Halo Labs Signs Bulk Extract Supply Agreement With Caliva

Halo Labs Signs Bulk Extract Supply Agreement With Caliva – CEO KIRAN SIDHU SPEAKS WITH RICH TV LIVE TO DISCUSS THE BIG NEWS AND THE NEW PARTNERSHIP WITH CALIVA. Halo Labs Inc. (“Halo” or the “Company”) (NEO: HALO, OTCQX: AGEEF, Germany: A9KN) is pleased to announce that it has entered into a bulk supply agreement (the “Agreement”) with NC3 Systems (“Caliva”) to provide bulk distillate, bulk live resin and live resin packaged as finished products. The Agreement specifies pricing and minimum quantities per order by product category of 5 kilograms or more. Timing and frequency of orders is at the discretion of Caliva.

Cannabis stocks and ceo interviews brought to you by rich tv live hi how’s everyone doing today this is rich here we have a rich tv live and i’m here with a very special guest it’s cure n sidhu the ceo of halo labs how you doing today karen i’m doing well how are you rich i’m doing great and i know you’ve got some big news that’s been circulating and i wanted

To go through it i saw the stock was halted today and the news is halo signs bulk extract supply agreement with kalila so why don’t we talk about the news today well yep so we have been working a little bit with kaliba and we both decided to memorialize it in a formal agreement so we signed an agreement and you know we we’ve been supplying them with some live

Resin in bulk format i believe as well as in white label format where they give us packaging and and hopefully they were happy with the results and they said let’s enter into a contract you know and that’s what we did and to you know for us it’s a very prestigious deal because in california there’s no bigger or better player than khalifa you know they’re the most

Reputable shop i think they’re one of the largest they have one of the largest dispensaries in the state wow that’s impressive now i heard that they’re working with jay-z is that true yeah yeah and i think his him and his whole team i forgot i think it’s called rock nation or what have you they’re very active with them trying to you know help them with different

Formats different products and when i was there last time with my chief strategy officer katy field and we were sitting with steve al and the president he told his next door they were working on some stuff right then and there and i think you’ll expect to see some exciting stuff from kaliba in terms of new formats and new products that they’re coming out with as

A result of that relationship wow so what exactly are you going to be doing for kaliba well what we hope to be doing is supplying them with their bulk distillate which we make in cathedral city you know we’re making somewhere between 80 or 100 litres a week of bulk a grade 85% distillate then on top of that we have an active library i mean we have really highly

Specialized equipment and these huber chillers that get down to negative 90 and we make really good live resin and that’s from the plant being completely frozen and we put it frozen its remains frozen and goes into the goes into our columns and then out comes like a caviar like substance it’s the creme de la creme of the marijuana industry and and that’s gaining a

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Lot of popularity in in definitely in california and so and we hope to be supplying them with that both in bulk and for their white label business that’s great and it seems as though it looks as though they’re doing they have 14 cannabis licenses placing products in more than 200 stores statewide and servicing roughly 700 thousand total customers throughout the

Golden states that’s impressive yep they are they’re what you call a single state operator they’re purely focused on california so the first sso i’ve met with and they’re really really good i mean they use this really cool hub-and-spoke model and they partner with ease i don’t know if you’re familiar with them they’re the largest sort of online platform where you

Order on your phone and you get deliveries in the state of california and so they’re partnering with them and they’re just a very very professional button-down high-end management team as my phone starts ringing but yeah they’re definitely they’re definitely top class so where do you guys go from here now that you guys are working with cal eva what’s next anything

Well we wanna i wanna you know we want to work with other large dispensary chains as you know we work really closely with falcon you know which is being acquired by harvest but were there one of the biggest players in the state we also work you know really closely with iconic farms you know which is part of in blount brothers which is you know an award-winning you

Know they’re award-winning growers and you know so we have some really good partners and as opposed to trying to go to all 563 dispensaries and compete with like these billion-dollar msos what we’re trying to do is more white-label sort of strategic surgical partnerships you know we’re strong in southern california and we’re looking to expand our base in northern

California kaliba is one of the top players there you know there are other great companies there harborside comes to mind as well tremendous company and you know we hope to develop relationships with you know these sorts of you know industry leaders on the dispensary side you know one thing i noticed is how undervalued you guys are i was looking at all the top

Cannabis related companies in canada and the united states and i noticed that you guys your revenue just came in just under 10 million it’s pretty good for a quarter yeah yeah considering you guys are priced at 30 cents in canada and you guys were ahead of i i pr right which is trading just recently under $100 wow so it’s just interesting to see the disparities

The disparity between these companies you making more money than a company that is actually trading just recently as i as $100 or any pins are trading at 30 cents this says sector so crazy i mean there’s really it’s almost impossible to tell what the value of these companies really is i mean when you see you guys trading lower a lot lower than a company that you’re

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Making more revenue then it just goes to show how early in the in the in infancy stages we are in the sector now iii pr has a very tight float very tight share structure they’re very good company they have a lot of potential so i’m not saying they’re not worth wherever they’re trading at last time i look like 80 something dollars but i just found it interesting that

You have a company making less revenue than you but trading like 300 times higher sort of where our stock trades i can’t worry about where we trade relative to others all i can do is keep my head down and keep working right and that’s what we told the team to do and you know and you know the stock market will take care of itself right i mean when i look at ops and

You’ll have your downs right here a few hundred percent when i look at all the top revenue generating cannabis companies in canada and the united states i find you to be one of the most undervalued because i do a very simple metric where i look at the price i look at the revenue generated and when you look at all the top revenue generating companies in canada and

The united states there’s only a few that are at your level of revenue but trading under a dollar like only a couple tilt is one of them meta is another one and then there’s little apps there’s only three i can think of that’s actually trading under a dollar but is generating in the 10 million per quarter revenue or higher range so it leads me to believe that you

Guys are on the right track and grossly undervalued underappreciated and underexposed and partnerships like this with great companies like kaliba are only going to enhance the credibility and enhance the visibility that you guys get so congratulations for this partnership because i think it’s a great one with khalifa all right thanks rich now if there’s anything

Else that you want investors to know that you guys are working on anything else that you want to discuss with investors what would it be well we’re working on a lot of things but nothing i can disclose now we’re really actively you know you know trying to do stuff trying to move the dial you know looking looking for more transformation more growth but at the same

Time keeping our heads down and really focusing on the three states we’re in which are you know oregon california and nevada one thing i can say and it shows by the results that oregon is really improving oregon is really a sleeper i think you know they’ve done a good job at cleaning out all the you know black market activity a lot of people have gone in to hamp

And the oregon showing sheets of green now so yeah so oregon’s actually a you know something that you know for us is you know we think will be a pleasant surprise and a generator of cash and then in the near to short-term very good very good now president trump has gone recently out and is on is is that war with vapes right are you familiar with what’s going on

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Yeah definitely now you’re in america so you know what it’s going on over there and it’s it’s totally different than here in canada is that going to affect your business at all um you know it it hasn’t affected our business but it’s a it’s really relevant because in canada you have health canada and health canada governs on a federal basis here you have state to

State patchwork right and inevitably i think you know this the fda has to step up and it’s not only cannabis babes but it’s other babes right one thing about us is we’ve never ever used anything except for food-grade botanical derived turks pure cannabis and that’s it right we don’t there’s nothing else in anything we do and fifty thousand people use our products

Every month and we do have complaints because our products have shelf life you know and we have to put a shelf life in nevada because there’s no preservatives or no additives and it’ll separate just like your milk will you know and if you put your cannabis cartridge on the top of your you know dashboard in the middle of the summer it’s going to separate if you

Put it in the freezer it’s gonna it’s gonna go back right and there’s nothing you can do about it i mean it’s a natural product you know and i always joke and say that it’s a more pure than a pair and organic pair you eat or something like that because of the parts per billion you gotta test for and pesticides in california so you know it’s um you know it’s it’s

Something you know that people should really think about and calls for you know a national framework would be would be really good yeah it seems as though we were having a nice big resurrection in september and then last week trump comes out with the war on babes and i feel like it’s really kind of slowed down that resurrection now and we’re kind of down again so

Hopefully we can get some type of a catalyst that can turn this the sector around and we can see things you know back to where we think that they should be halo labs in my opinion is very undervalued very underappreciated very underexposed and that’s why we want to bring it to our community so thank you for all the hard work and effort you guys are putting in to

Get your story out there and to continue to do good business i congratulate you on all your success so far and we look forward to watching you guys grow and mature and continue to move forward and if and your future endeavors and and thanks for having me it’s our pleasure

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Halo Labs Signs Bulk Extract Supply Agreement With Caliva By RICH TV LIVE

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