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Getting your grocery budget under control is tough to master — but once you figure it out, the difference in your spending and saving is tangible. Want more life tips? Check out this Making It Work on how to become an adult:

Making it work is brought to you by wealth simple which gives everyone access to simple affordable investing on cruise control everyone has strategies to make their groceries cheaper if you’re a coupon clipper a person who shops in bulk or a person who chooses vegetarian meals to avoid expensive meat you know some of the biggest tricks for grocery shopping well but

It seems that while some people benefit from these suggestions others don’t coupons just aren’t their style or there’s no wholesale club nearby or they simply don’t want to give up meat my challenge to myself was a big cart before the horse i told myself that i wanted to cut my grocery budget in half without providing a single way to do so i also wanted to continue

The healthy eating habits we’d set for ourselves after completing the whole xxx diet earlier this year i don’t know if this goal first methods later approach would work for others but this is how it ended up looking in my life by the numbers my husband i spent an average of four hundred thirty dollars a month on groceries before the challenge we needed to get the

Grocery budget down to two hundred and fifteen dollars i succeeded it came in a few bucks under even but not without really examining the way i shop for food looking at the list of suggested foods in my grocery store shopping plan application on my phone i was able to identify some specific things we no longer bought including alcohol a reduction from a bottle of

Wine or a six-pack every week to every other week for the month buying less alcohol at home saved us thirty four dollars meat we still bought this but i didn’t add it to every meal and i tried to stretch me more than i had in the past i tried to use eggs more often since the serving of them was cheaper than a serving of meat in most recipes this was a reduction of


About twenty-five dollars but i did use frozen meat from before this month a couple of times bread and snacks i loved eating bread but i realized that we had plenty of rice quinoa and lentils and the pantry gathering dust that we could use instead of bread almost everywhere in our meals i also find that if i don’t have snacks in the house i just don’t eat as much

Between meals so that was a more zero-sum game no more pretzel crisps sadly for this month a total reduction of 17 dollars as you can see this didn’t add up we didn’t get enough savings from simply cutting things to make the $215 happen instead i tried a bunch of mental tricks on myself number one i used an online shopping cart i really hate picking something up in

A store only to end up putting it back on the shelf however i have no problem adding something to my online cart and then deleting it so my shopping planning app was essential before any trip to the store the prices of things were right there so i could did there about whether i wanted something or not look back at recipes i wanted to use that week and invariably

Put some things back on the shelf before even entering the store number two i had caveats once i was able to plan most of my purchases i planned the things i wasn’t sure about in a different way i knew that i ate too much cheese and my grocery often has half priced fancier cheeses available so i ended up listing check for half-price fancy cheese if there is one on

Half-price sale i can get it but if not i will get no cheese at all number three i left some wiggle room in my list instead of specific ingredients i would write to salad veggies or to stir-fry veggies or pick up a starch if potatoes sweet potatoes pasta or quinoa is on sale i can choose that or if there are some bell peppers in the less pretty veggie tray on sale

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I have the flexibility to choose those i always have a plan but there’s wiggle room in it number four i made a few rules that helped me avoid some of the biggest temptations toward higher spending for instance i’m not allowed to purchase nuts given their astronomical cost lately i can’t purchase meat that costs more than a dollar fifty proportion etc these rules

Don’t work for everyone but you may note that you often repeat the same impulse purchases i often buy premade frozen foods that are just a little bit on sale as just in case options so having a rule against them for the month helped me to avoid things that normally pull me in number five i 100% cheated i still advocate for just using things you already have which

Is technically cheating for the past month i raided the pantry for cans of soup and packages of pasta and anything else that could make a meal it meant i didn’t get quite as many fresh veggies as was ideal still did okay though since we’ve got a bonkers quantity of salad greens in our garden another excellent grocery spending cheat however canned goods and other

Staples go bad eventually so i turned the extreme frugality into a time to rotate out some of those items before they went bad this obviously isn’t a cheat you can use if you’re eating through your cupboards every month that might be a sign that you aren’t buying too much food but instead buying food that is too expensive or you’re already as frugal as possible i

Think our problem is that when we see something that we might use on sale we get it and then save it forever we needed to stop that for a while and i’m betting some of you could stand to do so too all in all i’m glad i survived the grocery bill challenge i want to both keep our spending lower than our previous four hundred thirty dollars in the future as well as do

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This more extreme challenge again at some point just to get creative again spending less on budget categories like groceries may be a lot easier when you have a specific goal in mind for that money you end up saving and with a company like wok simple you can use that savings to finally start investing in the future you want wealth simple is online investing that’s

As simple and human as it gets in just five minutes they’ll build you a custom portfolio to fit your personal goals and timeline just answer a few easy questions and they’ll manage your money for you on autopilot set it forget it and let your money grow in the background you can turn on automatic deposits as well as set up a smart savings account with higher rates

Than big banks for your shorter term goals you’re writing your next great adventure or that handbag you need they also have a socially responsible portfolio that invests in green stocks and companies that support gender diversity the fees are much lower than big banks and tfd viewers will get their first $10,000 managed for free with no minimum deposit check them

Out at wealth simple calm slash tfd or use the link in our description there are no account minimums and it only takes a few minutes to start no excuses

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