He Cancelled the Contract (Thank Goodness)

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Oh in a tough week when you get a lot of bad news and the week ends with some great news oh it is so fulfilling it is so fulfilling musk tells twitter he wants out of the deal to buy it twitter says it will force him to close the sale we’ll talk about just that in just a moment if that’s actually going to happen and in my two cents on this as a tesla shareholder

For many years now right elon must move friday afternoon to terminate his 44 billion deal to buy twitter the latest twist in a whirlwind process in which billionaire tesla ceo became the biggest shareholder turned down a board seat agreed to buy the social media platform and then started raising doubts about going through with the deal because of bots okay and

This whole issue with bots and how many bots are on twitter and if their user numbers as are as real as they say and all those sorts of things okay and so nonetheless uh you know tesla obviously uh twitter wants this deal to close elomus does not want this deal to close okay i had to bust out the the hat for this one i haven’t wore this hat in probably two years

Man i had to bust this baby out for this video okay um okay i gotta be honest i love this in a massive massive way here’s the thing all of us have a limited amount of time in a day right now think about elon musk this man runs tesla right he’s a ceo tesla he’s also you know a huge part of spacex right he’s the literally the biggest shareholder of spacex he’s

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Obviously got the boring company he’s got the the satellite project i’m sure he’s got a bunch of other things going on that we don’t even know about plus he’s got family stuff you got you got some sort of social life right and uh also you have a bunch of other drama you have to deal with in life of being somebody in a position that’s worth you know a few hundred

Billion dollars right so nonetheless his time has already spread now if this man was to buy twitter and was actually going to try to run this company it was going to suck away time from other things once again there’s only so much time in a day so if he has to spend all sun let’s just say it’s three hours a day which is not much time at all but let’s say it’s three

Hours a day that’s three hours a day less that he could spend focusing on spacex or spending on tesla and obviously i’m a tesla shareholder so i care about tesla and the fate of tesla over time right and so this in my opinion was going to be a disaster i hated this from the go when he announced he was going to buy twitter i’m like what are you doing man twitter’s

A mess you’re not going to fix twitter twitter’s a mess you’re not going to fix that platform bottom line you’re better off starting over and trying to start your own social media than trying to fix twitter i can promise you that that thing’s a mess i’m like oh okay so twitter’s a mess it’s not worth it it’s gonna suck up his time here’s the next thing okay the

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Tesla’s brand is very much in line with elon musk and if something happens and it reflects poorly on elon musk it negatively ends up affecting tesla brand if if things have been positive any elements is seen as positive out there by his personal brand it can help tesla’s brand as well right and so here’s the thing if anything went wrong with twitter who do you

Think they’re going to blame they’re going to blame twitter they’re going to say elon musk what’s wrong with your platform it’s doing this it’s not it’s censoring this political candidate over here it’s censoring this it’s doing this it’s it’s bots dot dot dot dot right oh yeah i that was going to be a nightmare an absolute nightmare now i don’t know i guess it’s

A possibility still that twitter could try to make elon musk buy it but i will say this good luck going against elon musk’s lawyers okay that’s all i’m going to say good luck if twitter thinks they’re going to out power him and he’ll maneuver him and make him try to try to force him to buy twitter good luck that’s all i’ll say i’m telling you uh i watched very

Closely what happened with the whole sec deal and um i watched how they navigated that thing that was a thing of beauty and so all i’m gonna say is good luck okay i am so happy this deal is likely not gonna go through and uh whoo man because that was gonna be a nightmare that’s all i gotta say this there’s no good was gonna end up coming out of that i can promise

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You that in a whole lot of bad was going to come out of that so much love as always guys and have a great day

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He Cancelled the Contract (Thank Goodness) By Financial Education

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