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If you are ranked in the top 1000s, video stats websites will give you a good idea how you rank but most people are not the top 1000 Youtubers. For the rest, its a good idea to get a sense of your percentile ranking given the number of subscribers you have. I.e. how many have more subscribers, and how many have less; based on your current subscriber count. The percentile ranking is based on a subset of the 1 billion viewers on Youtube. That is, you are ranking yourself among people that have a Youtube account and actually cares enough about subscriber count. This of people that cares likely totals less than 1/10 of the 1 billion. If you rank yourself among the 1 billion then getting 1 sub will put your at the top 10% already which isn’t too useful a metric.

Hey everybody this is beat the bush today we’re gonna look at how a youtuber ranks based on how many subscribers they have normally you can go on youtube statistic websites like george o blaid calm or vid stat xcom and figure out a little bit about your own ranking but doesn’t really tell you how you rank against the total population of people that are on youtube

Now you can’t actually get the subscriber count of every single user on youtube but what you can do is just grab a small subsampling of that and kind of have a gleam of what generally happens this data is from a random sampling of people on a forum and i’ll leave a link down below to the source the gathering of this data is just from people that wants to report

Their own data you can imagine that there’ll be a lot of zero subscribers that would actually not even report anything because it might just be a dummy account and i imagine dobby a lot of very few subscriber accounts like 0 to 10 on youtube and that would account to maybe 10 20 percent of all that counts in this range you’re actually comparing yourself to the


People that actually care about reporting or people that actually care about subscriber count which is in a way do you want to compare yourself to everybody that’s ever gone on youtube which is about 1 billion right now as of january 2016 or do you want to just compare yourself to the subgroup that actually care about uploading videos etc so this data i think

It’s more about the people that do care currently you can go to my page and look at the about section and see that i have about 9,000 subscribers my experience with this particular channel is that the subscriber count has been doubling about once every 3 months and it has increase in order of magnitude which is times 10 over roughly about every year based on my

Experience if you continually innovate and make better and better videos you can actually increase your subscriber count exponentially sometimes you can get in a rut where you make videos and nothing ever improves let’s say you just do the same thing over and over again so you might see your rate of increase slow down or just taper off let’s look at this chart

And see what it says your percentile ranking if you’re at the top 100% the best youtuber ever you would probably have more than 100 million subscribers right here so this just kind of walks through how many subscribers you need to get to be a certain percent oh easy way to look at this is that if you have 250 subscribers then you are halfway in between of all

Youtubers when you get hired and it gets harder and harder to to climb the percentile linearly you actually have to increase your subscriber count exponentially here the y-axis is actually in log form so every line here is 10x as much subscribers so for example this channel right now it’s close to nine thousand ten thousand so it’s about right here i’m at about 80

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Percent of 80 percent of the channels have west subscribers and 20 percent have more with youtube aging a bit the average subscriber count in the 50th percentile would probably increase a little bit as it ages maybe next year it would increase by a few more subscribers so it may look something like this in order to be the top youtuber you may need i don’t know 20

30 million subscribers and in order to hit the 50 percentile you might need about 500 subscribers by then this basically follows a statistical thing known as the gaussian curves if you plot a histogram across the number of subscribers you have it’ll look something like this if the x axis is the number of people with that many subscribers you’ll probably have very

Few that have very little subscribers it might actually be like it quite a bit high start off like that and then and then peak up in the number of people that have those subscribers all the way to 250 this is the 50th percentile and then it will taper off like that so it kind of looks like a gaussian but it’s a bit skewed if you vary the exponential here rather than

By 10 base they might look more gaussian what you can take from this is that you actually have to increase your subscriber count exponentially in order to increase your percentile ranking linearly before i started doing youtube videos i kinda just had a youtube account that i never actually subscribed to anyone if i wanted to look at some video i just look it up

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Because i didn’t want to have a feed or anything like that i’m sure a lot of people actually does the same thing but if you do subscribe to me it would actually help me out a lot now a lot of youtube videos we actually ask you to subscribe because when you do subscribe it boosts the metrics of that video making it more popular more clicks on the video it also makes

A channel stronger because it has more subscriber count you would only subscribe because you find the content discs interesting and you want to keep up to date on all the new videos as a channel actually makes it stronger and it’ll actually send out these email messages with like links to new videos and stuff so that you can keep up to date first few days of the

Video is actually really critical because that determines if the video would get more and more popular or will it just kind of stay flat and never to be seen again buried under all the other videos on youtube so if you have a lot of subscribers and you send a video how you immediately get a lot of video views maybe only a couple percent of your subscribers would

Actually watch a brand new video it actually gives it that initial push so that the video would have a chance to actually become more popular otherwise even if it’s a really good video it may remain in the bottom until someone discovers it so that’s all i have for you today thanks for watching don’t forget to give me a like comment down below and now you know why

You need to subscribe over here thanks for watching

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