Halo Labs Announce At-The-Market Equity Financing Program

Halo Labs Announce At-The-Market Equity Financing Program – RICH TV LIVE – SEPTEMBER 18, 2020 – Halo Labs Inc. (“Halo” or the “Company”) (NEO: HALO, OTCQX: AGEEF, Germany: A9KN) today announces that it has established an at-the-market equity program (the “ATM Program”) that allows the Company to issue and sell up to C$7,000,000 of common shares in the capital of the Company (the “Common Shares”) from treasury to the public, from time to time, at the Company’s discretion. All Common Shares sold under the ATM Program will be sold through the Neo Exchange Inc. or another marketplace (as defined in National Instrument 21-101 – Marketplace Operation) upon which the Common Shares are listed, quoted or otherwise traded, at the prevailing market price at the time of sale.

Hi how you guys doing this is rich here we have a rich tv live and today i wanted to bring to you some of the news from halo labs now halo labs is on the neo exchange you can see this is what it looks like on the new exchange you can see the volume so far you can see the market cap and you know i really want to focus on the market cap because whenever you have a

Company that’s making millions of dollars and they have news like halo does and they keep putting together deals with huge names with guys like jay-z um guys like g-eazy and different brands that they’re associated to and you see this company with just a baby market cap of 47 million you have to assume that there’s a lot of upside potential now one of the major

Reasons why this company has not performed at least the stock has not performed at the level that we anticipated is because of the dilution because clearly there’s a lot of shares issue and outstanding and they’re consistently using their shares to acquire their growth now at the end of the day i actually think that’s a very smart idea i think all public companies

Should be using their shares to acquire their growth that’s the reason why they go public in the first place but not everybody understands the long game most investors want instant gratification most investors want to be able to invest and make money the very next day unfortunately most of the people that i know that win big on stocks that’s not how it works it

Doesn’t work like that that’s not how they win they win because they’re patient they get in early in undervalued underappreciated underexposed companies that are just trading lower than what they should be and then they wait and then once the company starts to become more profitable as the company starts to become more successful as the company starts to become

A bigger success story as the company starts getting more exposure on their global scale that’s when you’ll see a lot of times companies will really start to make their move like a lot of people forget that um even with a huge company like amazon that amazon wasn’t a great success story overnight it took amazon many many years to become a success story it

Was a long-term success story that has had phenomenal results well to me halo labs is trying to play the long game by using their stock to acquire their growth and they’re using their stock to raise capital they’re using their stock like a public company should but in doing that what’s happening is the stock really isn’t moving yet and it’s not really giving back

Returns to investors yet i believe this company’s just positioning themselves for the future and let’s just read the news that came out halo labs h-a-l-o in canada on the neo exchange a-g-e-e-f on the otcqx exchange and a 9 k n in frankfurt germany today announced that it has established an at the market equity program that allows the company to issue and sell

Up to 7 million canadian of common shares in the capital of the company from treasury to the public from time to time at the company’s discretion so they’re essentially putting this out there for the public to get in early all common shares sold under the atm at the market program will be sold through the neo exchange inc or another marketplace as defined in the

National instrument 21-101 marketplace operation upon which the company shares are listed quoted or otherwise traded at the prevailing market price at the time of sale the volume and timing of distribution under the atm program if any will be determined in the company’s sole discretion the atm program is designed to provide the company with additional financing

Flexibility should it be required in the future the company intends to use the net proceeds from the atm at the market program if any for general corporate purposes working capital needs and capital expenditures including the repayment of indebtedness as common shares distributed under the atm program will be issued and sold at the prevailing market prices at

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The time of each sale prices may vary among purchasers during the period of the at the market program we are excited to launch our at the market program as it will provide us with additional flexibility to access equity capital when market conditions are favorable we now have a number of strategic sources of capital available to us which further strengthens our

Financial position as we continue to progress towards profitability stated kieran sidhu chief executive officer of the company distributions of the common shares under the at the market program will be made pursuant to the terms of the equity distribution agreement dated september 16 2020 by and among the company and pi financial corp which is actually here in

Vancouver pursuant to the terms of the distribution agreement the atm program will be effective until the earlier of october 3rd 2022 and the issuance and sale of all the common shares issuable under the atm program unless terminated prior to such date by the company or the agent in accordance with the term of the distribution agreement all the details of the

Distribution agreement can be found on cdar the offering of the common shares under the atm program is qualified by a prospectus supplement dated september 16 2020 also known as the prospectus supplement to the company’s short form base shelf prospectus dated september 2nd 2020 which were each filed with the applicable securities regulatory authorities in each

Of the provinces and territories of canada about halo labs halo is a leading vertically integrated cannabis company that cultivates extracts manufactures and distributes quality cannabis flour oils and concentrates and has sold approximately 6 million grams of oils and concentrates since inception halo continues to scale efficiently partnering with trustworthy

Leaders in the industry who value their operational expertise in bringing top tier products to market current growth includes expansion in key markets in the united states and africa with planned geographic expansion into the uk united kingdom and canadian markets with a consumer-centric focus halo markets value-driven branded and private label products across

Multiple product categories halo is led by a strong diverse and innovative management team with deep industry knowledge and blue chip experience the company is currently operating in the united states in california oregon and nevada internationally the company is currently cultivating cannabis at buffalo biosciences and wellness limited in lesotho under a 200

Hectare license and is planning importation and distribution of cbpms into the united kingdom via kanmart so this is halo labs as you could see currently at seven and a half cents in canada and if we look in america let’s see where they’re at currently at six cents in america now when i do these videos i’m not sitting here trying to tell you guys to buy the

Stock what i’m doing is i’m bringing you awareness i’m bringing you education i want to make sure people are aware of what’s going on in the markets at all times i don’t do these videos to tell you to buy the stock remember rich tv live is strictly for education and entertainment purposes always do your due diligence always do your research before you invest

In anything that we talk about here on our show always invest in the best the best is blessed i think halo has a chance to be a very special deal i think it has a chance to be a very special company people keep asking me why the stock is going down the reason is is that they’re consistently using the stock to acquire assets and to raise money so that’s going to

Bring the stock price down however i believe that this company long term has a plan so if you like this company what you need to do is you need to try to identify where you want to get in try to get in as long as possible and in my opinion this is more of a long-term play because this is a company that i think is going to most likely have to do reverse split and

It’s mainly because of where the stock is trading like if you look at where the stock is trading you can see in the last year the company’s doing all the right things the company’s acquiring their growth the company’s getting good big brands like jay z but the stock is not going up so what does that tell you it tells me that the company is going through a growth

Phase a growth pattern where they’re more focused on growth than they are the stock i truly believe that this is a company that will actually benefit from a reverse split and if and when they do that reverse split you’ll probably see that this company post reverse will do quite well let’s take a look at their share structure and go through why i believe this

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Company um like i said is doing the right things to grow as a business but yet the stock itself is stuck in the mud because they’re constantly diluting the shares to raise money and to acquire their growth which is actually good because this is an early stage industry in cannabis and to be getting market share and using your stock to acquire your growth is the

Right thing to do as a public company the only key is you have to make sure you don’t go bankrupt in doing it and the thing is these guys are staying healthy financially so when they’re raising money it’s making sure they stay healthy financially but this is the issue that i see here see the outstanding shares see the 631 million outstanding shares this is the

Reason in my opinion why the stock has been stuck in the mud so when people ask me why it’s stuck in the mud there’s too many shares now the market cap is also a baby market cap so i believe with a reverse at some point in the future once they’ve done all their dilution they’ve raised initial enough capital and the companies where it wants to be i believe if they

Reverse this stock get the share structure tight and really continue to move forward we’re gonna see this stock trading in the dollars and then it’ll be even easier for them to raise capital at higher prices so i truly believe that that is what this company is going to have to do at some point i truly believe that because the more they dilute the stock and they

Get these shares closer to a billion shares the more difficult it’s going to be for the stock to move now in saying this the company’s still out there trying to raise seven million dollars which is a lot of money and if they’re able to do it then that’s going to help their capital it’s going to help their vault it’s going to help their treasury so it’s going to

Make the company healthy even though the stock maybe hasn’t been performing great the company itself still has stock they can use to go and acquire more growth and still has stock they can use to go out there and raise capital but i believe they are setting themselves at some point to have to do a reverse split probably to at least a dollar or two dollars at which

Point i believe they won’t be diluting the stock anymore so if you’re going to dilute the stock you got to do it now because you don’t want to do it after the reverse now i don’t know they’re doing reverse for sure i’m just assuming that they’re going to go in that direction because there’s a lot of shares issued outstanding right now 631 million and now if you

Add an additional seven million dollars of stock at these prices you’d have to assume that’s only going to increase the issuing outstanding tremendously and dilute the stock further so i wanted to bring this news to you because i know we have a lot of shareholders that are shareholders of halo labs i think it’s important if you’re getting into halo labs that

You’ve got to look at it more of a long-term play and you want to just soak it up as low as humanly possible okay and if you buy the dips and you’re you’re doing well buying the dips then what you need to do is if you do see it goes up and it has a nice spike and you’re up on your trade never be afraid to take profits always lock in profits and that’s what we

Do at the trading academy is we teach you how to lock in profits if you’re learning how to trade or you want to learn how to trade and you’re having issues having success trading let me know we can help you okay guys so this is the news on halo labs actually up six percent in canada right now i believe let’s see yep right now it is up six percent six point six

Seven percent in canada right now on news that they are doing a here it is the news at the market equity offering so if you guys would like to get into halo you can do that contact the company and get access to this opportunity now if you guys have any questions please let me know if you like this video smash the like button comment down below and let me know

What you think about this halo labs at the market equity financing program hey how you doing shan how you doing robert hope you’re having a great morning hope you guys are all having great days i wish you guys all the best of luck this weekend hope you all have a great weekend wanted to bring you this news on halo labs seems like they just keep putting out

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News almost every single day at least every single week i see news at least once a week if not more and this is another seven million dollar raise which will keep the company very healthy but it will also dilute the stock so remember rich tv live is strictly for education entertainment purposes always do your due diligence always do your research before you invest

In anything that we talk about here in rich tv live always been a big fan of halo labs always been a big fan of kieran sudo their ceo and i like the business i like the business model i like what the company is doing um unfortunately the stock hasn’t been performing as well as anyone would have liked but there’s been lots of times i’ve seen stocks that haven’t

Performed and then company does something special and then before you know it they’re operating at a very high level and i truly believe that this company is about a reverse split away from being one of the top cannabis companies in north america and potentially in the world because they’re doing all the right things as a business minus the fact that the stock

Is consistently being diluted however like i’ve said the only reason why companies go public is so they have stock so they can use to raise capital that’s why companies go public so if you’re gonna go public you’re probably doing it so you can raise capital so you can sell stock to raise capital or use that stock to acquire your growth and what halo is doing

Is they’re acquiring and becoming a first mover in the cannabis space without having to use any cash i think that’s quite smart i think that’s intelligent however you have to understand the long game and when you’re talking about a an mso a multi-state operator in america and even on an international scale that’s only trading still at these low low prices of

Only trading at what eight cents in canada seven and a half cents so you’re talking about a stock that has a chance to be one of the top cannabis msos potentially in the world and they’re trading at seven cents so i think if you look at it as a long-term trade and look at the long-term potential it could be a home run but if you’re looking for a short quick in

And out this may not be the best trade this might not be the best company but if you’re looking for a long-term company that has a chance one day to be a major player in the cannabis space this could be it this could be one of the best because there’s very few msos in america making millions of dollars in revenue like halo with the plans and the opportunity to

Grow exponentially and internationally like halo trading at these prices so just wanted to give you guys my opinion on this news and i’ll be following these guys very very carefully and as they evolve and as the news comes out i will continue to make sure you guys are aware of the news i’m going to continue to do my research and do my due diligence on this company

If there’s anything else you guys would like to know or anything you’d like to ask please just drop it in the comments section of the video if you like this video please smash the like button thank you very much for your time this is the news on halo labs staying healthy raising another 7 million dollars so stay tuned if there’s any other news that’s coming i’ll

Bring it to you first have a great weekend this is rich from rich to be live if you’re not winning you’re not watching we bring in the winners we bring you the news and we bring it to you first i’ve been a fan of halo labs since i’ve learned about this company unfortunately the stock has not produced the returns for investors that the company itself in my opinion

Has been producing as far as building a business i think as far as building a business this is a much bigger business than it was a year ago despite the fact the price is lower than it was a year ago i think at some point the price is going to catch up i don’t know exactly when so i’m going to keep watching it i love getting into companies early i love to get into

Getting into companies at the bottom this is clearly at the bottom but what is it going to take for this stock to really make a move stay tuned we’ll keep eye on the prize have a great weekend this is rich from rich tv live and i’m out peace

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