How I Exited The Rat Race and Thrived

I quit my job about 2 months ago and I expected my Networth to stagnate. One month later, to my surprise, it actually increased. Thinking that it was a fluke, I waited another month and I am in wonderment how my Networth can increase MORE than when I was employed. This is an interesting phenomenon because I always had a hunch that if I used the extra time not going to my day job to try to earn money in other ways, I would eventually make more than my day job. I of course did not expect to see my Networth rise more than when I was working. Even though it did the last two months, I have always been a bit skeptical on extrapolating it further. So do not be surprised in a later video where my rate of increase slows down. I am fully expecting this.

How’s it goin everybody this is beat the bush from time to time i like to cover a little bit about my net worth generally most of time nothing all that interesting happens but recently something interesting did happen my last video on my networks basically talked about how i quit my job however my net worth kept on going up now i did not see how much did it go up

But today i’m gonna review a little bit about that given the fact that my residual income my youtube income all of these together basically is a lot less than my engineering job you would think that my net worth would stagnate so i ended my job about two and a half months ago and basically one full month after i checked my net worth and i’m like oh wow it kept on

Going up for some reason what i thought at the time is oh well you know it’s probably because of all these new activities i’m doing i’m like selling a lot more on ebay i’m turning a lot more credit card so i do get a bit of cash back however i do not count airline miles as you know part of my net worth airline miles just gets separated so during my first full month

Of not having a job my net worth actually increased more than while i was working this is like mind-boggling for me first let me cover what i consider net worth which is including residents including all assets – all debts so what you can do for your home is kind of look around what your home value is worth for comparable homes and then subtract out the mortgage

Balance that you have on that home that is your equity in your home and if you sell it one day you know if i sell it one day then yes that is the amount that you would get – you know some fees and possibly some taxes on top of your network you would add any cash you have any kind of brokerage investment account that’s not in retirement and also roth iras retirement

Accounts anything of value including you know i just bought a gold coin so yes you would add the value of that gold coin to it now check out my super favorite chart over here of my net worth i’ve done this over the past eight years now where i check roughly every single month what my net worth is and you can see some time in 2014 it started skyrocket basically home

Value had a lot to do with it because it increased my net worth a lot however recently home values are not really increasing all that much it pretty much stagnated throughout 2017 so because of this fact it makes the last two months of my net worth gains all that much more impressive because it did not really add in the home prices at all it was like other things


That increased my net worth so back in the day around 2014 or so i was sitting around looking at the net worth because i’ve been calculating and looking at it and i look at it and you know i guess i was feeling a little smug about it too i’m like yeah this is great you know i’m doing well i can see it increasing you know exponentially it’s not like a linear thing

You know i’m putting all my effort into it i’m like okay what can i do to reduce my expenses what can i do to increase my income so after several years i came to believe that my net worth is going to increase exponentially and i drew an exponential line through all of this and i calculated that yeah it’s increasing for about a twenty seven percent compounded annual

Growth rate over here and you can see the other the smooth line over there is the twenty seven percent compounded annual growth rate and well the last about nine months or so you can see that it did not really keep pace i’m actually not too sad that it’s not keeping pace with this twenty seven percent compounded annual growth rate mainly because i thought that was

Crazy i always doubted it from you know at least three years ago and i’m just really happy that it actually kept pace for three additional years so i guess as long as it goes linearly from now on i would be pretty happy because i’m in a you know pretty happy area right now where i do not actually have to go to work i have enough residual income enough income from

Youtube to kind of sustain myself and and then a little bit more so you might wonder a little bit how i get the price of the home long ago i just decided to pull the number off of zillow you just find your own place and you know just take that z estimate value over there you can go around looking at all the flyers of comparable homes i figured that’s way too much

Work i just rather take some automatic number because i don’t want to do an estimation of this home every single time i do a net worth calculation every single month so i know this is going to be and sometimes it might be inflated sometimes it might be deflated maybe you know it’s really high maybe it’s really low you know plus minus 10% is all right with me so

What i tribute to all these gains is basically not working when i’m not working i actually have so much more free time and you know you see this on this video on other videos as well that i’m doing all kinds of stuff that i would not normally do when i’m working i just have so much time that i can put some of this time towards earning more money in you know a lot

Of different ways i’ve sped up my ebay i do a lot more you know right here is just another package already i think the volume is about 2 to 3 x as much as when i’m working so right there’s a little bit more income of course i do note that it’s not sustainable because you cannot go around selling all your stuff for money because eventually you’ll end up with you

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Know nothing left at your home but in my case i’m trying to get rid of my stuff i just have way too much things and it’s a positive for me because i can get money out of it and also at the same time i can reduce the number of things i have another contributing factor is my bitcoin investment now it must have been me not going to my regular job that caused me to

Have extra time to research into this because without it i probably would not do it as soon with that extra free time i’m like okay you know let me look into this let me start some account and i’ve been starting a lot of different accounts left and right and it’s this extra time of kind of applying myself to new income sources that is kind of adding a little bit at

A time on top of you know my meager income that i think i’m getting right now in comparison to an engineering job of course but because of all this activity i do think that eventually it’s going to climb up enough and right now in the last two months it has already in terms of net worth that it probably would surpass my regular engineering income eventually on the

Horizon i have two new investment opportunities that i am very very bullish in that i like to talk about now i already bought into this i don’t like to buy into things without talking about it very much until i have the whole sum that i think i’m gonna be holding then i go and you know make a video about it and you know talk about why i’m so bullish why i like this

Stock and why i’m holding on to it i just kind of like to do things watch it for a little while and then you know if i feel comfortable i’ll announce what particular things are in my investment portfolio so now let’s look at a zoomed in version of the last few months every single dot over here represent one single month but the fourth dot from the right over here

Is just you know additional sampling that i did i just did another net worth calculation in the middle of the month that’s why you see an extra dot over there sometimes you see huge dips that’s really really big mainly i think these are mainly from big dips in zillow calculations sometimes they have these wild fluctuations and i don’t know why but i just chose to

Take whatever it says and plop it into my network calculation it’s a good enough measure that i’m okay with so right around the fifth dot from the right and everything to the left of that is when i still had my job and you can see ok i’m accumulating money i’m getting my paycheck and all and i’m putting most of this into my savings but you got a note at that time i

Also had youtube income i also had investment income i had all this stuff set up already so it’s still a little puzzling to me i’m looking at it and i’m still like not too sure why i’m you know like it comes like every little source that contributes to it increase a little bit and you know the the final final number is this network number and somehow you look at

The slope at the last two or three dots and the second to the right dot oh my gosh some somehow it just jumped up i quit my job and the slope you know it’s going like this quit my job and it goes boom so okay so by this logic i probably shoulda quit sooner or maybe you know instead of hanging around at home making and making these youtube videos i should really

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Go on vacation or something and maybe my net worth will go up even more so what’s the moral of this story here when you quit your job you have a lot more time i had a lot more time i used this time to make more money i used the skills i learned on how to make more money online investments every other way i take the time and i hustle with it i go you know what can

I do today i can make these videos i can do sponsorship content i can research into investment opportunities like i said i found two new investment opportunities already going forward and this full-time force of trying to earn money for myself in various different ways is a force to be reckoned with and i’m not just talking about myself i think anybody that has

As much time as i do after they quit their job they’re likely gonna be able to find other ways to make a lot of money as well now is it hard to take that leap of faith i certainly could not take that leap of faith myself if suddenly you ask me to quit my job while at the same time i mean no side income at all and then you just tell me to kind of trust in yourself

And you’ll make something you’ll make enough eventually then i probably would be very antsy about that i would refuse to do that because i’ve heard about it before long time ago i went out to eat with some co-workers we went to this little hotdog stand in san jose there’s this guy that used to be an engineer and he made started his own hotdog stand i think it’s

A sausage stand and he used to work at i don’t know broadcom or something like that and you know he just quit picked things up and started his own very successful sausage thing and then you look at that and you’re like wow you know i wish i had the guts to do that that’s what i thought at the time i wish i had the guts to do that i guess at some point i’m like

Well you know i need to do something i need to hustle i need to you know make a little bit somehow how can i make a penny how can i make ten cents how can i make one dollar outside of work okay do it anyway you can do it in a sustainable manner do it in a scalable manner i hope you guys enjoyed this video and this update on my net worth don’t forget to give me a

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