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Oh getting a call who could this be what could it be what could it be what could it mean what could it who’s this mr. mr. khatam what’s going on do you have an alert for me i heard you have an alert ts s i let’s pull it up here on bar chart let’s get the bar chart opinion all right wow tss i guys up five hundred percent tss i guys put it on your watch list

Make sure it’s on your radar mr. catan brought this to us first tss i a five hundred percent let’s take a look at the bar chart opinion here so it’s a forty-eight percent by a bar chart guys wow very good mr. cat am doing his due diligence looking at the financials guys let’s take a look here so in the last month it’s up four hundred fifty percent in the last

Three months it’s up four hundred fifty percent in the last year it’s up a thousand percent guys immediately put it on your watch list make sure it’s on your radar do not buy it today guys it’s up huge a five hundred percent that’s a recipe for disaster but you want to watch this stock it’s got a forty-eight percent by on bar chart strongest short-term outlook

Strong long-term indicators mostly agree with the trend here let’s take a look at it on level two here wow look at this beauty so there’s a pretty large spread here the bid’s at 21 cents the other is a 24 so definitely if you’re buying the stock you’re trying to buy the 21 there’s no need to buy the 24 you’re going to lose some money right there and spread so

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If you guys are new to stock buying you want to be sitting on the bid you want to buy it as lowest paul possible you can literally buy it at 21 and turn around and sell it at 24 and start making money that’s what people that have this program are doing buying low selling high that’s literally what we call flippers but you guys got to bring this to your full

Attention right now up five hundred percent today treated 2.5 million shares this was this alert was brought to rich tv live first by mr. kutum go to his channel what’s your channel go to his channel subscribe syndicate tv live he’s also going to be doing a lot of videos and shows talking about stocks to guys so make sure you join his channel as well this is rich

From richie rich tv like what’s that there we go guys so make sure you guys like and subscribe syndicate tv live bringing rich rich pics every single day he brought this pic to you guys first tee s s i thanks for watching everybody make sure you like and subscribe thank you mr. khattab we’ll talk to you soon

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