How I Earned 4 in 10 Seconds [Hint: Discover It Card]

Get $100 statement credit after your first purchase within 3 months.

How’s it going everybody this is beat the bush today i’m gonna show you the discover five percent paypal hack this method is not for everyone but if you’re interested in making 32 dollars in a few short clicks then watch this video let me begin by saying that discover is one of the easiest credit cards to get you don’t need a very high credit score to obtain this

Since i’m releasing this video right on the last day of september you get five percent cash back off of restaurants and paypal which is q3 this quarter and it’s gonna end in one day that’s why i’m making this video next quarter from october 1st to december 31st in 2021 you’re gonna get five percent off of amazon walmart and all of these are online places

If you’re interested in this credit card you can get a hundred dollars in statement credit just for signing up and spending it just one single time check out my referral link down in the video description below if you’re interested now if you already have this discover credit card and you’ve been using the restaurants and paypal five percent cash back and you didn’t

Really use it all the way up to the limit of fifteen hundred dollars well there’s a way to calculate how much you can transfer in order to reap the rest of those rewards in cash back before i get into the nitty-gritty of how to do this let me just say that the basics is paypal charges a 2.9 fee roughly and if discover is gonna give you five percent cash back it

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Means you’re gonna make about two point one percent and two point one percent of fifteen hundred dollars is around thirty two dollars so this requires you to have two paypal accounts and i don’t recommend to use two different accounts or you know if you have a friend that have an account and you do an exchange because the irs might look at that as income once you

Transfer this and they’ll see hey why do you have fifteen hundred dollars coming in this is some kind of income so you’re going to have to pay taxes on it well if you transfer it from you to yourself then this is not considered income but the gotcha here is paypal might not like this because you’re transferring from your account to your account so you know your

Mileage may vary and to me it has worked multiple times already and some people have gotten in trouble remember this though if you transfer like ten thousand dollars it might be considered money laundering but i think uh based on my experience transferring fifteen hundred dollars is no big deal it’s a small enough amount that it just kind of slips under paypal’s

Radar and you know it just kind of it kind of goes through so remember this there’s a danger in doing this transfer here so you know do it at your own risk if you choose to do this five percent of fifteen hundred dollars is seventy five dollars possible in cash back i subtract the 2867 here discover automatically shows you how much of the cashback you’ve already

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Obtained it comes out to be 46.33 in order to figure out how much you can spend still you divide this by 0.05 which is 5 uh it comes out to be 926.6 now the paypal transfer fee is 2.9 plus 30 cents so to work backwards from this you subtract 30 cents it becomes and 30 cents divided by 1.029 which is the 2.9 percent it comes out to be 900.19 you go and transfer

This from paypal from one of your paypal accounts to if you happen to have a second paypal account then you’re going to add on the 2.9 percent and 30 cent fee it’s going to come back out to 926.60 which is the number we initially calculated now let’s take a look at what you would get if you happen to not spend this fifteen hundred dollars at all you didn’t take

Advantage of any of this restaurant or paypal categories in your discover credit card so we start with fifteen hundred dollars subtract point three cents and then divide it by one point two nine you get one thousand four hundred fifty seven dollars and forty three cents we look at how much paypal fees you have to pay which is two point nine percent plus three cents

This works out to be 42 dollars and 57 cents in the discovery credit card you’re going to get 75 cash back but if you subtract the fees you’re gonna get 32.43 like i said initially it is about 32 dollars now in the end you’re gonna have about fifteen hundred dollars of charges on your discover or credit card if you know about the low balance cancellation little

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Trick thing or discover credit cards is essentially you’ll get low balance cancelled about two dollars or less it’s not dollar ninety nine it’s actually two dollars so if you pay 1498 dollars before the statement date the two dollars that’s remaining when you get the statement it’ll say oh you owe two dollars it’s not going to say you owe two dollars it’s gonna

Say you owe zero dollars because they’re going to do a slight small credit adjustment because it’s a small charge and it’s going to zero it out so you end up paying 1 498 dollars instead of the 1500 i hope you guys enjoyed this video it’s just a really quick one and if you’re interested in doing this you got to do it before september 30th you probably only have

One or two days left before i release this video so go get that free money 32 dollars plus two so it’s 34 right there don’t forget to give me a like over here and subscribe for more thanks for watching you

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How I Earned $34 in 10 Seconds [Hint: Discover It Card] By BeatTheBush

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