Halo Labs Awarded Two Permanent Licenses at Second California Facility

Halo Labs Awarded Two Permanent Licenses at Second California Facility – Halo Labs Inc. (“Halo” or the “Company”) (NEO: HALO, OTCQX: AGEEF, Germany: A9KN) is pleased to announce that the Company has been awarded two permanent California state licenses: a Type 11 Distribution and a Type 7 Volatile Manufacturing, for the company’s second facility in Cathedral City (“ICL 9”). As previously disclosed, ICL 9 also has Cathedral City local cannabis business licenses for both manufacturing and distribution.

Good morning good afternoon good evening mrs. rich crispity live exchange so we’re gonna talk to you about hallo labs i absolutely love this company i think they have so much potential so much upside and i got a chance to speak to kieran’s to do the ceo of hallo labs and they have some big news yesterday the stock right now is currently at so let’s take a look

At it right now hallo abb’s the symbol in america is a ge ef and the symbol in canada is halo2 at 33 cents in america and 44 cents in canada but they were just awarded to permanent licenses at the second california facility i predict we are gonna see a resurrection of epic proportions here’s the prediction that’s rich we can which tv live

Loves believes in cannabis stocks the question is do you believe the cannabis stocks and will you achieve ultimate level through the cannabis stock revolution its truth good morning good afternoon good evening everybody thank you guys for joining we got twenty nine people here six lights thank you for the six lights i appreciate it and i’m talking to you guys about

Halo labs because this is one that i’m really excited about they had some huge news yesterday halo labs ordered to permanent licenses at second california facility halo labs h alo on the neo exchange in canada and a ge ef on the highest tiered exchange in america that’s not on a senior exchange the otcqx exchange and in germany under the symbol eight nine kn is

Pleased to announce that the company has been awarded to permanent california state licenses a type 11 distribution and a type 7 volatile manufacturing for the company’s second facility in cathedral city ic l9 as previously disclosed ic l9 also has cathedral cathedral cathedral city local cannabis business licenses for both manufacturing and distribution sounds

Like they both to fly i see l9 features seven thousand eight hundred square feet of manufacturing space and is closely located to halos currently operating type seven manufacturing facility coastal harvest in addition coastal harvest we received its city cannabis distribution license and the company is now poised to apply for permanent state license there as

Well beautiful cathedral city planning approval hearing for distribution and manufacturing at ic l 9 and distribution at coastal harvests are slated for september that’s around the corner that’s next week hallo now has a full suite of multiple licensed activities across nine thousand four hundred square feet at the company’s expanding southern california campus

Including extraction i love extraction one of the biggest plays of 2019 has been halo not halo but labs not halo labs but meta farm labs has been one of the biggest plays of 2019 they’ve been a huge winner for our community they’ve been a huge winner for me i’ve personally made money on it four times bought and sold profit bot and soul to profit bot and soul to

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Profit and bought and sold into profit four times on medic farm labs will halo labs be the next big extraction play ok but this is not just an extraction company they are licensed for extraction for both volatile and non-volatile solvents infusion assembly in packaging sounds like these guys are getting into everything labeling maybe we might need some halo labs

In the future at our phoenix arizona facility cuz they’re doing infusion assembly and packaging and labeling wholesale of manufactured products to distributors well thank you hey the labs for providing all these services distribution let me try that again distribution to all other state licenses including retailers can acting official certificate of analysis

Coa testing for finished goods hello if you’d like to test our cbd rich hemp rx our cbd is pretty bomb conducting official certificate of analysis coa testing for finished goods catherine field chief strategy officer commented we’re on track to build out our southern california cathedral city campus these additional licenses and the use of ic l9 will enable

Us to implement large-scale assembly and packaging as well as quick order fulfillment for white label and finished goods distributors and customers miss field continued we are currently evaluating expansion opportunities in northern california as well well i love the california market california is the population essentially of canada so to be a major player

In california positions you to essentially have the same growth potential as any lp in canada think about that let’s talk a little bit about halo because i love this company i think the upside is enormous here okay i think the potential for this company is enormous the low-low for this company is around 20 cents the high high for this companies around 80 cents

They’re currently at 44 cents and i don’t think anybody knows about halo labs this is why i want to bring it to you guys now it’s already up 10 percent from yesterday i’ve been telling you guys since my video that halo labs is going in a blow and i’m telling you they are going to be a player ok because c v ds are huge an extraction is huge and cannabis is huge

And these guys are doing everything they’re getting the hands involved in everything listen halo is a cannabis extraction company that develops and manufactures quality cannabis oils and concentrates which are the fastest-growing segments in the cannabis industry that’s right which manufactures quality cannabis oils and concentrates which are the fastest growing

Segments in the cannabis industry it’s not weed people its cannabis oils and concentrates that is the fastest growing segment in the cannabis industry halo is a global leader in cannabis oils and concentrates having produced over 4 million grams of oils and concentrates since inception the company has expertise across all major cannabis manufacturing processes

Leveraging a variety of proprietary processes and products like i told you they’re involved in everything the forward-thinking company is led by a strong management team with deep industry knowledge and blue-chip experience the company is currently operating in california and oregon as well as in nevada three lovely markets for cannabis cbds and hemp with our

Partner just quality llc and in lassoo with the boe hello strategic partnership with a consumer let’s try that again with a consumer centric focus halo will continue to market innovative branded and private label products across multiple product categories love this news absolutely love halo labs i see so much potential for halo labs i see so much upside for

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Halo labs and i interviewed the ceo and i promise you guys more interviews are coming they’ve talked to me about going to their facilities and actually making a video and doing a tour i’d love to know if you guys think i should do that being cannabis enthusiasts and influencer i don’t even know if i should go into the united states cuz i don’t want to be banned

From the us but i might try so let me know if you guys think i should try just take a look at some of your guys questions hope you guys are having a great day few guys have any questions about hallo labs or any other companies please let me know the issues outstanding is about 188 million shares issued outstanding these guys are generating revenue they’re

Not profitable yet but they’re very close to profitability and the upside is absolutely enormous how you doing fat nuts today mark pepper good morning max power how you doing today yes a much better day for zeinab is today with their big news that they are getting into the beverage infused and edibles sector it’s exciting time and a lot of people are trying to

Be like all the cannabis sector or struggling no the cannabis sector is not struggling the cbd sector is not struggling and the hemp sector is not struggling in fact the cannabis the cbd and the hemp sectors are blowing up globally and they’re only gonna get bigger and they’re only going to get better yeah the stock markets down but that doesn’t mean that the

Sector is down every single company that is reporting is reporting record revenue every single company one after another is reporting record revenue for that specific company so what does that tell you that tells me that this sector is blowing up now the stocks are down why are the stocks down because they were overhyped they were overvalued they were overbought

They were all going up based on height now the street is saying okay slow down a little bit let’s pull you back let’s pull you back let’s bring it back a little bit let’s bring you back a little bit and based on real revenue based on real profit we’ll let you go up again that’s okay nothing wrong with that that just means that cannabis thoughts are starting to

Trade like real stocks that’s a good thing that’s a good thing for this sector that’s gonna bring in more real institutional investors that’s going to bring in real high net worth investors that’s going to bring in real bankers that’s the one to bring in more funding there’s going to be more money invested in cannabis msos in america under the banking and safe

Banking act in america which hopefully is going to be passed and is going to open up the doors for all multi-state operators to start receiving more funding this is a business and an industry and a sector that will only get bigger and will only get better and i’m proof of it two and a half years ago i wasn’t interviewing ceos now ceos want to come on the show

More and more ceos want to come on the show more and more companies want exposure more and more companies want to get in front of you the people why why because it’s a struggling sector because it’s a dying sector just because the stocks are down over the last five months doesn’t mean that these companies are slowing down remember what i’ve said to you since the


Beginning numbers don’t lie but people do after you turned a profit labs turn to profit lots of companies are starting to turn a profit and i believe they will continue to the question is are you finding the bottom in the best msos and the best lps and are you positioning yourself right now at the bottom because this is the best time to buy if you’re not buying

Right now but you are buying at the top you need to ask yourself how are you trading because the reality is this is actually the best time to buy and then when they all explode on the next resurrection because they will because legalization of edibles is coming and when legalization of edibles comes that’s going to be a huge catalyst for canada and legalization

Of cannabis across america is coming which is going to be one of the biggest catalysts we’ve ever seen in the cannabis sector in america ever and they’re coming so right now yeah everything’s going down which is creating a buying opportunity and eventually as these companies start showing more and more revenues more and more profits what you will see is that

This sector will explode and one by one companies will explode you can mark my work one by one companies will explode and the ones that will explode will be the ones that have the most profit the ones that have the most revenues the ones that have the most growth potential the ones that are growing quarter-over-quarter will be the ones that explode the most take

A look at g rw g grow generation corp my emoji guy put on a video this weekend told you guys g rw g it’s on full alert some of you guys laughed on my emoji g rw g has gone up once again yesterday and it’s up again today so why is gr wg going up cuz they’re growing their revenues growing the profits are growing they’re a good company tight share structure tight

Float they have all the fundamentals in place that’s why g rw g is growing so while everybody else is going down g rw g is going up over the last three months g rw g has gone from $3 to $5 and 40 cents but nobody wants to talk about g rw g everyone wants to talk about the fact that stocks are going down well there are some going up the question is are you buying

The ones that are going up or are you buying the ones that are going down if you want to do a momentum train g rw g g rw g grow generation corp is a great momentum trade but if you want to buy a company that’s going to explode getting in at the bottom in aurora áfreeá companies like halo labs is a great idea companies like xena vez is a great idea because if

You’re willing to wait until the next resurrection chances are you’re going to see some enormous

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