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How’s it going everybody this is beat the bush some of you have asked me what my morning routine is like and initially i thought wow this is a really boring topic i’m just gonna talk about what my morning is like i’m gonna brush my teeth or whatnot however after thinking about it i realized i’ve really optimized the way i actually get up in the morning because i

Only take about 15 minutes from waking up in the morning to actually leaving the door today i’m gonna share with you the things i do to wake up so quickly and the reasons behind them because there are quite a bit of reasons why i do certain things in certain order and the reason why i do each one when i wake up i give myself the maximum number of two snoozes if i

Have two of them already then essentially i go okay this is the limit of it i must wake up after it becomes a habit so then when i have two of them i’m like okay i’m awake now so i just get up because it’s a habit right when i wake up i always have a one liter bottle of water right nice in my bed so right when i wake up i would be able to drink whatever amount that

I need i may drink up to maybe a third of a leader depending on how thirsty i get from what i ate the previous night before the next thing i do is i go straight to brush my teeth the amount of toothpaste you should use is look at the diameter of the toothpaste that squeezes out that is how long a bead that you want just a little tiny beat that’s all you really need

Some people just put like a whole length of it across their whole toothpaste and that’s a little too much that’s how much you need and you will end up using a lot less toothpaste therefore saving you money the important thing here is to fully brush your teeth outside of your shower some people i know they like to brush their teeth in their shower which means you’re

Standing there just brushing your teeth and the water is trickling down and down their drain so if you brush your teeth outside of your shower you’re gonna save some water you’re gonna save the heating cost therefore saving you money after i do my brushing your teeth i jump right into the shower and i take my shower i shampoo and condition roughly every single day

But i’ve been trying to do it every other day and i’m experimenting with doing maybe every three days or something like that to see if my scalp can adjust to it when you use shampoo or conditioner do you try to take out all the shampoo and can this year leftover from your hotel you know if you pick those up then you can actually use them first okay use them first

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Before you use what you have because if you do so then you can essentially consolidate all of those little knick-knack hotel stuff that you have somewhere in a big pack just use them all up first and then you’ll find that wow it’ll last a really long time you can basically go a really long time just using those samples those ones that you get staying at a night

At a hotel my hair gets really really messy when i wake up so i have to rinse it in warm water no matter what so even if i don’t wash my hair in the morning i need to rinse it anyway so that it would just kind of fall in the right places of course you don’t always shampoo or wash your hair you’re gonna save yourself some time also save yourself on shampoo and

Conditioner my preference or soap is doesn’t really matter i just use bar soap i might sometimes use body wash the important thing here is i use a loofah thing and you know even if it’s a bar soap i just kind of brush it over the loofah thing because this loofah thing it’s kind of slightly abrasive so then it would i guess clean you a little bit better so that’s

My preference of choice and if you use body wash is important to use a loofah because then you can use a lot less body wash have you ever noticed if you use body wash without a loofa thing you end up squeezing it on your hand and then you use a lot more probably like five to ten times as much because you squeeze it on your hand and you just try to rub it all over

Your body and use a lot more that way fourth thing you quickly finish washing yourself and then you step out dry yourself real quick at this point i used to shave in the shower but i’ve decided to move my shaving outside of the shower right after showering so that any kind of hair facial hair would be really soft through the warm water for me personally i can use

A disposable razor for a really really long time more than a month because the hairs on my face is not that hard and the blade itself lasts that long for that i used to get a lot of free one from slick deals but these days i don’t even spend the time on there you know prowling around on slick deals anymore these days i just get the dollar shave club thing that i

Have i got like a three doll everything that the cheapest one and then you know there’s like five blades in it it lasts forever for me so i really didn’t pay much into it just getting one set is basically enough for a really long time for me the next thing i do is put on my contact lenses it’ll only take me about ten seconds to put both of them on this is not

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Something i can actually recommend it’s just something that i do um it works out for me but i cannot say to tell you to do this yourself in order to save money so i’m just gonna tell you what i do what i do is i feel the contact lenses case with contact lens solution yes the contacts will stay in there overnight before every time i put on my contact lenses i

Wash my hands okay and i do it like a surgeon where i don’t use a towel to dry my hands because it’s wet it has all the lint that is off of your hands right so your hands are kind of surgically clean after you rinse your water then you just flick it dry then there’s no lint on your hands then i go and take out the contact lenses from the lens holder the reason to

Be surgically clean when you take it out is so that i won’t dirty the contact lens solution that’s in my contact lens holder then when i put the contact lens in my eye it will not hurt my eye because there’s no lint in it sometimes if you dry your hands with the towel and then you put it in your eye you might get like a little tiny piece of lint in it and then

It would not feel very comfortable when i take off my contact lenses later on i also do the same thing so that when i take them off and i put it into the contact lens solution i will not get lint in there either so if you do this you’ll find that the contact lens solution in there will last a lot longer it won’t get filled with lint and things like that now i

Know they recommend for you to dump this out every single time now this is just something i don’t do i just reuse the solution in there several times and it works just fine for me because this solution is what they call a buffered solution they mainly want the ph to stay within a narrow band so that it fits the ph in your eye you can have up to a certain amount

Of contaminants in the contact lens solution before the ph will change of course the other asp this is if you get too much lint in there then it would be too dirty so this is sort of like a penny pinching way it’s just something i’m used to doing i cannot recommend to do it to you but this is just me telling you what i personally do now at this point i just slap

On a whole bunch of clothes i don’t really pick any clothes in advance i just go okay pair of jeans a collared shirt maybe i need a jacket or something just put on socks and that’s basically it after all this stuff it’s really only a fifteen-minute process to do everything from the beginning to end i know because i’ve timed myself now if i’m short on time i might

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Only brush my teeth for only one minute yeah you know kind of gross right but i feel like even with one minute the teeth is clean enough i try not to but if i’m really in a hurry yeah that’s something where i would cut corners if i’m short for time i might also skip the shampoo and conditioner maybe just wet the hair only and that would do just as well if i’m really

Really late i can save a whole ten minutes by not taking a shower at all i know this is a little weird so maybe i might just whip my hair and just comb it in that case you’re out the door in about five minutes some of you might drink coffee or tea i basically don’t eat breakfast nor drink anything in the morning other than the water in the very very beginning right

When i wake up when i get in that office that is when i have my tea and if you get in really early you can bring you know just a whole bunch of snacks or whatever some sort of breakfast with you so that you can munch on it while you’re checking your email or your morning routine at work i hope sharing my morning routine with you was informative in that i created

This way mainly to optimize my time i’m not really that big of a morning person so i prefer to just wake up and you know just get my things done as fast as possible so that i do not have to wake up even earlier to get to work don’t forget to give me a like on this video comment down below let me know other optimization that you do in your morning routine in order

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