Hangout with New Yorkers Statue of Liberty No Meat Burger

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How’s it going everybody this is beat the bush it’s another day and it seems like i keep on meeting other people it’s starting to take a toll but it’s also very entertaining as well but today i’m going to go meet a new youtuber i’ve never met her before but we’ll see i’m not sure if she wants to be on camera or not so we’ll see what happens we’re gonna go have

Some burger at bear burger i only have a handful of days left so the places that i go eat has to be very very particular i don’t really care if i’m going across town or anything as long as it’s super ly highly rated passing by washington square onion rings this is sarah nurse people know you as which type of channel minimalist channel self-improvement little bit of

Personal finance not as much so we just had lunch and we’re gonna she’s showing me a little bit around so thanks for that i go check out wall street yeah finance like channels and then we gonna go look at the bowl it’s my favorite part a little bit more quiet and midtown and i like the architecture so if you’re ever here actually haven’t seen this before but okay

I probably paid some fees just buying a berkshire hathaway a couple days ago this is the line where we’re all waiting to touch the bowl balls they say when you touch the bull balls your portfolio will go up really high 10 percent overnight wow are we in battery park that way one world trade center one trade center you guys you know i just love me some ball

Robin i just can’t get enough of this oh yeah oh yeah yes but that’s what i have right now i’ve been looking for one of these monitor thingies for my camera because my little lcd thing on this camera is so tiny and let me show you what it looks like if i plug it in oh my gosh okay just from that they sold me on it is because i can test it a huh guys can see this

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One i might actually mean more time here because i’m finding so many cool things okay there’s a little gopro 360-degree thing but i don’t know what this music station this is 362 but they can go all over we can control it yeah go left and right there’s a boxes and he’s shoving it down there and then it goes up i like this blue juice this is a video card and this

Is the radiator but this there’s no it’s not going at a video card also cries this is the better place and fries tomo a sushi and this is the bean sprout appetizer yeah well it’s there’s so much of it and all of it was really really good quality jennifer here just treated me to dinner so thank you so much it was so good it’s like one of the best sushi well hmm

Have i had sushi and uh in new york no but it’s very very good very good value and i appreciate it it’s like something i would come back to awesome awesome any time hi internet internet the garbage it’s an old train it doesn’t run anymore but why is it here i don’t know why it’s here it’s like a museum on wheels davey’s ice cream davey’s ice cream serves pistachio

Ice cream and we’re gonna go try some house let’s get going okay let me try it out now hmm you know what everybody i think it’s a bit cheating here the way i am traveling because everywhere i go i’m not going alone anymore i’m going with you guys some of you even want to treat me for dinner i’m hanging out with people not just myself for me so i feel kind of like

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A frog for saying that i’m traveling alone when i’m not really in the combination of all the experiences i’m having i feel so grateful for all my subscribers so i don’t think this is really easily reproducible unless you have a youtube channel where you go in here in new york and you have all these subscribers so what can i say i feel like new york really welcome

To me i feel so welcomed here i mean i literally get hugs from subscribers so i’m at full point sure i booked this for three days all of which is paved with sbg points this is nice to finally stay in a hotel at some point i think i need to earn enough or i don’t know not care about saving money enough so that you know i can just get hotels left and right and just

You know pay it with cash and not with hotel points and such but here’s the place let me show it to you i don’t really care how big it is if it’s like twice the size if it’s four times the size whatever i just need the bed in fact i don’t even roll around that much on a bed i only need like military-style bed because i don’t really roll around of course it’s a bit

More comfortable if it’s you know about twin size this is all i need i don’t roll around but okay if it’s this looks like king fine i’ll take it over here is the rest room restroom very nice wow it’s actually so clean i wouldn’t lick the floor or anything but wow i can actually have soap i can clean myself with alcohol moisturizes conditions okay whatever it is

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Okay i got some of this i didn’t even have to bring my nail file some sort of what is this thing whatever that is what’s in here oh okay is water complimentary feel free make it simple free and clear so that’s great so this room i got with my sbg points i got three nights so i signed up for that spg card i got a certain amount of points i thought i was able to get

About nine really really cheap nights i got one somewhere else i forgot where it is already but the remaining point should have been worth about six or seven nights so instead i got it here in times square and i figure it’s worth it because i eventually need to use up all of it so you know this is a good use of it if you guys are interested in getting this credit

Card you can just get it meet the spend requirements in various very very easy ways and if you do get that check out my referral link down in the video description below if you get it i will get a referral bonus which will help me out if you’re interested so thanks for watching everybody i’m just gonna go lay down in over here edit some videos for you guys if you guys

Are interested in supporting this channel check out my spg referral link down in the video description below give me a like on this video i got a patreon over here if you’re interested in getting early access to my videos subscribe over here and click that bell icon next to that subscribe button so that you get new notification whenever i upload a brand new video thanks for watching

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