High Times CLEARED To IPO SOON ✅ – RICH TV LIVE – FEBRUARY 20, 2020 – Today marks an historic milestone for Hightimes Holding Corp. and the tens of thousands of people who have invested in it. On February 20, 2020, the company announced that it received notification from the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (FINRA) that it has been granted a trading symbol, clearing the final regulatory hurdle to list on public markets. FINRA’s approval means that investors in Hightimes Holding Corp. can begin trading shares in the company.

What’s up what’s up what’s up what’s up boy rich immersive alive i’m the real one i’m the real one not the fake one but the real one i’m the real one i’m the real one not the fake one but the real one see this right here that proves that i’m a true high times investor and high times just announced that the ipo is now going to go public and guess what you guys

Get to know first and who invested in them first you know it’s funny do you know how many people said do not many people said they would never go public and that we got robbed where are you guys that now men you know you guys want to see some mountains i’m a real one i’m the real one not a fake one i’m the real one it’s true yeah never lost never lost hope always

Believed it would be back always rep the jacket always wore the jacket never once wavered always believed high times would make it right and guess what high times just announces that they are going to do their ipo they’ve been cleared to list their shares on the otc markets which means my shares will be free trading and my money will be free almost $6,000 i

Invested in high times that was just sitting there for over a year almost a year and a half and finally my shares are becoming free which means the shares will become free trading i already have the share sitting on my desk i’ve already talked to the transfer agent transfer agents have said they’re just waiting and pretty soon they’re gonna send the shares right

Into my brokerage account at td bank and voila the shares are in my trading account baby let’s go let’s go so it feels good as a high times investor that and i know i’m not the only one because i believe there’s 23 thousand high times investors worldwide so it feels good to know that i’m not the only one and that our shares will now be free trading so anybody who

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Is a high times investor breaking news high times has announced that their shares have been cleared to trade on the otc markets it’s epic news huge news for anybody who has invested in high times and if you haven’t invested in high times it’s not too late you have until march 31st i believe to own shares if you still want to get in some shares i’m in vancouver

I’m in the in cooverman see those mountaintops only in vancouver do you got weather like this those mountaintops still have snow on them sunshine and blue skies baby sunshine and the blue skies top of the world ma top of the world how do you buy high timeshares just go to high times website high times investor calm and you can purchase your shares there at $11

Per share am i ever coming to new zealand i wasn’t planning on any time soon but you never know in the future i guess that there’s a reason for me to be in new zealand i could go to new zealand but it would have to be a really good reason wasn’t on my agenda any time soon but getting those shares of high times that that’s on my agenda that’s on my agenda getting

Those shares from high times as an investor and i’ve been holding those shares for quite some time so it’s nice to hear that they’re actually going public which means that money will be free and clear and available to me in hopefully a couple months apparently you have until march 31st to get your shares before they close up the regulation a offering which they’re

Using to sell shares and currently there are 23,000 shareholders worldwide of which i am a shareholder that’s why i have this jacket because i am a true one you won’t see anybody else wearing this jacket i’m a true one i’m a real investor in the cannabis sector i’m a true cannabis enthusiast i can’t speak for anybody else but i’m a real one that’s why i got this

Jacket you only get this jacket when you’re an investor and you invest over five thousand dollars you can buy shares at high times investor calm just tell them rich tv live sent you put in a good word for your boy i heard about this a rich tv live and i’m not sitting here telling you guys to buy shares do whatever you want i’m not telling you to buy shares i’m gonna

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Telling you to sell shares i’m not telling you when to buy shares i’m gonna telling you when to sell shares i’ll share with you what i do don’t do you guys to decide what you want to do you may like these shares you might not like these shares you might think the price is too high you might think it’s gonna go lower a lot of people saying it’s gonna go lower yo

What’s up kyle how you doing bro h itm is the ticker hi times h itm they’re not public they’re gonna be doing their ipo very very soon if you have shares like me and you got in early you got them at 11 bucks i just like the name i think it’s an iconic name and i want it to be a part of it so now i’m a part of it so i’ll be able to talk about it as they go public

Pretty excited about it and hopefully i’ll be able to get high times on our show so stay tuned to that it’s a very huge name it’s a very huge name ipo prices $11 $11 kyle says i want to be a part too and the coats yeah i mean all you got to do is invest and you’ll get dressed and you’ll be blessed i’m just excited i wasn’t expecting that today i was having a nice

Day anyways and then all of a sudden hey rich by the way some of your shares that have been sitting there dead money is turning into money again oh that’s nice great that’s like a trip to the dr right there probably go on a trip to the dr with my high times money actually not i’m thinking about it why the hell not right what are you guys gonna do with your high

Times money so yeah the big news high times ipo is set to launch and they’ve been approved to list their shares on the otc markets porta plata my villas at porta potti not in punta cana but i’m down that party in punta cana but and i got a villa in puerto plata so down by cabarete beach you guys ever been to cabarete beach that’s my home away from home i love the

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Dominican republic probably be there soon mind you the weather’s getting really nice here as you guys can tell i don’t even need this jacket isn’t wearing this jacket because it’s actually hot but i’m wearing this jacket cuz cuz i’m a real one see that they nobody’s got that that’s a real one right there that’s a real one there ain’t nobody else has got that i’m

The only one everybody else they all just fake you till they make it but then there’s the real one was that guy was that rich tv guy they’re real one then just that real one there’s a lot of fake ones and there’s one real one so yeah hack times man i’m a high times investor and have been since day one talked about it that videos got like over 15,000 views where

I first talked about making my first investment at the high times i made actually another one after that and i’ve stuck it through and through through all the people saying they were gonna go bankrupt through all the people saying that they were gonna steal our money through all the people that said that they were never gonna go public i stuck it through and now

They’re gonna go public and those shares are going to have value that’s what it is when you’re an investor hopefully the stock goes to 20 20 bucks and it would be a huge investment i’m not suggesting it’s gonna go to 20 bucks and i go to five but it might go to 20 you never know ty times stay tuned i’ll keep you guys updated is your boy rich from rich tv live a

Real one a real high times investor we now are going public or shares are going to ipo it’s true and your boys bringing in the news first so that’s what we do we’re bringing the news and we bring it to first thank you guys for watching have a great day i’m gonna go enjoy the sunshine i’m out peace thank you hi times let’s make it a great one let’s go baby let’s go

Champ keep you updated peace see those sniffs know on the mountaintops right there that’s snow mountains snow please

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