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Oh man oh man the stock market is way too entertaining right now i love it i love it right now in this video we’re gonna get into seven things seven things are just cracking me up in the market right now this is uh this is my favorite time uh i’ve been in the market in in quite a while nonetheless and uh man it’s just so entertaining i i just will say that it’s

So entertaining in the market right now this is a fun it’s a fun time you can usually tell how much fun i’m having in the market based upon how much video content i’m putting out usually if i’m not having too much fun uh you know i’m not putting out that much content i mean shoot late last year into the beginning part of this year i think i was only doing like uh

Maybe like four videos a week or something like that it’s just right now this market’s just too entertaining man make sure you subscribe if you’re not subscribed yet get your in before 1 million uh button now okay also a free seven day trial going on for the private stock group right now check out ping comment so seven things i want to get into that just cracking

Me up right now in the market okay so obviously you got all this hype around the fed meeting today right and mr j powell and what’s he gonna do what’s the fed gonna do and so fed will aggressively dial back its bond buying right sees three rate hikes next year i mean if anything you would have thought that would have been there was something that was taken as a

Negative by the market right but no certainly the market did not take that as a negative actually the market went up and had a great day and a massive bounce back look at the nasdaq ends up finishing up 327 points from peak to trough the nasdaq jumped about 500 points roughly right 500 points just a massive massive move for the nasdaq here today it was like it was

You know it was kind of down and out and then you know as soon as pretty much powell started talking especially that’s when the market started jumping essentially right like basically prior to that when kind of the you know the information broke the markets didn’t really move up actually they can they they stayed down not down big but like down right and then as

Powell started talking and and man did the market just start going up and up and up consistently right he didn’t tell us anything like we didn’t know you know what i mean like it’s just it’s amazing it just shows you how much the big funds really care about pow like i don’t think any individual investors were really making any moves today based upon what powell

Said or didn’t say i think at the end of the day like moves were being made the fund moves were being made out there right remember the russell here date a 1.65 bounce back for the russell after you know being down quite a bit basically into most of the trading day and then as powell starts to speak also and we’re up and up and up really and it shows you really

How much big money still really dictates this market as much as us retail investors like to think you know we have uh power we we’re not moving the markets man this isn’t moved by retail this is moved 100 by big funds moving money into the market essentially based upon what powell said which was nothing literally there was nothing in there that i thought was oh

My gosh like we never saw this there wasn’t anything like that right but it just shows you kind of how much big money uh second thing that just cracks me up about about this whole scenario is look at how much it you know it caused small caps to just start rising like crazy once he started speaking right tattoo chef finishes up three and a half percent here today

Another up another two percent after hours of course they are gaming up five percent up another one and a half percent after hours smile direct club up them all up almost seven percent here today up another two percent plus after hours right you know it was a good day in the market when wish stock’s up okay i got a friend that owns wish i don’t know he’s gonna

Need some more wishes i don’t know what he sees in that one but even that one finished up and you know it was a good day for small caps if uh wish stock was up okay and so this is just it’s just hilarious that’s all i can say about it hilarious like at the end of the day when it comes to these sorts of stocks like you know like i said pow didn’t say anything jpow

Didn’t say anything today that was what was like shocking to us right but yet boom all of a sudden all the smock small caps start moving moving moving boy you know could some some folks run into some trouble here okay the shorts are getting desperate they’re starting to create a fake accounts of me out there which is is something that’s always done there’s always

Like a million fake accounts of me on youtube and fake accounts on ig and all over the place now they’re got ones on on message boards as well okay come on could have done a better photo than that okay next time use this photo ah okay put that one up there oh man like they really think people are gonna fall for that oh gosh okay so yeah uh that’s that’s hilarious

Okay that’s the third thing the fourth of these seven things is i’m just kind of watching the investors you know sentiment is you know specifically the past month or so and uh this the past several weeks right and uh it’s it’s interesting if we go back to the end of last year into the beginning part of this year you know everybody was like oh i’m a long-term investor

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Because a lot of people are getting in the market in april may june july and so a lot of people are like oh i’m a long-term investor right i’m a warren buffett i’m a kathy wood type investor right and it’s just it’s been it’s been interesting to see so many of these uh stocks that people are in falling 40 50 60 70 percent and now so many folks you know i see it all

The time they’re like oh i’m trading now or i’m going to start trading stocks because long-term investing clearly doesn’t work that’s a scam and it’s just like it’s not the way it works okay anybody can call themselves a long-term investor when stocks are going great right it’s it’s the ones that stay with it in when stocks are going down they’re buying the dip

And they’re buying the dip and they’re holding and they’re holding in the holding right anybody can say they’re a long-term investor if the market just goes up every day or every other day right like that’s easy that’s a piece of cake but when stocks get tough that’s what truly makes you a long-term investor or not right you know warren buffett doesn’t sit around

Because the stocks are going down for six months or 12 months or whatever it’d be like oh you know this is a long term investing is a scam i need to start day trading now i need to start swing trading like no you don’t do that uh so it’s just been interesting to see that kind of mentality from folks out there folks got to understand like at the end of the day if

You’re really going to be about this life you’re really going to be about this life and otherwise you’re just faking yourself right and so if you’re really planning on investing in companies you know you got to understand you’re going to go through down cycles on stocks i don’t care how great the company is i don’t care i don’t care anything about that it doesn’t

Matter okay any stock in the stock market i’ve seen them go through down cycles for you know weeks months or years i don’t care we should talk about apple we can talk about amazon we talk about google microsoft tesla it doesn’t matter what company it is it doesn’t matter how great the companies run it doesn’t matter how much revenue growth the company has doesn’t

Matter the valuation none of that matters every company out there goes through time periods when they go down and those those you know moments where people are like man i’m down 10 on this position 15 20 30 whatever right and the name of the game is you buy the depth if you really love that company so much shoot if it’s a 30 discount from where you started buying

Why why would you not love it now right and so yeah it’s interesting to see that type of psychology and i think this is a sort of market that is going to make or break people right it’s going to break some people where they’re going to say i’m out of this market some people are going to be like well i guess i’m going to try trading now because long-term investing

Hasn’t worked out for me i bought teledoc at 275 and today it’s 90 so i guess this isn’t for me right and it’s like well how long you been in that stock oh six months oh so you’re a long-term investor because you’ve been in that stock six months come on man and uh some people will emerge and they’ll they’ll you know they’ll they’ll kind of dust themselves off

They’ll put some bandages on their wounds right and they’re going to be great long-term investors in the future and like i said a lot we’ll just drop out of the stock market or try to do trading that’s going to likely fail them because good luck trying to make it doing that and then they’ll be out of the market and that’s just the way this game goes all the time

And through all the cycles and all those sorts of things and and i’m just happy some folks can stay focused and keep their eye on the prize and not try to chase the bread crumbs go after the loaf of bread man go after the dang loaf of bread that’s the fourth thing is cracking me up in this market fifth thing cracking me up in this market and i spoke about this is

Just you know this group of folks the short sellers max shorting all these stocks here in december and a lot of these stocks have already gone down so much and they’re trying to get their last squeeze of the lemon right i’m trying to get that last little bit out and i’m like oh my gosh you guys know what you’re setting yourselves up for in this situation you

Have to i mean december of last year you could have made a great argument for going short a ton of these stocks okay in january you could have made a great argument for going short these stocks right because a ton of them were massively overvalued during that time period you could make such strong arguments you can’t do that now you just can’t do that right some

Of these talks maybe there are you know crap companies but there’s several stocks that are some of the most shorter in the stock market that actually have great long-term business models and are going to be here and are going to thrive in the future years and to short those sorts of stocks trying to get your last lemon squeeze is just to be quite frank idiotic

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To be honest okay because here’s the thing when it comes to these stocks the short squeeze on the flip side when the market starts turning right which maybe today was the start of the turn maybe it starts in january we don’t know right but regardless you know it’s coming fairly soon for these stocks right when it starts it goes rapidly in the short squeezes on

The other side are epic i mean epic you can see some of these stocks go up 50 plus in literally a matter of weeks i mean we’re not talking about years we’re talking about weeks right that’s what happens when you’re a highly short stock and also in the buying pressure starts coming in i mean look at look at just basically the market just started to jump back in

The last couple hours of trading and look at what some of these stocks went up look at corsair was up five percent small direct club was up almost seven percent look at a ton of these stocks you know some of the moves some of these stocks made today right tattoos chef up three and a half percent lemonade up over six percent this company i guess was the most uh

Short uh float shorted look at that i went up 26 percent and for what the thing you got to understand is is you know i looked at tattoo chef recently if you want a short tattoo chef which is hard to even get shares to short right now you’re paying 18.75 interest and i covered this on a video earlier today essentially on financial education three which you have if

You haven’t subscribed to financial education three what the heck are you doing we’re about to hit 100 000 subscribers over there it’s like a huge deal okay but i covered it think about this you short tattooed chef right your max shorting this stock at 16 15 whatever right if this stock goes nowhere for the next year right nowhere like it just doesn’t go up it

Doesn’t go down doesn’t do anything right you just lost you like 20 you just literally lost like 20 because you have to pay all that interest now imagine the stock oh goes up which is guess what a pretty high probability because the business model is amazing and it has crazy long-term growth and it has a cult like following right uh and your max short that stock

Do you realize what could happen you on the flip side here for the last lemon squeeze and i spoke about this last year especially in january around essentially what investors were trying to do in regards to a lot of these stocks in you know how crazy the valuations were getting they were trying to get like their last lemon squeeze of these stocks and i’m looking

At so many of these these companies at that time and they were massively overvalued a lot of these companies were pre-revenue companies and they were just trading at ridiculous valuations like you realize you’re buying some of these companies you’re trying to get the last squeeze 11 right trying to get that last 10 20 like these talks aren’t going up 100 200 over

The next year if anything they’re likely to fall in a massive way right and so now we’re on the flip side where now a lot of these stocks are are set to be beast okay and uh folks are still trying to get the the short sellers are trying to get their last lemon squeezes here and it’s like good luck with that that’s a dangerous game to play you should have been max

Short in these stocks long before now that’s all i’ll say about that i mean you know the fact that now these stocks are max short is just it’s almost it’s laughable that’s why this was a fifth of the seven okay the six of the seven things that’s cracking me up right now is also in relation to shorts like shorts thinking people are gonna sell based upon the fact

That these stocks go up six percent ten percent fifteen percent twenty percent okay nah here’s the thing we can’s are gone in these stocks right like those the weekends are long gone out of these stocks right they’ve been shaking out a long time ago right the tax harvesting folks are almost all gone under these stocks right because in almost all these stocks like

Like you know almost everybody’s down right and so unless we got any stragglers the last like two weeks here of the market being open like those folks are gone as well right so weak hands are gone you got the tax loss harvesting folks gone and lastly the folks that are investing these companies they got a long way to get back to even break even right never mind

Profits and remember let’s say you bought small direct club at seven dollars right you probably bought it because you think it’s going to 14 21 28 over the coming years right so when you finally get back to break even at seven you’re not selling because at the end of the day you believed in this one you went through the you know the thick and thin of it as they

Say right and so you’re gonna hold all the way through unless literally there’s like like you’re making a fundamental decision like you don’t like the company or whatnot but usually people if they don’t like the company fundamentals they’ll sell out way before that right they won’t just hold you know hoping something happens there right and so at the end of

The day a lot of these folks still got to get back to break even never mind when they start making profits so i think the shorts have this like fantasy in their head where it’s like okay these stocks might go up a little bit but then the the longs will just sell and it’s like dude the the week longs are gone the tax obviously harvesting folks 98 of those people

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Are gone maybe you got last like two percent of stragglers there right and uh you’ve got so many folks that are so far from break even on these stocks they’re gonna be holding and so that’s where i get into this whole part about the short squeeze and how you know ridiculous this can be on on the flip side to get that last lemon squeeze is just it’s crazy right

And so that’s the sixth thing that’s just cracking me up right now is the folks just not under you know these short sellers just not understanding like what’s really transpiring here if they just if they just thought if they just use a little common sense and put like the piece of the puzzle together i i don’t think the shorts really i don’t think they use their

Brain i don’t think they really just think like like play a little chess for a minute and just like like plot this stuff out see how the pieces come together and you also start to figure out oh wow this is going to be rough right uh seventh thing that cracks me up is you know i see some people get frustrated right by you know different publications and whatnot

That will write negative articles or come out with a negative kind of what are seen as like hit pieces around a stock right and they get really really frustrated from the long side they’re like oh man they’re putting out all this negative stuff at the end of the day you can’t worry about that man you know it’s just you know for somebody like myself that’s been in

The market for a long time i just i just laugh it off like it is like if they want to write negative stuff that right negative stuff like i you know all of us at you know we’re tesla shareholders in the 2018-2019 time we know what we had to go through we knew the short seller attacks we knew how many hit pieces there were articles and negative commentary and videos

That were done right around tesla and now they were going to go bankrupt and they weren’t going to make it you know this and that at the end of the day just this stuff is what it is like you know people are like oh i’m going to try to report this to the sec so they can look into it dude give me a break you know what i mean like they got they got a million other

Things to worry about because people are writing negative articles about these stocks who cares who cares they’re not at the end of the day if that’s gonna shake an investor out of the stock then they they weren’t they weren’t in that stock for the long term anyways you don’t want to attract investors that are on the fence right you don’t want to attract because

Think about it like this right the way i think about it is if i hold a stock right if i buy into a company i want folks that are especially if i’m a long-term investor i’m coming from a long-term perspective i want people that are hopefully going to hold that company with me in the future right we’re like partners in the project right uh think about if you were

Like a private private company or looking for an investor you want to attract people that aren’t just looking to sell tomorrow if some guy walking down the street says i’ll pay you doubt you want people that are really in this for the coming years right and so do you really want to attract potential investors that are on the fence no you want to attract the people

That are that have the conviction and then if that stock goes down they’re going to build their position bigger and when things come out and the sun comes out and the company thrives you’ll thrive as well right there’s a type of focus you don’t want to attract investors who are just kind of already shaky on the stock because if an investor sells out because of a

Negative article if like literally if they sell out because they they watched a negative video or they saw a negative article on a stock if that’s what scares them out they they shouldn’t have been partnered with you on that project anyways and invest in that stock right and so that just cracks me up but i understand like people think like you know this stuff is

Is driving emotion it’s not it’s not this is flat out okay you know like i said if this is if negative articles about a stock is what scares people away those people those weren’t the ones to to be with in the investment anyway so yeah you know because when you go down that that that route right you go down a slippery slope and then it’s like what if you’re along

And you put out three positive pieces about a stock then are you uh you know a pumper right and then is it like some situation where it’s like no you can’t do that you can only put out one uh positive piece about a stock you know you go down a slippery slope so that just cracks me up so anyways guys hope you enjoyed this as always there’s a lot this is cracking me

Up in this market right now it’s entertaining man i’m loving it it’s too good much love is always don’t forget to subscribe and make sure you subscribe to financial education three we’re hitting 100k very very soon and that’s the bottom peace

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