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How’s it going everybody this is beat the bush do you find it really hard to not buy anything whenever you walk into those big-box retailers source for me i used to walk into the stores and i would come out with a handful of items not the worst offender but over the years i find myself being able to walk into one of those stores and walk out even empty-handed

Most the time whenever i buy stuff it might only reduce to only groceries where i would absolutely consume everything so that i would essentially not have anything left over at the end i realize that this might actually be a teachable skill so what i’m gonna do today is go through the layout of a big-box retailer store and sort of replay what goes through my head

Whenever i go through each section of the store hopefully this will help you in terms of whenever you go to the store yourself you’ll be able to just as easily repel the temptation to buy all these things just as easily as i have but first i’m gonna go through some of this stuff that was sent to me the first thing is from boondocks this came from canada they

Make high quality leather goods boondocks leather check this out over here it only fits on the very last buckle for me over here thank you boondocks for sending this to me next up is i got these books sent to me am i doing what i do because i love it or only because i have to pay my bills so this sounds like one of those early retirement books i’m all

For it next up is this book called personal finance and the bible by neal coleman bridge here’s a close-up of it thank you for sending these books for me when i have time i will try to read these now logistically wise i thought long and hard about how to do this video i really wanted to bring you guys along with me on a shopping trip to an actual store and show

You everything and just kind of talk through it and tell you guys what i think of each product as i see them but there are logistical issues with this because i cannot actually record inside a store especially when i am advocating not buying anything from that store it’s a little bit different when you go to a store and you go oh yeah you know this is so cool and

Stuff and just sort of advertise for the store seeing good things about it then the store would kind of turn a blind eye to it but then when i’m making a video where i essentially say don’t buy anything well this is like negative publicity this is sort of like putting down all these different brands so in this video i actually will not name any particular brand if

I can help it i’m just going to talk about things generically and you can kind of have a feel for what i’m actually talking about anyway so with that said i’m gonna begin first i have the layout of a big-box retailer store printed out over here so i can just go through each and every single section of the store first you walk in a store and you see photos now when

Was the last time you needed to print any photos out for me i feel like all the photos that i printed out before they just you know sit around in a big stack you don’t really need to print a hundred photos and just kind of have them around to flip through it or anything all the times these days you can just have them digitally stored somewhere and you can view

Them just as well now you can still print a few of them out you know a ten of them right twenty-nine cents each it will cost you like couple dollar so you know in that sense you want to display it on your wall that’s fine and all but for people that keeps on printing out stacks and stacks of albums i think this is not necessary you do not really need to print out

That many photos so for this reason i most of time pass by the photo section i don’t really need to ever print a photo even next up is food service okay a lot of times these stores have various little drinks that you can buy you don’t need any of that if you’re gonna get thirsty or anything bring a bottle water with you before you go on a big shopping trip the

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Stuff that they sell usually it’s like pizza hot dogs it’s all terrible for you whenever i look at it i’m like yeah i’m not gonna eat any of that next up is a bunch of jewelry accessories activewear boys girls lingerie well suffice to say that you know none of those things are for me so i wouldn’t buy any of it jewelry wise yeah maybe they have men’s stuff but

You can see on my hands i have no rings no watches even this is just a basic thing for me personally and i don’t even wear a necklace just because i jump up down sometimes and i realize that whenever i have a necklace sometimes they would just fly up and hit my teeth for watches wise i like to work on things and whenever i work on things that might be mechanical

Or something like that i find that whenever i do wear a watch i tend to ding it up it would scratch easily and it would even fall off so for these personal reasons i don’t wear any kind of jewelry and because of my preference to not want to wear anything jewelry i don’t need to visit the jewelry section or spend any money buying jewelry at all even for my own

Section men’s wear section i don’t buy anything from that why because over the past 10 years or something i’ve been shopping and i’ve have a huge cache of clothes already and basically i’m just wearing everything out and then when they do where i throw toss them away i haven’t really bought any new clothes in a really long time things that you see me wearing over

Here i think i spent like i forget how much like twenty thirty dollars on this sport coat and this shirt was basically free i have videos on how to get those clothes for free is basically using their store credit card to my advantage the jeans you see me wear here i think i paid $15 or something i bought it maybe two years ago so in terms of clothing i have no need

For as well so this is getting a whole nother section that i haven’t purchased a lot in you might wonder a whoa what about underwear and socks and you know other kinds of things well i’ve been basically wearing whatever i have left wearing them out and just kind of tossing the stuff that has holes in it what i do have left is pretty minimal and you know i’m fine

With having less number of pairs of underwear basically next up is borning goods over the years i’ve had many many different kinds of sporting goods and in the garage i have a pair of inline skates i have snowboarding i have golfing i have a pair of bowling shoes just so much sporting goods i feel like i’ve gone through so much of it that i don’t really want to

Accumulate anymore in fact i want to get rid of my sporting goods even so whenever i look at the sporting goods section i’m like oh my gosh not again i’m not gonna try to accumulate more i’m trying to get rid of it so then the way i look at the sporting goods section is like you know i better be very into this whatever hobby whatever sport it is before actually

Buy more into it i have enough toys and games occasionally i might go buy toys and games maybe a nerf gun or something but generally i have no need for it the whole mentality with all of this the reason why i’m able to repel buying so much goods is whatever i have i am happy with the amount of stuff i have already in fact i’m trying to reduce the stuff i have i

Am happy with the amount of board games i have another word on consoles in general consoles in my past i mean i’ve had plenty of different consoles and what i realized that i spent a lot of time playing those games and yet i get very little things that i’ve actually learned from and certainly does not earn me any money these days when you are grown up you need to

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Spend more of your time to earn money basically i feel like video games it’s a pure entertainment type of thing you need to limit the amount of time you spend doing it to i don’t know an hour a day or something or even less why do i say so because there are a lot of other things much more fulfilling to do then play video games now there’s a whole nother section in

These big box stores that i always wanted to talk about on camera which is cleaning supplies usually whenever you walk in there might be like 2 or 3 hours worth of cleaning supplies and whenever i see those things i’m like i don’t need to buy any of it in fact i have a huge cache of it at home and i don’t even use those because whenever you use them it generates an

Aerosol eyes spray it becomes in the atmosphere and then you end up breathing it in this is definitely not very good for you so most of time whenever i clean things i just use water use a little bit of vinegar perhaps i might make my own window cleaner and also to remove type of oily stains i might use some sort of wipes or something like that but generally are

You so little of it that i don’t need to buy any cleaning supplies and i haven’t so for very very long time couple years already where i completely walk past the cleaning supplies and i don’t have to buy any of it though mystics i don’t know what that means is this like home goods or something i think that means home goods i generally you can see around my place

That i don’t have very many home type of decorations the main reason for this is i don’t want to clean any of it usually when it’s like kind of fancy schmancy type of leafy type of things right it has these decorations if you have those laying around it collects a lot of dust and i don’t want to buy things that collects a lot of dust so you know it’s very spartan

Looking so it makes things a lot cleaner around here pet care i don’t have a pet mainly because i know that i want to travel and if i go anywhere i need to leave the pet with someone else this causes a barrier for me and i’ve taken care of pets before and generally i really hated it because every single day it’s always like i have to pick up after their number two

And when i took care of a pet for a week it feels like every single day i have to pick up who it’s just certainly something i’m not looking to do currently but i know that it will be rewarding enough in the future it just doesn’t work so well if you’re trying to travel there’s home improvement stuff generally for these big box stores the type of tools that they

Offer is certainly on the lower grade side if you want good grade quality maybe you have to go to a proper home improvement store or maybe buy online so generally i avoid the tools that they sell at one of these stores where it combines everything tableware i mean i have too much tableware actually once you buy a set it generally lasts forever unless you’re trying

To like bend a fork or something until it breaks if you take care of your tableware you’re not gonna lose any i don’t see why they would actually you know deteriorate even because you got your silverware right you have it there all my bowls been lasting me many many years i basically don’t need any of it unless you’re the type that wants fancy smancy new looking

Tableware you want the full set you want modern looking so you end up having whatever you have okay it might be mixing pieces of stuff and then you go you know this won’t do you toss all of this aside and then you buy new tableware this is the instance where you would actually spend extra but if you’re okay with what you already have then you discard all this idea

That you need to actually buy brand new tableware so this is the position i am in where you know i’m okay with whatever i already have you have furniture i don’t have much furniture in fact i’m trying to get rid of some of these stools that i have over there once you have furniture you don’t actually need to buy new ones just take care of the stuff that you have

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I know my couches over here i mean they’re getting a little older but you know i can clean them up and stuff i had them up for a few years as you guys know from me sitting on this you know making videos on these chairs for a few years now another one is as small electrics here now they have coffee machines that you can buy currently i make my coffee manually i

Don’t even have a coffee machine i just boil some water in the microwave in a borosilicate measuring cup and then i have grounded coffee that i ground by hand and i put it in there i do all this manually and i don’t have a coffee maker even and i still am able to make coffee it’s sort of like a meditative thing for me and you know i feel no need to buy a coffee

Machine there are cosmetics i know nothing about cosmetics i know nothing about how you can save money on that so maybe leave this for the women youtubers out there groceries i find that at these bigger stores sometimes they might be cheaper sometimes it might not but generally i buy most my groceries from sprouts i go there instead automotive section basically

The only thing i ever buy from there is motor oil and then you have your electronics electronics is like an endless pit over here because there’s always brand-new stuff that you can buy i personally need to buy a few electronic items mainly to make these videos i know they have brand new tiny little gimbal cameras right now they always have the brand new action

Cameras where it has you know better stabilization what not generally i think super long and hard about those things and i certainly would not go in and you know once i see that item and i just buy it at the spur of the moment this is completely off the table for me so i hope this was interesting for you guys because this is the mentality i have where basically

I go through the whole store and i go i have this i have that or i have something very equivalent or i’m able to do something equivalent for example the coffee machine and therefore i don’t need to buy a dedicated coffee machine when i’m trying to reduce the amount of stuff i have i look at each thing and i’m like okay if i buy this i’m gonna eventually have to

Get rid of it somehow if i want to reduce the total amount of stuff that i already have when i do buy stuff i am more easygoing for the things that i can actually consume completely and at the end of its consumption i will have nothing left over so therefore i buy things like groceries buy things like fruits and vegetables a lot easier from these big-box retailer

Stores so there you have it if you’re able to walk in a store and walk out with nothing in hand why would you actually need to go to a store i generally go to do some research i go to look at what’s available on the market if there is something that is a good deal in terms of food and this mentality has allowed me to not spend very much money even if i go to other

Kinds of store electronic stores liquor stores any kind of store you know this type of mentality works as well thanks for watching this video don’t forget to give me a like on this video comment down below let me know if this helps you in reducing the amount of stuff that you pick up accidentally when you go to a store if you’re interested in supporting this channel

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