moment in time and it makes you think wow you know what we came first the chicken

Or the egg is the fact that as of last week the nasdaq was down 33 plus percent is that what makes people also ultra bears is what’s going on the economy um have folks even thought about the the the possibility that a lot could be priced in when you get the nasdaq already down 33 plus percent right um just very very interesting right we’ll dive into that more but

Look at this this is shocking so two straight weeks this is the newest numbers out of the aai investor sentiment two straight weeks now less than 20 of investors in the market are bullish on the stock market the next six months less than 20 percent when you get that to happen two straight weeks it’s insane okay the historical average is 38 percent of investors are

Bullish on the market over the next six months so the fact that we’re less than half of that two straight weeks is like literally mind blowing not only that the amount of people bearish on the stock market over the next six months went to a new uh uh you know almost a new 52-week high but one of the highest numbers you’ll ever see almost 60 percent of investors

Are are basically bearish on the market over the next six months so what this shows you is just people are overwhelmingly bearish they don’t believe in the market at all the next six months they believe it’s just going to go down down down no one thinks the stock market’s going to go up the next six months why shouldn’t say no one 18 of investors actually think

The market’s going to go up over the next six months so we’re at a moment in time in history right now we’re just everybody thinks it’s just doom doom doom doom doom doom for the next six months at least right and um you know i’ve seen so many times where the market just the market just does the complete opposite of what everybody’s betting on essentially and we’ll

Talk about that more later in this video look at some moves out here today you know there’s seven star or assuming there’s five stocks alone that i personally own that were up more than seven percent today just insane when i own then my dividends only account that was a 12 mover today honestly the stock i’ve been buying insanely heavy the past six months this one

Made almost a ten percent move uh palantir was the stock i literally just bought in the past week this one made a 7.7 percent move meta made a seven percent move here today and the chef made a seven percent move just some extraordinary moves on a day like today right palantir i just bought this one recently and i’m like why didn’t i buy more shares but i mean you

Know that should always be the goal like you should always have that feeling inside of like why didn’t i buy more shares right uh but but palantir just bought this one it’s already 32 and a half percent i’ve held this stock for like a week like it’s such a short amount of time like but when you get a little bit of risk on in the market you know these stocks absolutely

Fly and this is what i always try to tell people i’m like if you get a few months of risk on never mind if you get like a six month span you know you’ll see stocks go up fifty percent hundred percent hundred and fifty percent two hundred percent and a snap of fingers look at this this isn’t like a week they didn’t come out with earnings there was no massive news


With palantir in the past week and this stock just moved up 32 plus percent and it’s not the only one there’s a lot of those type of stocks out there right the banking stock something interesting happened with these here today and that interesting thing is the fact that wall street finally wanted to buy wall street wall street’s been holding off on buying the banks

But here today here we are you know all these stocks moving up very nice wells fargo seven and a half percent goldman sachs almost a six percent move ally uh bank a five percent move deutsche bank four percent jp morgan three percent now here’s what you got to keep in mind when it comes to the banks the banks are all going to be reporting earnings uh within the next

Essentially two to three weeks okay the banks are always the first ones to kick off earnings season so in the month of july the banks are going to be what kicks off earnings season likely in the second week of july you’ll start to see that so here we are in a moment in time where wall street’s also wanting to buy up the banks and you know wall street should know how

Wall street’s doing just think about this logically for a minute like if this they almost have like inside information like these folks work for these big banks in these big institutions like they see what’s going on all their colleagues all work for different departments in the bank so like they should have the most knowledge of what’s going on inside the banking

Sector right and so it’s just interesting to see all of a sudden here we are just a couple weeks before these bank earnings start coming out and also wall street wants to start buying up wall street again right so i don’t know we’ll have to see but obviously if you want to know about the global economy you’re going to find a lot of information from the banks not

Just in terms of their last quarter but in terms of what they’re guiding for how they think business is going right now right before we get into the core of this video i want to make sure to shout out ftx us the official crypto partner of the channel and the official a stock brokerage now of the channel because uh ftx just got into the stock brokers space as well

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Referral code holy smokers alrighty so arc invest is up 25 in nine trading days you just get a little a little a little bit a little bit of excitement in the market right not even a lot just a little bit and that that baby just spikes up 25 percent that’s just the way it works in in torque is now up over 50 percent in the past nine trading days over 50 right and

So these are just the the moves that happen when you can get a little risk on in the market and you know if you don’t like kathy woodstocks or you don’t like arc invest or whatever right at the end of the day the market goes risk on arc is going beast mode and if the market goes risk off the ark’s getting destroyed more that’s just it’s literally as simple as that

It actually has nothing to do with the the company’s underlying performance or something like that because they’re so diversified in so many different stocks it’s like risk on arch risk off arc you know that’s just it’s literally as simple as that when it comes to arc invest now this is interesting okay oil and gas stocks actually rallied today along with the markets

Including a couple out performers conoco phillips outperform and shell out performed here today and basically how this has been working recently with the oil and gas stocks is when the market has been green these babies have been red when these are these are green the market’s red so it’s interesting today we had such a strong rally that brought almost everything

Along with it today like like literally if you pull up a heat map like almost everything was in the grain here a day look at these moves from travel stocks oh my gosh you got to be flipping my flapjacks royal caribbean almost 16 move ccl carnival 12 move win 12 move by the way ccl that was like seven bucks or so just recently so that’s like a 30 mover there um mgm

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11.3 percent move airbnb 8 united airlines 7.5 american airlines seven percent hawaiian airlines six percent delta airlines five and a half percent i mean geez these moves are just extraordinary and you know when i see some of these moves this violent like this you know what also you know what it makes me think i start thinking because if you look at the market

Right you have the longs over here and you have the shorts over here and when i see these sorts of moves what i think is i wonder how much of that action is short squeeze versus just longs coming in to buy those stocks today like i look at a royal caribbean up almost 16 today and i’m like how much of that action was was longs coming in to buy up royal caribbean

Versus the shorts that are getting squeezed and they’re like crap i gotta cover when you’re short you gotta cover you gotta buy back the shares because that’s just it’s such a ridiculous move it’s like come on man like it has that that has squeezed almost written all over it and we saw some of the most insane short squeezes we’ve ever seen actually coming out of

The march 2020 uh crash in the market some of those short squeezes were beyond epic i mean you know everything had just gotten so devastated the market went down like 30 the s p 500 went down like 34 a matter of like oh gosh what was that uh 20 something trading days or something like that it was the fastest drop we ever seen in the market and then as we squeezed

And came out of that i mean it was like day after day after day you would see these these stocks move five ten fifteen twenty percent and uh the squeezes were epic that a lot of people got offsides you know we’re also in bet and super heavy against the market because it was like oh the economy is gonna be closed for three years and everybody was so offsides in that

Situation that the squeezes were ridiculous and uh i don’t want to predict we’re going to go through any sort of situation like that right now but i can tell you some of this pricing action reminds me of those days when everybody was offsides in the market and all of a sudden you got some momentum coming in on these way oversold stocks and uh the shorts were just

Way over shorter the next thing you know boom boom boom the moves were ridiculous absolutely ridiculous oats oat futures are down 25 percent here in a very short amount of time all my fellow oatly shareholders this is something we definitely like to see um especially as you think about the back half this year and really into 2023 we need to see oats continue to go

Down that would be good for margins and getting the company closer to profitability this is interesting safety stocks look at these stocks my safety watch list every single one of these stocks underperformed the market today except mr softy microsoft was the only stock that outperformed the market today everything other than that stock underperformed the market

Today like just look at that it’s um you know it’s crazy because a lot of these safety stocks haven’t even been doing good when the market’s going down never mind then all of a sudden you get an exciting day and you get what under performance from all these stocks it’s like it’s just a very disappointing space at the short term here okay now this is extraordinary

This is extraordinary look at everything i drew out here okay what this shows you this shows you the nasdaq over the past year now the nasdaq hit an all-time high of 16 000 plus basically in november okay november 2021. now during that time traders were overwhelmingly bearish or bullish if you look at the aai investor sentiment traders were overwhelmingly bullish

On the stock market for the next six months they were you know very few of them were were bearish compared to bullish and the we had near one trillion dollars in margin debt at that time near 1 trillion dollars right which means if you’re taking out all the margin debts because you believe the market’s gonna go beast and also nasdaq 20 000 or something right the

Market was at all time highs and you had all that going on overwhelming amounts of bullishness hardly anybody bearish trillion dollars in margin debt and market at all-time highs now what ended up happening was over the next eight months the nasdaq ended up falling 33 34 okay into where was last week then you have traders also overwhelmingly bearish near all-time

High levels of bearishness right like literally in investor sentiments if you look at uh you know just about anything i mean sq all these are at all pretty much all-time highs in terms of how many people are wanting to bet against the market and things like that right sqq hits all-time high of assets under management and if that doesn’t tell it’s almost like you

Ever heard the expression like uh buy high sell low that’s what this reminds me of buy high sell low like it should be you buy buy low sell high right but it reminds me of a situation where it’s like let’s be ultra bullish let’s let’s you know go to the moon and then when things actually drop to the floor it’s also in bed against the market and at all the time high

Levels when the nasdaq has already fallen 33 34 in a matter of eight months and it’s just like oh gosh man like seriously like this this is what we’re doing this is what we’re doing now man this is what we’re doing come on like that’s the stock market for you that’s it the saddest part of this is people never learn people never learn because this story what we’re

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Seeing play out in front of ourselves right now is the same story that plays out every time literally in the great financial crisis literally the week before the market turn we saw the highest amount of people bearish on the stock market for the next six months that we’ve ever seen in the history of that sentiment 70 percent i mean we’re an insane number right now

59 70 the week before the market turned the week before and so this is just it’s just history playing out the same way again and again and again people get so ultra bullish we’re going to the moon and the market just tanks everybody loses all hope that the market can go up and we’ll see what happens that’s all i’m going to say about that but when they lose all

Hope they want to bet against the market they want to short stock they want to bet on these inverse etfs at an all-time record level these things go to all the biggest assets under management they’ve ever seen and it’s like oh my gosh man the story plays out the same time the same thing happened in roanoke the same thing happened in the great financial crisis the

Same thing happened in the tech bubble every single time it plays out the same way it’s just it’s a different bunch of things that get you to that place of ultra bullishness it’s a different a bunch of things that get you that level of ultra bearishness but in terms of the price action in in the way this plays out it’s the same thing again and again again and the

Saddest part is this is going to play out just like this again in the next big crash you’re going to have some sort of insane bull rally everybody’s going to get ultra bullish they’re going to be you know going crazy on margin and call options all these things to get absolutely wrecked then everybody’s going to lose all faith and it’s all it’s going to zero and

The market’s gonna go on a beast mode rod it’s just it’s the same thing and i just i just sit back with my popcorn ready right as a long-term investor in the market i keep it simple i see assets that i believe are very undervalued i buy those assets and all this stuff is fun to watch and oh my goodness this person is making this bad and this bet and this bad i

Just sit back with my popcorn i buy stocks i love for the long term put them in the filing cabinet and call it a date right you know this is a great great saying from warren buffett here from the 2004 berkshire hathaway chairman letter he says investors should remember that excitement and expenses are their enemies and they insist on trying and if they insist on

Trying to time their participation in equities they should try to be fearful when others are greedy and greedy when others are fearful but the problem is no one almost no one i don’t say no one but almost no one is really practices at almost no one is ever actually greedy in the market when everybody’s ultra scared it’s very very few it’s like this amount of like

This amount okay almost no one has ever actually practices that what happens is almost everybody when the market’s at all time highs and everything that’s going to the moon it’s euphoria is is placing call option bets and you know margining and all these things and then when you get these opportunities where the nasdaq goes down 30 40 50 where the buyers at and

All of a sudden it’s like no we’re we’re going to we’re going to bet against this thing let’s go sq qqq and it’s just like but that’s the way it always plays out it sounds great in theory to be fearful when others are greedy and greedy when others are fearful but the fact is the amount of people that actually do this is an extremely small amount and the amount

That do the opposite of that unfortunately is a massive amount and that’s why the stock market you know is is some some look at this and they they have trouble you know understanding it they have trouble having faith in it because they fall into the same traps that everybody before them fell into they get ultra bearish when everybody else is bearish and the

Market’s already gotten destroyed and they get ultra bullish when everybody else is bullish and the markets at all-time highs and it plays out the same way and guess what it’s going to keep playing out the same way so the goal for all you guys out there is to be the difference maker in that and not fall into these sorts of traps and you know when you see the nasdaq

Down 30 40 50 you’ve got to be a buyer out there because you get very few of those opportunities out there in the market and yeah i might go lower next month or you know three months from now who cares as long as you’re getting a good deal on that stock that’s all that matters that’s all that matters and the rest is conversation and be very careful when there’s

Ultra euphoria in the market and everybody’s buying and margin debts at all-time highs and call options are at all-time highs and everybody wants to become a millionaire in the stock market tomorrow when you’re in those moments you got to be very very careful in the market and that might be times to stack cash a little bit right so anyways guys much love as always

Hope you enjoyed this i appreciate you joining me don’t forget to smash and have a great day also take advantage of the ftx us deal that will be ping comment

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