How I Became So Frugal

I was able to save my way to financial independence. Granted it also helps to have a high engineering income. Frugality played a huge part and I was not always saving as aggressively as today.

How’s it going everybody this is beat the bush as you guys know i pretty much saved my way into retirement so today i’m gonna share with you how i became so frugal some of you have asked me how i became this way was i always like this what my parents pretty much had blue-collar type of jobs we didn’t have all that much money at home there’s four siblings total

Amongst us and basically my childhood years were over in hong kong now remember very clearly that at some point i got two dollars of allowance in hong kong dollars at the time you can buy one drink during recess so every single week i got about ten dollars now most of the time i would actually save this two dollars i would not buy the snack it’s not like a lunch or

Anything so i wasn’t really starving myself i just saved this two dollars and over many many weeks well eventually i had a hundred dollars just sitting there no one asked me to do it i was given that two dollars and no one told me oh you should save this and perhaps you can buy something bigger i just saved that two dollars and i might have bought a snack maybe once

Every 10-15 days or so just sort of kind of reward myself you know maybe i want to have something one day and then i just buy anyway so if you were to ask me who actually told me to do it i don’t think anyone did i just basically did it on my own now fast-forward to moving to california well my family who has never been you know all that much wealthy i remember in

High school there would be people that would go on ski trips and those were insanely expensive at the time for me because every single time you go it would be a hundred some dollars and just spending one hundred dollars on one single trip is just unimaginable at the time so those are the things i could never actually go on so i started getting a factory job pretty

Early on so at the time i was making seven dollars an hour and basically the whole paycheck i would just stuff it in and just save most of it however i tended to be a wealthier type of high school student not the not the most wealthy type because i had friends that would buy every single video game that would come out they just seemed to have every single thing

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Me on the other hand yeah the nintendo and stuff but at most i think we had about 10 games or so whereas you know i see other people had a lot more you know 30 50 or something just all laying around and at the time buying games was a big deal because it was still $50 every single game back then so this whole saving type of mindset has always been instilled in me

But i think what i’ve matured into is that when i was a kid i used to save for something i was saving to buy something big or i thought i had something big that i want to buy it there’s some toys i want to buy and i remember blowing my money off multiple times after saving a lot for example i would save thousands something dollars and i was still in high school

And i would buy a helicopter at the time i think it was spending $1300 or something on a remote-control helicopter i basically blew my whole savings into that thing later on i wouldn’t even have enough money to buy that porsche boxster for $20,000 although i was able to pay it off pretty quickly because i started working and i was able to pay it off in six months

What habits changes that these days i’m actually able to save up money and i wouldn’t be itching to get rid of it that is a huge factor because a lot of people they’re like oh i’m trying to save it up and then they have a goal in mind they want to buy a drone or something they want to buy a big-screen tv these days when i save it i’m like i don’t need any of that

I don’t want any of it so it’s just gonna sit there and it’s just going to help me generate cash to buy food basically for me so a lot of my siblings are not as frugal as i am i am the most frugal one out of all my siblings and i’m even more frugal than my parents are so because of this frugal ness i am the only sibling i’m the youngest one by the way that is not

Working so early on so ever since i started working i’ve become more more frugal i added new ways to become more frugal so of course i was able to save enough for a down payment of a house that heard it a lot because i was saving for years and then all of sudden you know although that is into a house and all of a sudden i was really broke i have no cushion at all

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I had to build up my cushion back up again as i’m working so i think a good portion of my frugal nough sprout a quarter of it has to do with this youtube channel as i’m making videos i get recommendations and i’m like trying new things just to bring you new ideas on how to be more frugal and then in turn i am absorbing these into my own life as well so it’s like

A work in progress it’s kind of like an art painting or something because you have something that you did it’s not quite perfect but then you can sort of rework bits and pieces of it this is exactly how it’s like with your bills you just look at your bills and then you start to whittle away at it you go yeah you know what i’m spending a little bit too much on

Electricity i’m gonna find ways to try to reduce it a little bit more and even now i’m trying to do so by cutting out some of my electrical power i’m thinking about using like a little self-contained solar array thing so that i can just draw power from that you know i can just turn on some lights with it i don’t have to run the whole house with it so as an experiment

To try to be less dependent on the electric bill so just to give you an idea of how unfree will i used to be and now that i have shifted into a you know a brand new even more crazily frugal type of mindset is that i used to go shopping at the mall yeah and you know this shirt included i bought at the mall and my budget used to be around $100 i would just go in the mall

Because i just thought that oh you know what i need to keep up with the fashion style i need to go to the mall and keep on buying brand new clothes so that i would look like i’m wearing brand new clothes all the time so for the longest time i was going to the mall every single month or so and then i spend maybe $100 or something and then i remember having a macy’s

Card and you know the bill would come i would pay it and it’s just like a cycle and then i accumulated a whole closet worth of clothes that i still have right now at some point after i started to work i’m like oh yeah you know i’m have a little bit more cash i can just go out to restaurants a lot more and sometimes you know maybe i want to go out to fancy restaurant

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Just like everyone else’s so then my budget for restaurants kind of ballooned up you know sometimes it was like 100 200 and then i would be comfortable i remember saying this to people that i would be comfortable if i spent around $500 every single month on restaurants alone now this amount sounds incredible because right now i’m able to drop my restaurant bill

Down to a hundred or less every single month so yes a lot of these habits has been partly due to me making these youtube videos and me being frugal in the public eye basically before this i was pretty frugal because after all i go shop around for gasoline and i try to get the lowest prices i also did try to have a very low-cost cellphone plan but generally i think

I was spending a lot more because i was making quite a bit as an engineer i just thought okay yeah you know as long as i’m saving fifty percent of my income i should reward myself a little bit because i did go to work and i’m like slaving away and i feel like i needed to reward myself it’s sort of like a justification because when i go you know you want to feel

Like you know you work for something i guess but these days it does not matter to me as much as like oh i can save 90% 100% even and i would be fine with that so thanks for watching everybody i hope you enjoyed how i became so frugal all along the way it came in steps definitely it’s not like you know right from the very beginning i’m like doing everything that

I’m doing today so all along my saving life it’s just kind of like gotten more and more frugal more and more efficient in how i use my money thanks for watching this video don’t forget to give me a like comment down below let me know how you became so frugal yourself if you are if you’re interested in supporting this channel check out my audible link down in the

Video description below where you can get a free audio book and you know like this audio book or this service you can cancel it before the subscription expires thing you can still keep this book for free and as always don’t forget to push that subscribe button and ring that bell icon thanks for watching these are why is this thumbnail so frugal i know this is ultimate rule as

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