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Chelsea and Lauren sit down with Rachel from How To Adult to learn all about the little skills around the house that make being an adult so much easier. Want even more help in the adult department? Check out this video for toolbox necessities:

Hi i’m chelsea and i’m laura and we are the financial diet and this week’s video is brought to you by skill share and as you can see we are in a very different and special place and with a different and special person this is rachel she is the co-host of how to adult we are currently in the how to adult universe here and it’s another awesome channel that you guys

Should check out will link you to it below and so in the theme of how to adult we are going to be talking today about some skills that you can pick up around your house to not only make your life a lot more adult and put together but also cost less money so rachel why don’t you tell us about the first thing that we’re going to be talking about today so today we’re

Going to talk about how to still button onto your shirt that you had a button there before but now you don’t we can also talk about how to sew a seam that has become undone and i also brought my handy dandy thing it’s a lint shaver so for those of you who have sweaters i mean they have a lot of pills and so you may want to shave those pills off so that way your

Sweater will look nice and new again learning how to care for and fix up your clothes is like a huge way to save money in the long term because it’s so easy to look at like a sweater with like pilling on the back of the sleeve and be like well that sweaters dead it doesn’t have to be dead it will never be dead cool so let’s get into it okay so i brought a shirt that

Had a button that was obviously there and now it’s missing a lot of times when you buy shirts or dresses or sweaters they will come with like a new a little extra button so definitely keep those because those are handy if you ever lose a button so i i have like a box full of my missing buttons or extra buttons so this one in particular was a white one and i know i

Had an extra one here we go handy thing to have is a needle and thread you could buy those pretty much anywhere you could go to cvs and buy a little packet for yourself so you get some thread and i have a giant spool because i do a thing and you want to cut it and then thread it through a needle i have a bunch of needles so you want to probably keep your needles

All together because i i made a little booklet for them that’s okay when you thread a needle it will double the thread basically to keep from unraveling you want to knot the thread at the at the back of the thread at the ending of the thread and then you want to start from the back you want to take out any excess thread that was there before hold the needle put

It in now a lot of times like when you not it it might already stop but if the knot is too thin it might go through so i try to keep the button loose and then go inside the holes that you saw from the last time it was so it’s like you can use that as a guide hose so then all you have to do is go through the back and then through the buttonhole and then back again

Wow magic and then you just do that like maybe a couple of times lauren you want to try yeah sure do you like to try so you start from so you’ve already gone through the first tunnel and then you go back down through the second hole and bring it up like that and then you would come back through the same hole they started yes okay it’s the this is like i took home

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Eken in middle school and like it’s my buttons we look so janky because i started it from the front and not the back which is why yours looks so nice and neat yeah you always want to put like your work on the back yeah you want to hide it your work yeah the imperfections like are on the back end of the clothing item and when you have one that’s four buttonholes do

You tend to go crisscross um yeah you can do whichever one you can match the other button some do crisscross some do parallel lines so here’s another example of something that you might need to mend so i got this shirt and it came with like a hole now this is not really a hole it’s just that maybe the sewing machine when the person was sewing it it didn’t catch

Or maybe somehow the seams became undone so it’s really easy to fix so you usually want to turn it inside out already now this is like a really fast and simple way to do it if i if you have a sewing machine if you know how to use one and are comfortable then you probably see this in our like oh i can just sew this within like two seconds on your sewing machine but

Say like you’re out and about and you have your handy-dandy sewing kit you just thread your needle and then you start from one side and then thread it through again same same thing as a button and then maybe you want to go back and forth so advanced yeah so it’s like you’re folding like an accordion almost yeah so then you want to go all the way in and then back

Out the front and then back front and back or you could go over so you go like that and then you almost like close it up so like it just depends on how tight you want it to be like if you want it tight then maybe you take lesser gaps in between so you would go around the top come through that way over the top and and back okay perfect i think i got it well messy right

Yeah i mean does it try you may want to practice your there but it’ll be enough to so that way like you can make it through the day without a hole in your shirt i think we went past the yeah it’s better it’s good to go past the hole so that way like if you stop short then there will be more room for the seam to open up more and more oh so it’s actually beneficial

To just keep going to move on beyond okay the third and last thing that i brought it what’s gonna come out of the box excellent shaver so i’m sure we all have that sweater that we love but has and has been around for a long time but becomes really has a lot of pills on it so getting a liver is pretty awesome because you can make it look new again and it’s very

Easy probably don’t put your fingers there it is a sharp blade inside and so you turn it on oh my god it’s like so cool and they just go to town like new yeah and so you can see oops sorry sorry you can see the difference between this pocket in that pocket so as you like yeah okay so choose your direction a direction that you’re supposed to go like circles or just

Like up and down it’s it i usually do in sonya way i’m actually buying one of these for sure yeah so many filled things this is just fun as an activity yeah and then when you’re done you usually i try to take care of like the tools that i have so when you’re done you just empty out your pills and like that’s what was on your sweater or a new sweater on it cool

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So those are obviously just a couple kind of simple things that you can do but they’re a great place to start with not only learning how to sew but also learning to take on the mentality of maintaining the things that you have and obviously that is not the only place around your house that you can sort of become more of an adult and start taking control of your

Things another really big one is repairing or building furniture and so to introduce the tool kit that you will probably want to keep around your house if you want to be able to fix or build things we have something very special which is a spread from the financial diet book that i designed it’s coming out in january and will tell you more about it as we kind of

Get closer but for now let’s take a look at one of the spreads that will be in the book this is my mom sort of everyday toolkit that every woman should have in her home and i guess boys can have them too we’re gonna link you guys in the description so you can download this and see it for yourself but just a couple that are really good to think about are a cordless

Drill because not only does it allow you to do a lot of work on walls like hanging shelves and joining to things to get but there’s also a lot of attachments that you can get for cordless drills that allow them to become other tools like a power sander or a buffer and then obviously there are extremely simple things like a hammer with claw which is great to put

Nails in things and then remove said nails when the time is right to remove them but generally speaking if you have these tools in your house there are very few jobs simple jobs around the house that you won’t be able to do on a moment’s notice and trust me if you are obligated to run to the hardware store every single time you need to do something you’re probably

Not going to fix it and end up having to pay someone else to do it and if you are thinking about learning how to build and repair things and become kind of handy but you don’t know where to start two really good things to learn how to do are to hang shelves in your house because it opens up a ton of space and storage not using vertical space in a home is a huge

Mistake and another one is challenging yourself to build a really simple piece of furniture like a table or a stool there are tons of easy diy projects that you can find online will link to a few in the description and even just getting used to joining two pieces of wood together is a great way to get over your fear of using construction material transitioning

Into upholstery a lot of times when cleaning like a couch or maybe a chair that had fabric on it you want to make sure that you check the tag or test a little section where you can’t see with like dish soap or some sort of laundry detergent definitely check that before doing the whole chair whole thing and can you do that in your car too yes same thing it might

Even be in your car manual how like the type of upholstery that it has so definitely check that as well and pick a small part of your car some upholstery in cars don’t want you get wet so also check that as well and in the same way that you would treat your upholstery and your furniture focusing on the surfaces in your house and making sure that they’re cleaned and

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Sanitized and treated properly will ensure that they last a really a long time and you’ll get your money’s worth for the long run so for wood specifically you want to make sure that you dusts it often because a buildup of dust will actually scratch the surface of the wood you want to make sure that you clean it and sanitize it properly and you can use all-natural

Products like lemon juice and baking soda and water to just you know treat it and make it smell really nice and then you also want to make sure that you all it would that’s left unlubricated will crack eventually and if you have like a really nice like wooden cutting board you know how important it is to keep it oiled so we do ours like twice a month and you can

Use anything from like beeswax or grapeseed oil or just like another you know food grade safe oil and use a rag to kind of rub it in and then just leave it overnight so that it really gets absorbed into the wood and it’ll be like so gorgeous looking the difference is just like night and day and make sure to never leave something that is wood in or on water it will

Warp the wood and for the case of a cutting board totally snap it in half and want to keeping tile surfaces in your home clean you can use a lot of the same materials you know lemon juice vinegar baking soda and you don’t use those really harsh chemicals you can just use that stuff and it’s like sanitizing whitening and you know you probably already have them on

Hand which is pretty cool same thing for linoleum it’s a natural it’s made out of natural stuff so it absorbs the things and it stains easily just the other day i hadn’t ate my strawberries and for some reason it became liquefied and spilled on my linoleum floor and created a stain so you can clean that with vinegar and if it doesn’t come out with vinegar you can

Put some vinegar again and then baking soda and let it sit for about five minutes and then scrub it out and you’re good so obviously it is nowhere near as scary or intimidating as you think to learn new skills that will make your life better and way more adult so if you want to learn some new awesome skills more than what you’ve just seen here check out skillshare

It’s an online learning community for creators with more than 16,000 classes in design photo and more and they are currently offering a two month free trial to the first 500 people who go to the link in the description lauren for example has taken everything from a lettering class with jessica hitch to a food photography class for bloggers to after effects video

Tutorials that help her make even more beautiful videos here on tf d and plus you can learn from anywhere if you download the mobile app on android or iphone you can tap into classes even when you’re offline so support tft and finally learn that skill you’ve been putting off by going to the link in the description to claim your two free month trial of all the amazing

Classes and tutorials they have to offer start learning so we want to obviously give a huge thank you to rachel for being with us today and if you want to check out more of her and her awesome adult being tips go to youtube.com slash learn how to adult and subscribe so as always guys thank you so much for watching and don’t forget to hit the subscribe button and

To come back every tuesday for new and awesome videos bye you

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