Hong Kong Wet Market in 4k

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How’s it goin everybody this is beat the bush i’m finally in hong kong i have a place to stay i’m actually staying at my uncle’s place in a building similar to this over here a high-rise so we’re at a 7-eleven should we just go in and see what’s in there oh okey same cake i’ll get that later or y’all know angela long ohama yep is my payment in higher dollar

One thing about hong kong is that it seems like half the population smoked so already just hanging around in the streets i feel like i smoked about one-tenth of a cigarette actually thank you or us dollars we’re entering po hey street market and it’s one of these wet markets that i talked about before you’ve got your window keep in mind that the conversion

Rates about 7.8 to 1 usd watch out there you think it actually smells really fishy around here but it doesn’t just slightly so that’s it for today i hope you enjoyed looking at the wet market in hong kong don’t forget to give me a like on this video comment down below let me know what you think of all the dancing wild live fishes in the market if your interests

In supporting this channel i’m an auto bowling down in a video description below i have a patreon over here and don’t forget to subscribe oh and by the way if you’re interested in that security backpack that i’ve been wearing it’s actually a sponsored product i’ll leave a link down in the video description below if you’re interested in checking that out

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Hong Kong Wet Market in 4k By BeatTheBush

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