How Elon Musk Just Made 2,000,000,000 in a 90 Day Span!

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That guy on your screen there his name is elon musk and he just pulled off one of the most ridiculous things in the history of the financial world and i don’t hear anybody talking about this this guy just made 12 billion with a be twelve billion dollars in a 90 day span some of you guys might know elon musk from that guy that was on that joe rogan podcast right

That ended up getting 29 million views on youtube you might know him from his twitter page where he has over 30 million followers and you might be a tesla shareholder or somebody that’s a tesla fan in general and that’s how you know this guy elon musk because he does run tesla the company okay so how the heck did this elon musk i just make 12 billion dollars in a

Three month span and no one is even talking about this so paying attention that’s what’s hilarious okay now let me tell you guys a few things you probably don’t know about this elon musk guy okay a lot of people wonder how he got rich in you know you’re probably looking at that picture there and you’re little confused cuz you like is that really elon musk yes that

Is elon musk you’re like how the heck did that guy get a lot better-looking as time went on i thought you’re supposed to get worse looking well let me just be honest he’s probably had a lot more work than than even your favorite instagram model so in terms of how a la must came into money very early on in his career it’s not like he inherited a bunch of money or

Something like that okay there was the fact that he started a company called zip2 with his brother okay the zip2 company was bought by an early pc company called compaq some you guys would probably know compact it was actually a big company back in the day like late 90s okay in 99 who had become a leading supplier of pc systems until it was overtaken and bought out

By hp in 2002 the zip to deal amount of for 307 million must share of the proceeds was about twenty-two million dollars from that so that’s how he got rich the first time so if you’re wondering how he got his initial like millions of dollars was from that zip to deal there okay that’s how he initially got rich all right then from there he went ahead and started a

Company called x dot tom okay most cord net return of over 165 million after his financial services company xcom merged with paypal some of you guys probably use paypal a few you guys okay which was then bought out by ebay so soon after the sale of zip to musk invested twelve million dollars of his own money into co-founding xcom which had envisioned as the future

Of online banking in early 2000 merged with his rival confited ii the company was renamed paypal aha there’s that paypal okay as a majority shareholder musk was ousted as ceo amid protracted boardroom squabbling paypal then accepted ebay’s offer to buy in july of 2002 against musk’s advice after the 1.5 billion dollar deal finally went through elon musk ended

Up coming out with about a hundred and eighty million dollars after taxes so through that xcom which then became paypal and then got bought out by ebay that’s how must became super super rich so he got rich off the zip – he got super super rich from the paypal and that’s where things start getting interesting and start leading us up to where we got today so from

There yaahh must end up getting involved with his company named tesla now some people think elon must like started tesla and he did not start tesla he was not one of the founders of tesla but he was one of the early days people that came in with the company started working at the company and actually was a big investor of the company and over time he ended up just

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Taking over the company more and more in the past founders were kind of moved out of the way they’re in the series a capital investment round he ended up putting 7.5 million dollars of his own personal funds in then when they did this series b he put a bunch more of his own money in and listened to some of the people he got in on his third round okay we’re talking

People like the google co-founders sergey brin and larry page the former ebay president jeff skoll and so some of these individuals he was able to get in on tesla early on it’s absolutely amazing okay so we had this tesla company which was almost doing like non-existent revenues back there and whatnot and he was building that and then little later on he ended up

Starting this company called space x okay spacex a lot of you guys probably know you’ve seen like the viral videos all over the internet whether it be instagram or whether it be on youtube i mean look at this video falcon heavy test flight has 25 million views and this is an amazing company doing some amazing things i mean the one of the most amazing things i ever

Saw was a few years ago when they actually landed one of those rockets on a barge in the middle of the ocean to me that was one of the most insane things i ever saw okay and he is the main shareholder with this company called spacex which a lot of people are talking about this company could become worth 120 billion dollars over the next few years which if it ever

Got to that level that would mean elon musk would be worth a ridiculous amount of money just based upon his ownership in spacex because if you’re talking ownership and spacex for elon musk he has about a fifty-four percent ownership in spacex which is actually much more than he actually has in tesla a lot of people think he owns you know the majority of tufts oh

That’s not true but he does own the majority of spacex which just recently was valued at about thirty three point three billion dollars go ahead and run some numbers on that and that means elon must stake is worth over seventeen billion dollars just in space x so some people think that elon must net worth is pretty much all just around tesla stock and it actually

Is not a ton of his wealth actually comes from a space x ownership and watch how that spacex evaluation will likely continue to climb in future years as long as they continue to execute their okay now he also has some other companies one being there’s a boring company where essentially they dig tunnels underground they have one going in my city right now of las

Vegas and in terms of what does that mean for his net worth it doesn’t mean that much as of right now but who knows maybe as that company it spans over time it will mean a lot more to his net worth okay now tesla stock okay this is where it starts getting really really interesting about how this guy has made so much money in such a short amount time and not a lot

Of people are talking about okay the stock has been in credible i mean it’s just been incredible just the past three months you look at the stock it goes from 200 something dollars a share to here today it’s like five 70 once five hundred and seventy two dollars a share tesla stock is trading at here today okay and everybody that is talking money-wise is talking

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About how you know tesla’s hit this over a hundred billion dollar valuation and you all must is likely gonna get a three hundred plus million dollar bonus okay so tesla stock just closed above a hundred billion dollar market capitalization for the first time on wednesday this starts the clock on elon musk receiving the first tier of a potentially massive payday

If the company’s stock price stays high enough to maintain that valuation for six months okay for six months 180 days he’ll unlock stock options that could net him three hundred and forty six million dollars so this is what everybody’s talking about oh my gosh if there’s you know tesla stock price can just stay above you know five hundred and fifty dollars a share

For the next six months elon musk is gonna get this three hundred forty six million dollar bonus and this is what i’ve seen from all the media outlets and although that’s cool three hundred and forty six million dollars is definitely cool know was talking about how this guy’s just made 12 billion dollars in last 90 days okay so if you’re wondering he is an insane

Compensation plan with tesla and has to do a lot with how the company does overtime some of its revenue numbers some of its adjusted even odd numbers and a lot of it is market capitalization okay now the hundred billion dollar number you know once again is about three hundred forty six million dollar bonus he’ll get as long as the market can stay above that for

About a six month span but things start getting real real interesting after you know two hundred billion or around two hundred billion then the estimated value of that tranche is worth like a 1.2 billion dollars and i mean i imagine if the the market cap ever got to a place where it’s you know a half billion plus like you know 650 billion dollar market cap if it

Ever got there for basically 180 days are longer that trunch and total would be worth nearly five point five billion dollars so we definitely are talking about some serious money there but just a 346 million dollar bonus like that’s nothing crazy okay but here’s what you got look at when it comes to elon musk he does have a pretty significant ownership in so it’s

Not crazy ownership like what he has in spacex where it’s our 54% but he does have about a 20% ownership and that ownership has been boosted over the last few years cuz he’s been buying a lot of the stock whenever the stock would get hurt really bad and go down to the hundreds or go down the 200s he was a buyer of the stock and so if we go back to just october if

We go back to just october of 2019 you know just like 90 days ago you know late october he was worth about nineteen point nine billion dollars you know an incredible number in here today his net worth is right around thirty two billion dollars so in a matter of 90 days elon musk net worth just climbed twelve billion dollars and that is incredible that’s one of the

Most insane things we’ve ever heard in the history of the financial world you don’t hear stories about somebody’s net worth just increased twelve billion dollars in a 90 day span i don’t know if i’ve ever heard that and if i have it’s probably only been jeff bezos who’s done some type of insane number in a 90 day span like that like that’s ridiculous and no one’s

Paying attention no-one’s talking about it and that to me is just incredible they’d rather talk about the three hundred forty six million dollar bonus and i’m over here i’m like you realize this guy’s networks just climbed twelve billion dollars in a three-month span right like does anybody paying attention that no okay no there are only three people in the world that

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Have net worth over a hundred million dollars right now do you know who those three people are okay one of them is obviously jeff bezos who’s the biggest direct shareholder of and he also has a big ownership stake in his rocket company which is called blue origin okay now his net worth would be higher but he got a divorce recently and i think they split

Money like i think it was 75% 25% so 25% of his net worth is now gone but even with that being the case he’s still the richest man in the world like that’s absolutely incredible okay the second person in the world that has a net worth over a hundred billion dollars is bill gates okay bill gates obviously you know co-founder of microsoft he’s given away a ridiculous

Amount of money throughout his life already to charity like philanthropy and things like that so the his his net worth would be higher than jeff bezos if he hadn’t already given away so much money throughout his life and you guys might have thought about those too jeff bezos and bill gates buy camels guarantee you you did not know this guy this next guy who’s also

Worth a hundred billion dollars plus as this guy named bernard are not the family whatever that is but essentially they own the louis vuitton or a maze company okay which includes companies like louie vuitton hennessy bulgari marc jacobs dior sephora and all those brands that your favorite rappers rap about which is absolutely incredible and if you’re asking me

Who are two people that i can think off the top of my head have a legit shot to get into that club over time the hundred billion dollar plus club let’s call them the twelve figure club okay wat to start a trophy system in my private stock group for the twelve figure club okay there are two people the lock is mark zuckerberg like they’ll probably be there within

Next year to one hundred billion plus dollars he’ll probably be the richest person in the world over time as facebook’s valuation continues to climb so he’s pretty much a heloc and they’re the person in my opinion is probably elon musk and even though he’s quite a ways away still i mean a thirty two billion dollar net worth is a long way from a hundred billion

Dollar net worth i think he’s got a decent probability because tesla as always tell us i can continue to innovate continue to execute and it’s a company that could get to a point someday where it has a market cap of hundreds of billions of dollars and you look at something like space x and that ends up getting to a place where it has let’s say 150 billion dollar

Mark cap on it 200 billion dollar market cap then we’re talking about elem us could be in a situation where his net worth climbed so much that he could end up getting into the 12th figure club so it’s absolutely incredible to me that you know if somebody could basically make 12 billion dollars in a matter of 90 days and no one even pays attention i think that’s

Just really cool and that’s just really interesting in general guys so i hope you enjoyed this video as always make sure you smash the thumbs up on and share this video out with somebody that might think it’s interesting on social media or through an email or whatever you want to do there guys thank you for watching and have a great day

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How Elon Musk Just Made $12,000,000,000 in a 90 Day Span! By Financial Education

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