How can I pay for College without going Broke? | How should I Save for College?

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Good day subscribers thank you so much for joining me today i am jeremy and this is the financial education channel and today we are talking about how to save for college and how to go to college without being broke that is a beautiful thing if you can achieve this so i’m gonna run through some tips with you guys some some things that you can just do in planning

For that when you get to college you’re not stressing about the money because it’s already there so there are three things i highly recommend around freshman year maybe sophomore year of high school you really think about and these three things are you need to focus on if you’re going to get a job when you turn 16 if you’re really good at a sport focusing on that

Sport and training it so you can try to get a scholarship in that sport or the third route is if you’re very intelligent and you can put in the work to books and you’re very interested in learning those kinds of things can you get an academic scholarship so you need to find out which one of those three is most realistic is it getting a job is it trying to get a

Sports scholarship is it trying to get an academic scholarship those are the three i recommend for most people the job will be the route to go because not everybody’s super talented of sports even if they try really hard to get a scholarship no everybody’s naturally very gifted in the mind where you know they can just learn something so easy to select that and make

It move on to the next thing and they could be an honor courses and get a’s of all those kinds of things so you need to be realistic on what it is for me personally i had a little part-time job in high school but i mainly focused on sports i focused on football i wasn’t that great at football unfortunately and i didn’t get a scholarship for football that was pretty

Obvious but i was fast i was really fast i could run a sprint really fast so starting senior high school which is really late i started focusing on track and i picked up track and i did well enough in high school where i got to be on the community college i went to his track team now at that point it was no scholarship but by the end of the very first semester of

College i had earned a half scholarship meaning half my bills were paid for by track that was a beautiful beautiful thing that i was able to now get packed my college bills paid for if i track just for running track so that’s awesome i really focused on that and you guys you can focus even earlier on a specific sport it doesn’t have to be football it doesn’t have

To be basketball baseball those are extremely competitive sports that the hundreds of thousands if not millions of kids are focusing on around the country those are really really hard to get a scholarship then it can be some of these sports that aren’t as popular and then academics obviously if you’re gifted in that way but you always have to be realistic if you’re

Getting a’s and all your honors classes and you have a super high gpa and you’re near perfection then that’s definitely a good route to go because you’re gifted there and you could put in the work and whatnot so we’re going to talk about what most people are gonna do though most people are gonna get a job so because you’re gonna get a job you’re probably gonna get

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A low-paying job right it’s gonna be minimum wage or just above minimum wage probably be at a fast-food place probably be at a retailer or you’ll start your own little small business but don’t matter what you’re doing it’s probably gonna be very close to where you live which is great because then you can walk to work each day or you can ride a bike so you don’t need

To have a car expense because a car expense is a big expense especially if you’re paying the bill on that and then you’re paying the auto insurance and auto insurance at that age it’s very high very high so it’s a great great thing as far as saving money goes and you need to be disciplined yeah you’ve got money coming in that doesn’t mean go out and spend it on

The video game system and this and that save save save because you’ve got a plan you’re saving for your future you’re saving for college so try not to get distracted by buying this buying that buying this trying to keep up with the joneses you’ve got to be disciplined you got to be mature even at that age as far as money goes so high school finishes out hopefully

One of those things three things played out you either had the job so you save money for two full years or you let that sports scholarship where you got that academic scholarship something i want to mention before i even go any further in this video do not get books at the campus bookstore that is like the worst worst worst worst worst thing you could do in life

Every single freshman gets screwed over by that you get your classes you get your required books you’re supposed to get and you go to the campus bookstore and you end up spending three to four times whatever the amount you could have gotten those books on line it is like oh it’s such a hypothesis at the on campus bookstore unless it’s an absolute emergency because

You will get royally screwed over that’s all i’m gonna say about that i had to make sure to mention that in this video anyways so here comes school and college now you’re into college you need if you aren’t on academic scholarship if you aren’t on sport scholarship you need to make sure you have a job you’re working 20 to 30 hours a week now hopefully at this point

You can upgrade your job a bit you you can leave your old business you were working for a company you’re working for and go out there and get a little better job because guess what now you have two full years of experience you start working with your 16 16 17 now you’re 18 you start in college you have two full years of experience two full years of track record two

Full years of proving yourself at a company that you can go get a better job somewhere else now at this point and you can still work 20 or 30 hours a week so part-time now i recommend trying to get a job where you pays a little more but i recommend trying to get a job at a company that will reimburse your college expenses there are so so many big companies now that

Will reimburse college expenses up to a certain amount five thousand dollars a year some even five thousand dollars a semester they’ll reimburse your college expenses look out for those companies i believe even starbucks now reimburses your college expenses up to a certain amount of money so you absolutely should try to work for one of those businesses because that’s

Gonna save you so much money in the long run i highly recommend going to an in-state school out of state school yeah that could be fun you had your heart set on this to the school but it is so so so much more expensive you can look up the rates for an in-state college versus out-of-state not even comparable not even comparable i also recommend going to community

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College for the first two years you’re gonna get the same credits for it you can just go there you can save about a third of the money most community colleges are about a 2/3 cheaper than a actual university let’s say go there for the first two years then go ahead and transfer to your university so there’s gonna be some advantages there universities are usually

A lot further away from where you live if you go to community college you’re probably gonna have a much shorter drive hopefully you have a car at this point and you’ll save a lot of money that way so much money it’s so much cheaper to go community college for the first two years and then just go university for the last two years at that point so all what you’re

Doing that you’re saving your savings you’re saving and you’re spending money also because your school’s expenses but mostly you’re saving there’s a college tax credit called the american opportunity credit that you will absolutely want to take advantage of every year you get to up to $2,200 per semester back from whatever you spent that year that’s a beautiful

Thing so when january comes around and say you spend forty four hundred dollars last year or whatever amount you spent you get forty four hundred dollars back a check for forty four hundred dollars and a refund that is unbelievable that’s a beautiful thing so make sure you write that off on your taxes american opportunity credit they might have changed the name to

The hope credit recently i cannot remember it used to be called american opportunity credit but make sure you look that up when you file your taxes when you’re 18 19 20 years old and you’re going to college absolutely that will help you tremendously so then that money can just be put more toward savings and if you follow this plan you’re gonna go ahead and you’re

Gonna graduate college with no debt you’re gonna go ahead and graduate college probably with money because you probably haven’t spent all the money because you’ve been saving your save him you’ve been taking care you know doing the tax credits and all those kinds of things and you’ve been working or you’re on scholarship so it was all paid for anyways that’s a

Beautiful thing if you can graduate college and not only not being dead i have money that’s like unbelievable and plus that if you had a job you have tons of work experience already so you’ve already been working in the field you’re way up on your peers sorry about that guys my gopros battery ran out and i was like what is going on my camera started flickering

I’m like anyways battery ran out so i was talking about how you have a leg up on all your other classmates all the ones that either got money from their parents which is only about 15 20 percent of the population realistically their parents can pay for it all the people that took out financial aid all the people that took out loans for sure you’re ahead of them

You’re ahead of all your peers you have a huge advantage i’ll explain why the parents won they took the easy way out there’s nothing wrong with that really i can’t say anything bad about it now my lighting setups my stuff it’s unbelievable anyways i can’t say anything’s bad about taking money from your parents but at the end of day that’s a lot of money for them

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To fork out and if you weren’t working during that time you know what were you doing you were just going to school school is way too easy you do just like you know college that’s way too easy just to float by and your parents dime in my personal opinion you know you learn so much more if you’re out there working out there making your own money you get to make yourself

Just a more proud person gain self confidence and all those kinds of things if you just applied for financial aid i say that’s a last resort that’s really a last resort because you never want to be dependent on the government you never want to it’s kind of like almost like food stamps or welfare those kind of things that’s like last last resort if all those fails

You can go that route a financial aid but it’s not there to be the first resort and stop there to be the second or the third of the fourth it’s the last one in my opinion and then we had what getting money for your parents financial aid and then loans loans is last one that’s the forest that’s a worse because you’re gonna have a mountain of debt to pay off for 10

15 20 years to come you’ll still be paying off that debt more than likely in your mid 30s it’s it’s bad it’s bad you don’t want to go the loan route just because you’re lazy and you just want to focus on school come on people can focus on school get good grades get great grades and work a part-time job or do a sport you know if they were on a sports scholarship

For those kinds of things so the whole thing i’ve only just want to focus on school now that’s bs man you can do it and still do a part-time job and you’ll probably be even more focus than the people that are taking out those loans that are gonna have fifty a hundred thousand dollars to pay back and tell their who knows how old and you you’ll be out there making

Money at a good job at that point and guess what you don’t have to worry about paying back any of that money all your paycheck can just go to your future bill and towards savings and towards spending on fun stuff at that point because you know what you had already made the right decisions you already worked your ass off you already put in 110% so that’s just kind

Of my opinion but you follow those steps and you will graduate from college without debt you’ll graduate with money probably in the bank you’ll graduate with a lot of self-esteem you’ll grab you you’ll graduate with experience in working and you’ll just be a very proud person and you’ll be able to stand on your own two feet and feel really dang good so anyways if

You want to subscribe and you haven’t you may want to i talk a ton about personal finance this is kind of personal finance today talk a little bit about investing stocks those kinds of things and i talk a lot about entrepreneurship being a young entrepreneur and being in your own business anyways thank you so much for watching guides and have a great day

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How can I pay for College without going Broke? | How should I Save for College? By Financial Education

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