How Anyone Can Become A Credit Card Master (feat. @MissBeHelpful)

In this episode, MissBeHelpful’s Yanely Espinal tells you everything you need to know to master credit cards. The first 1000 people to use the link will get a free trial of Skillshare Premium Membership:

Where i sat down with chelsea to tell her about all my hot mess anybody out there in a similar situation can also do it, too. the reason why you needed or wanted that credit card when the expensive textbooks that i needed for my classes. now that’s fine as long as you understand your terms and that i was not just responsible for paying back and we’ll get to those details a

Little bit later in this video. while other people say they only open up a credit card to get that you get when you open up a store or retail credit card. about your reason, your purpose for opening up this credit if you’re opening a new credit card because your old credit because the bottom line is that you cannot become a credit card and there’s five credit factors that

Make up your credit score. to be equal to your minimum balance due on your credit able to afford sending the full payment every month. and that’s the way that i avoid paying interest fees. category of the five factors for your credit score. you actually have to shoot to keep your balance at about 10% because when you make a payment, it brings your balance down and the

Balance due on the last day of your statement cycle, that’s going to show up as the balance due on your credit so if you know that you’re going to get easily overwhelmed i download all the apps that go with each of my credit cards. and if you’re ready to level up and set up auto pay, if i’m being honest, i log into my credit card apps now i talked about leveling up with

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Your credit card this was a bank rate study done in january of 2020, means not relying on them and paying the bills in full, that i’m shopping for throughout the month that i really need. but the problem is that some people use their credit cards cards like a credit card master would to get cash back. and getting them for free, or as close to free as possible. come with

A single digit interest rate, like student and take straight up cash from your credit limit available. to more private information than just your credit card details. last, but not least, you want to make sure that you are not and it’s just not worth it for you for whatever reason at all, and ask them to either waive the annual fee or to change that a significantly lower

Annual fee than the one that you have. really just soaking in knowledge related to credit cards you can explore new skills, deepen existing passions, explore classes with skillshare to unlock your creativity

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How Anyone Can Become A Credit Card Master (feat. @MissBeHelpful) By The Financial Diet

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