So the question that asked and i think it’s something that we all need to figure out is when is the best time to put stop-loss how do you get out of patrick’s so the time to put a stop loss is before you plan on getting into training so every strain you take you should already have a set stop-loss in a sexy peak right so train is all about calculated risk right so

Before you enter frank you should be willing in understand like okay i’m willing to risk 2% straight how much are you looking game set yourself up for that you know for us it’s like really like we’re entering at a very precise away at the market so we can pound four tire stop losses with risking the same amount of percentage over two percent on a ten foot side

And two percent fifty pence thought is the whole bottle right so you should have a stop loss on every trade because we using about trainings just protected your alphabet right if you mentor a training without a stop loss is just like it’s not a very disciplined right it’s the worst possible that you can do you never know what can happen market you know a lot

Of people didn’t have soft losses and they’re not paying attention to fundamentals last week they had elections right yeah so i got reelected whatever happened it went up right it’s crazy because you know the people that leave the market you know institutional firms where everyone say they use those elections and fundamentals as a reason to push the market how

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Long they want right so you know if you don’t it’s not glass something like that you’re gonna blow your thumb up right if you don’t want your customers you don’t want your student base you want your family to come into something and kind of half you know my views work but you know they’re they’re not they’re not yours like and i are not shooting as a professional

Right now if you put your spotless perfect like not too low just hit it off a lot of dependence right so would you have specific rights that you put it down so so we interrupt these institutional penalty right so majority of the long you in the institutional candles i thought open unanimity percent so we usually put our stop loss have to close on the candle yeah

So i mean that’s why they’re tight it’s like 10 thick socks 15 pit stops laughter stops you drink this option right we’re going from the lowest time things to higher time all these concepts they go they work from any time frame second times like you know like premium training the 30 second time to the second time frame the same concepts working on those times as

Well right so i mean stop it’s just you should always it comes out to take profits it’s just like you know just started areas where like today i was breaking down when it stops and i was just breaking down targets so targets are places where makes exit and enter right so they’re always leaving behind positions because always hedging their positions you know they

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Have so much money that you know they just buying so my cell my cell they were smooth the currency and type away so they enter market they have to sell bye-bye selfie right so when they exit buying pressure and selling pressure to the market the other way so we’re pretty much entering market when they release buying and selling pressure which pushes it in whatever

Direction we kind of want to go except it’s not a visual yeah there’s like this box going in one way you buy the opposite – now you’re yeah are any of that i don’t think that you can you can it’s more like a mass like you want to get people to the point where they can at least sell like your announcement open to the point where they can consistently they want you

To stopping the lower highs right and then eventually visit a place where they can understand how far you might go like measure this right and then they can buy the lower lobe which you know 80% of your trade should be continuations right 20% reverses so by a low – they can come and sell another lower huh except yeah yeah so i mean you do that a little bit so if

You can imagine a little bit we don’t send out hedges like chuck trades we just you know safe trainings that are reliable adjustable okay that the same as possible the smartest things and wait for confirmations we do a lot of waiting and the reason why it’s not the best quality because it’s investing a lot of people treated as a game or a hobby whatever you’re not

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Talking about earlier you know most hobbies only make people money that cost people money pressure so just like you don’t want training to be a hobby that’s alright so

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