High Times to Acquire Major Cannabis Industry Trade Show Organization ‘THE BIG SHOW’

High Times to Acquire Major Cannabis Industry Trade Show Organization – RICH TV LIVE – December 14, 2018 – High Times, the most well-known brand in Cannabis, today announced that it has entered into an agreement to acquire Buyers Industry Guide, the publication and production company responsible for the highly successful canna-conference series ‘the BIG Show’. This B2B tradeshow which services the ancillary cannabis community gathers twice annually in Miami and Los Angeles, attracts over 10,000 industry guests annually.

Hey guys how you doing this is your boy rich and i’m here with a very special breaking news from high times h itm new ipo coming out and your boy rich has invested in high times it’s true now i told you guys my last video that i was talking to them about getting my money back i just wanted to know that they would give me my money back they told me they would and

I’m good i decided to keep my money in i believe in high times and it’s because of news like this high times to acquire major cannabis industry trade show organization big industry show trade mark look at this thing are you kidding me wow look at this opportunity here i think this could be huge you ready here look at this look at this yeah see this this is big news

Is breaking news from high times literally just broke high times to acquire cannabis industry traits trade show or organization this is the logo called the big industry show this is their trademark logo let’s click on here and let’s read this news now i invested in high x now remember rich tv live is strictly for education entertainment purposes always do your due

Diligence always do your research before you invest in anything we’ve got all the breaking news all the top stock information every single day absolutely free right here for you for rich tv live you can join the community be a part of our social network be a part of our whatsapp group be a part of our growing community of people that want to learn about stocks

Specifically cannabis stocks which is our expertise and you can join our secret stock picks group and follow us on all social media absolutely free and get all the trending news 24 hours a day seven days a week now what is happening with high times you ask this is huge news high times just keeps getting bigger high times to acquire the big show most reckon nice

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Apple brand in cannabis announces agreement to acquire big publications and events business into its professional conference portfolio high times the most well-known brand in cannabis today announced that has entered into an agreement to acquire buyers industry guide this is huge news what do you think about this news guys if you like this news smash the like button

Comment down below remember i bring you the news and if i win and you win we all wait wait wait what do you think about this if you like this new smash the like button i want to know what you guys think the publication and production company responsible for the highly successful kanak conference series the big show this b2b trade show which services the ancillary

Cannabis community gathers twice annually in miami and los angeles attracts over 10,000 industry guests annually wow is huge and they just acquired them the latest acquisition will extend on high times impressive event production business which includes entertainment festivals like the cannabis cup reggae on their river and industry events like the high times

Business expo now your boy rich is going to be interviewing high times next week it’s true your boy rich is gonna be interviewing high times next week it’s mind boggling thank you high times for the opportunity we are so excited to have you on the show as more states legalized and the industry matures within a growing recreational market the need for professional

Networking and information events has never been greater high times hopes to capitalize on the growing trend with its latest acquisition this is huge the big show has a great reputation throughout the industry so to bring their brand in-house is really exciting they’d have depth they have developed an impressive roster of attendees and a loyal audience we’re

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Looking forward to continuing to add more resources and additional programming in future years this is adam levine chairman and ceo of high x holdings said buyers industry guide and its title event the big show has previously partnered with high times for support in programming its event schedule and has previously utilized high times sales infrastructure working

With high times is a dream come true said gustavo gonzales the sole proprietor of buyers industry guide i grew up reading their publication and after meeting adam and learning about his plans i couldn’t imagine a more perfect marriage high x is rapidly evolving pivoting away from solely focusing on media into a true technology and service business receiving this

Kind of approval from these kingmakers reaffirms my belief that we’re on the right path and doubles down on our belief that these types of events are not only beneficial but necessary for the growth of the industry wow the closing of the acquisition is subject to certain customary closing conditions according cording lee there is no assurance that the big show

Transaction will be consummated so there’s a chance it might not happen the transaction is expected to close during q1 of 2019 so between now and march wow this is huge when that announcement goes it’s going to be epic the announcement comes amidst high times regulation a+ crowdfunding campaign which has already raised millions of dollars over 15,000 investors

Across the globe and i have one of them it is true i own 363 shares of high times at 11 okay it is true that was my investment at the high times for more than 44 years high times has been the world’s most well known cannabis brand championing the lifestyle and educating the masses on the benefits of the natural flower from humble beginnings as a counterculture

Lifestyle publication high times has evolved into hosting industry-leading events like the cannabis cup huge love it and i’d love to be there hi times you guys are watching this video your boy rich and my members would love to come okay to all your events and high times business summits while providing digital tv and social networks globally distributed merchandise

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International licensing deals and millions of fans and supporters across the globe in the world of cannabis high times is the arbiter of quality wow wow wow huge news breaking news about high times what do you guys think about this news i love it i love high times i owned high times now remember rich tv live is strictly for education and entertainment purposes

This is a sponsored video okay i am going to be doing videos and advertising for high times i look forward to working with you high times i wish you guys all the luck and and i hope that the company is a huge success not just for the stock and because i’m a shareholder and i wanted to go up so i can make money of course and for everyone that’s invested all fifteen

Thousand investors worldwide they’re all excited about this new ipo just like me but because you guys are going to be doing all of the major events for the companies so i’m super excited to be able to hopefully work with you guys and be able to be a part a lot of those events and bring information to the people first because that’s what we do here wish to be like

Bring you the winners we bring the news and we bring it to you first so what do you think about this views high times to acquire major cannabis industry trade show organization the big show i love it what do you think comment down below smash that like button share the video everywhere subscribe hit that bell for notifications so every single time there’s any

Breaking news 24/7 you could counter your boy rich to give you that news first it’s true and i don’t want your money i want your eyes and ears on the prize your boys o peace high times i don’t 363 shares let’s go champ let’s go let’s go let’s go chat keep getting bigger keep getting better your boys know peace let’s go high time

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High Times to Acquire Major Cannabis Industry Trade Show Organization 'THE BIG SHOW' By RICH TV LIVE

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