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How’s it going everybody this is beat the bush let me ask you have you push yourself really hard lately i mean really really hard as in after you do it you can say you tried your hardest and you use all the power that you have all the knowledge that you have and after you do it you cannot say that yeah i could do a better job because whatever you did is the best

That you can do today i’m gonna talk about releasing your full potential and when is it actually worth it to give it all you’ve got but first today i have a sponsor over here these guys are called i hate the cold calm and interestingly my very first video is called i get cold easily so there’s a little bit of similarity here simply these guys are just power banks

But with a little twist which you can turn it into a hand warmer i’m like oh okay if i’m carrying a power bank anyway it’s kind of nice to be able to use other features using the battery power that’s stored within in this case over here you can turn this little switch to low or medium and this thing will actually get warm at the same time you can press a button in

Order to show how much battery is left you can push it twice in order to show a little flashlight thing the same thing with this bigger one over here so this guy is a hefty 4400 milliamp power and this one is twice as big at 8800 milliamp power it’s relatively big you can charge a phone couple of times with just one of these guys so check out their product i’ll

Leave an affiliate link down in the video description below so let me start with an example first of what i mean when you’re trying your hardest let’s say you have an exam and you’re trying to get an a in it normally people will spend an appropriate amount of effort in order to get the a if they find that the class is relatively easy perhaps they might let it off a

Little bit and not study so much where they could have gotten an a+ plus plus or something like that people will only spend enough effort in order to guarantee themselves an ape perhaps they might put in a little bit of margin of error there and study a little bit you know a little bit more than an a is required so that they can make sure they know all the material

What i mean when you give it all you’ve got is that even though you’ve studied and you get the a already you’re just putting all the effort that you have in it let’s say you have you know meant that many hours left in the day you just keep on studying just keep on knowing all the material maybe you like overachieve or something so badly that maybe you can memorize

The whole text that your test is covering now most people would not be so crazy and give it so much effort to go way beyond just being able to get then a because once you get an a it doesn’t really matter when you go much beyond this anymore the point here is in real life you can actually over achieve and reap the rewards of overachieving because sometimes there’s

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No limit on how well you can perform let me share a couple of examples of what i mean sometimes when you’re doing something it’s worth it to give it everything that you’ve got let me ask you how many times maybe in the past month have you applied yourself so badly that you tried your hardest at some endeavor when i look back over the years there hasn’t been all

That many times where i try the hardest there are several very rare occasions where i try so badly and let me just say when you find something that’s worth your effort to put into it is totally worth it to put everything that you’ve got to see what things can turn out to be so today let me cover some examples that i can remember from my past of instances where i

Tried really hard the first thing is a high school science project now i wouldn’t say i tried 150% or something i would say i put my mind into it and i tried hard because i could have you know really really overachieve spent a lot of time i really didn’t i just thought about it made a science project this is where you create a catapult in a two-foot square thing

And you know me and my partner we went to home depot bought a whole bunch of metal parts we bought like very strong springs in order to store enough energy in it so that we can launch a tennis ball across the tennis court so this is a project for the whole class and that thing that we created was downright dangerous because we have to pull a pin and once you do it

The whole thing just snaps together with such force that you don’t want to be any meat anywhere near it so we pulled the pin and the ball was supposed to just go over the net and onto the other side and you know what it did it had so much power that it pushed the ball over to the next court over a really really tall fence not just the net the tall fence was like

I don’t know like maybe one-story high it went over that even so that is an instance where the overachievement just kind of like went way beyond what’s needed all the other balls of course didn’t make it over or anywhere near over that little middle fence over there so that you can say it’s a little bit of luck and it’s also a bit of insane amount of overachievement

I think another thing i remember trying really hard on is some friends of mine introduced me to cosplay this is quite a long time ago i no longer create costumes and get dressed and you know go to the conventions and stuff but i have done this before this is what this picture is about this is titus teeta’s or something from final fantasy 10 i think i spent maybe

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Two or three months on this and a lot of money creating every single part of this costume so it all came together and i would say i spent a lot of effort i spent everything i could think of i did a lot of research trying to make sure that is consistent with the actual character so every little detail it’s followed through it’s proportional so this costume is the

Outcome of that where i just basically put everything i’ve got into it in order to make something as best as i could the third thing is climbing mount fuji after i got slightly injured from chasing after grunions grunions are these fishes that swim ashore during high tides somewhere near la and these fishes would try to mate up there and if you go at the right

Time on the beach you can see thousands and thousands of grunions swim ashore and this is a time where you can actually fish for them you just run up to them as fast as you could you grab them and put them into a bucket and this is how you can fish grunions so being the crazy person that i am i really enjoy this type of activity where i’m running after things and

Trying to catch them so therefore i you know spend probably all the effort i could in order to run from one spot to another i just basically spent all my energy running to another place to catch them and then even so even though i was hard i kept on doing it in order to fill up my bucket full of grunions through this activity i slightly injured my leg muscle in

The front over here but after several weeks i was okay but then climbing mount fuji probably halfway through i started feeling that muscle not work well anymore but i also still wanted to climb you know make it up to the top because i was with friends and i just kind of i didn’t want to let them down i didn’t want to let myself down either so i just kind of like

Pushed through i was in a little bit of pain but i pushed through anyway let me correct that i was actually in a lot of pain but yet i still made it through because it was just my determination i wanted to finish something and that was one of these major triumphant moments were i decided to do something and i tried my hardest and i just kept on pushing myself and

Yeah i made it then the fourth thing i like to talk about is this channel and videos that i put out it’s not like i have to push myself superduper hard in order to produce these videos although there are some trying times where i’m really tired and i still have to make a video so those times i’d say it took me maybe not all the power that i have but maybe ninety

Ninety-five percent so it gets pretty close there one of the videos that i think i really really try to make the best i can there’s probably several a handful of videos like that is the second video of removing your contacts now this video is not all that popular yet maybe people will notice but i made sure that it’s zoomed in very very close so that it’s explained

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Very well so that anybody that need to remove their contacts can look at this video and all of a sudden they’re able to now the first version of this video people really like this video already that’s why i made the second version and that’s why i try to make the second version even better in order to help people that want to remove their contacts and cannot if

You’re interested in this new contact removal video that i made i’ll leave the link over here and this is all mine do it yourself channel it’s called beat the bush diy i’ll leave that channel link over here as well so let’s talk about this channel and how it relates to pushing yourself really really hard just everything that you’ve got i have to admit i have not

Pushed myself to the limit here for making videos on this channel just kind of stepping a little bit back from my hardest because i think if you push yourself hardest too many times too often you get burnt out so i’m you know operating at maybe 80% 90% capacity just so that i have a little bit of leeway in order to you know just be a little relaxed sometimes it

Requires me to push that much harder and i hope you guys will see this in the future where i make a video and use basically all my abilities to do so to make the best content the best video that i can so thanks for watching i hope this inspires you because me making this video i got like slightly emotional just talking about this that you should every once in a

While at least a couple times a year you should push yourself as hard as you can to see what you can actually accomplish i hope you enjoyed this video don’t forget to give me a like over here comment down below let me know when’s the last time you push yourself the hardest and what it was for if you’re interested in supporting my channel don’t forget to check out

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