How I Built 6 PASSIVE INCOME Streams By Age 26

A few years back, I made a video covering my 5 income streams that I created at age 23. Since then, some of these income streams are the same while others are completely different. In this video, I will be updating you guys on my current income streams. It is a mixture of investments that generate income for me as well as a number of different online income streams. Enjoy!

Now, this is actually a remake of a video that i did but that is why i have different revenue streams altogether, when i purchased it that needed to be completely redone. from a three unit to a four unit multi-family property. after making all of those upgrades to that cottage, and for tax purposes, that’s where i’m based out of, however, in addition to that, it’s

Important to remember so that’s really an additional $1,000 in my pocket of equity so the second income stream for myself is dividend income. and reallocating that money into different investments. as well as convenient store operations in the northeast. is because of their new alltown fresh convenient stores, every single year amounting to roughly $5,000 annually.

Into dividend stocks and most likely increasing my position becoming a more substantial part of my overall income could honestly stop your channel from being shown to others. so i actually can’t disclose those details right now, however, this revenue stream has grown tremendously so back in 2018, one of my key steps in diversifying and honestly, guys, this year, 2021,

Was absolutely insane and there were multiple times when we didn’t even know we’ve been able to really compete in the finance space we do reviews and comparison content, things of that nature. for myself back in 2018 to a much larger and substantial one is another youtube channel that i also own a part of. and make sure we had many different forms of content of our best

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Performing articles and turned them into videos. now, while this channel only gets about 1,000 views per day, not to mention most of the revenue from this channel and here we have the investing simple channel itself here, as you can see, it only has just under 4,000 subscribers. now, when you factor in the affiliate revenue as well, this is a blog that i launched myself

At the end of 2020. so this blog is totally related to investing in farmland and reviews many of the different online farmland investing there’s going to be a link down in the description below but it does has so far been a pretty decent revenue stream. and it takes a lot of my time away from my businesses, but what i can tell you is that i invested about $100,000 so now,

That investment is collectively worth just shy where i go through my different startup investments see you in the next video.

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How I Built 6 PASSIVE INCOME Streams By Age 26 By Ryan Scribner

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