Halo Collective Plans to Acquire William’s Wonder Farms (HALO, HCANF, A9KN)

Halo Collective Inc. (“Halo” or the “Company” (NEO: HALO) (OTCQX: HCANF) (Germany: A9KN), a vertically integrated cannabis company, has entered into an asset purchase agreement effective July 23, 2021 (the “Asset Purchase Agreement”) pursuant to which its wholly-owned subsidiary ANM, Inc. (“ANM”) will acquire the William’s Wonder Farms (“William’s”) cannabis cultivation business in Oregon, including all trademarks, light dep flower, licenses issued by the Oregon Liquor Control Commission (the “OLCC”) and subject to OLCC approvals, equipment, and related operating assets (the “Transaction”).

Do you want to learn how to trade stocks in cryptocurrency join our community of traders go to richpixdaily.com and find the next 10 bagger hey guys this is your boy rich from rich tv live and i have some big breaking news from halo collective now halo collective is a company that just keeps getting bigger and bigger and bigger and this news just keeps

Getting better and better and better so let’s break it down right now in fact this is probably one of the companies that has more news that i’ve noticed in the cannabis sector than pretty much anyone else so and especially considering they’re really priced cheap i think they’re very interesting company and i think everyone should put them on their radar and

Put them on their watches i think the upside is tremendous this is the news from halo collector this is the news right here looks like this halo collective plans to acquire williams wonder farms this is the news halo collective plans to acquire williams wonder farms this came out on friday there was a correction so they made an adjustment halo collective

Inc a vertically i guess this came out on saturday a vertically integrated cannabis company entered into an asset purchase agreement effective july 23 2021 pursuant to which its wholly owned subsidiary a m inc will acquire the williams wonder farms cannabis cultivation business in oregon including all trademarks light depth flower licenses issued by the

Oregon liquor control commission and subject to olcc approvals which is the oregon liquor control commission equipment and related operating assets so that is what they are calling the transaction this is what some of the strains look like and i’m going to show you the website for halo collective so the halo collective website looks like this halo code.com

And the williams wonder farms website is williamswonderfarms.com so love for you guys to put this on your watch list put on your radar and i’d love to know your opinion what do you guys think of this news what do you think of this acquisition williams wonder farms let’s break down the deal so the planned acquisition of williams wonder farms will permit halo to

Increase halo’s genetics library by offering more exotic strains increase halo’s totally owned and managed cultivation acreage to 11 acres of outdoor cultivation in oregon creating one of the larger cultivation companies in the state cultivate fresh high quality flour year round in greenhouse and greenhouses producing light depth flour nine months out of the

Year provide space for halo to potentially add two more tier two managed licenses on the williams site to bring the total to five acres of outdoor and greenhouse cultivation at williams add a wholesale license on site to serve as a hub for flower processing trimming and other ancillary services for all halos southern oregon farms add six more greenhouses for

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More year-round light depth cannabis increasing overall yearly flower sales add a line of pre-rolls and concentrates to the excellent williams wonder brand pre-rolls and concentrates made up over 20 percent of retail sales in the oregon market in 2020 by adding new skus in these categories williams wonder brand itself is poised for growth once again this is

The website i mean look at that beautiful beautiful beautiful cannabis look at that beautiful outdoor grow as you can see here on their website we can scale down and learn more about williams farms at williams wonder farms we love what we do we believe in what we do and it shows in the way we grow our product as an organic farm we use no pesticides or growth

Hormones ever instead are skilled growers use all natural methods to produce the highest quality cannabis for medicinal and recreational use sure it takes longer to slow cure the plants and hand trim the buds yes it costs more to use premium soil and nutrients but that quite literally is how we roll interesting so very interesting new potential acquisition a m

Williams farm llc an indirect wholly owned subsidiary of halo will acquire three tier two marijuana production licenses and related operating assets including vegetative cloning and other propagation equipment and shipping containers located at least premises in grant pass oregon a m williams farm llc will have a five-year lease on the underlying properties as

Well as a right of first refusal to purchase these properties per audited year and results 2020 sales of williams wonder products in oregon were just over 2.4 million resulting in ebitda of nearly 0.6 million so 600 000 ebitda on another 2.4 million acquisition so just another multi-million dollar acquisition for halo collective i think this is something that

Everyone has to consider is pretty good news in the first three months of 2021 unaudited results show sales of over 800 000 a 48 increase on annualized basis meaning the revenue is also growing for this acquisition ebitda during the same period was just over 300 000 upon signing the asset purchase agreement halo will assist with the day-to-day operations of

The williams wonder farms business under the terms of a services agreement and will purchase a hundred percent of the product cultivated at the premises pursuant to the off-take agreement the signing of the definitive agreement for williams wonder farms will increase total halo’s total harvestable cannabis canopies in oregon to 11 acres for the season three

Acres at williams wonder farms sick six acres at east evans creek in jackson county one additional acre of pre-purchase cannabis in the applegate one acre at fall creek’s winbury farm williams wonder farm lies on fertile soil near fresh water from the applegate river with well-established water rights the williams wonder brand is well known and established

In the portland market where more than 70 of williams sales in oregon occur halo has also entered into consulting services agreement with william hill ceo and owner of williams wonder farms to provide transitional and operational services in connection with the halo acquisition of the business halo believes that williams knowledge expertise and success in

The oregon market will help to bolster its plans to expand cultivation and increase flower in the state now what is the transactional details of the deal upon closing of the transaction a m williams farms llc will acquire the olcc licenses and related operating assets from the two entities doing business at williams farms williams farms llc and set ventures


Llc the williams wonder entities the consideration payable by halo for the acquisition of the assets from williams wonder entities is approximately u.s 3.8 million u.s 1 million will be paid in cash very nice u.s 1.8 million will be delivered in the form of non-negotiable promissory note secured by fixed charge over assets under the asset purchase agreement

And the balance will be paid in 25 million 813 261 common shares of halo issued at closing in addition half of the halo shares plan to be issued 12 900 6630 will be placed in escrow to serve as a source for any potential indemnification claims against the selling parties the closing of the transaction is subject to the approval of the neo exchange inc and

The olcc as well as the satisfaction of other customary closing conditions the closing is expected to occur in the fourth quarter of 2021 with this acquisition we now will add significant cultivation capacity in southern oregon while acquiring a great brand known for its high quality products as well as a top tier outdoor and greenhouse genetics library said

Karen sudou ceo and co-founder of halo we are honored to bring william hill a pioneer in oregon cannabis business and market into the halo family as a result halo plans to significantly expand williams product offerings when i decided to sell my business i knew halo would be a great fit because it’s a company that shares our values and commitment to quality

And local sourcing i’m very excited and look forward to working with halo to further expand the williams wonder brand said william earl ii owner of williams some huge news what do you think of this news and there’s some information about williams wonder farms once again this is the website williamswonderfarms.com says here strains our friendly knowledgeable

Staff is happy to help you find the strain to meet your needs we offer several strains all organically grown and sustained to ensure the best quality buds so you can see some of the strains look like this lemon diesel raspberry kush pineapple express so you can see some of the different brands bubble gum cherry pie kush og kush some notable names there nine

Pound hammer fire og and animal cookies grape ape super skunk and green crack gorilla glue white agent orange black widow and grand daddy purple so you can see some of the strains that these guys have so some well-known strains there this is what some of the shops one of the shops looks like pretty cool that’s a lot of strains on the shelf there and you can

See the location so multiple locations we partner with the best cannabis distributors in the state to be sure our products maintain the high standards we expect from farm to consumer click an area below to view dispensaries near you so you can see multiple locations multiple dispensaries so i think this is a great acquisition another great acquisition for

Halo collective what do you guys think of this news once again the website for halo collective is haloco.com you can scroll down and see global positioning and reach halo clickto is built for long-term success cultivation manufacturing distribution and retail they got their hands involved in everything and you can see halo collective is a company with a

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Global reach in malta lesotho in africa england canada and in the united states so this is a company that is literally growing globally still at only four cents so something’s got to give but this is a company that i think everyone needs to be aware of because they continue to grow about williams wonder farms williams wonder farms oregon’s premier cannabis

Farm is located in a beautiful applegate valley in southern oregon williams wonder farms adheres to 100 natural growing practices to sustainability cultivate the highest quality products for medical and recreational use as a family-owned business williams strongly believes in supporting the local economy that’s why whenever possible whims uses local supplies

That are sourced from a network of exceptional oregon vendors our rich organic soil and all other natural amendments comes from oregon businesses that williams knows admires and trusts william’s staff is comprised of close friends and family members who share its commitment to quality their good honest peeps the kind you like to have a beer with or better

Yet some of our products love to know what you guys think of this news now remember rich tv live is strictly for information education purposes please do your due diligence do your research before you invest in anything that we talk about here in rich tv live invest in the best the best is blessed we have a trading club we’d love for you to be a part of our

Trading club to get access to these early stage undervalued underappreciated underexposed companies first we break down the fundamentals and explain to you why we think companies have a chance to be winners i love the business of halo collective they are acquiring their growth yes the stock is only at four cents there’s a lot of shares out it’s not perfect

That’s why it’s at four cents but i believe it’s a company that everyone should be aware of because they are consistently acquiring their growth and getting bigger and bigger and bigger in an early stage cannabis sector that is only going to get bigger over time love to know what you guys think about this news love to know what you think about halo collective

Do you agree with this acquisition do you like this acquisition is this a company that you own is this the stock you’re interested in buying love to get your feedback and this is the website of the new acquisition williams wonder farms this acquisition will be completed in q4 so it is not complete this is just the beginning but i believe based on their track

Record that this will most likely get completed in q4 and then they will be booked on their balance sheet so thank you guys for watching if you’re not winning you’re not watching we bring in the winners and we bring them two first what do you think of this news halo labs another acquisition williams wonder farms and we’re bringing it to you first thank you

For watching is your boy rich from rich tv live and i’m out you

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Halo Collective Plans to Acquire William's Wonder Farms (HALO, HCANF, A9KN) By RICH TV LIVE

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