How I Get 39% Off Any Restaurant

Get $200 with a $500 spending in 3 months on Chase:

How’s it going everybody this is vito bush today i’m gonna cover how i get 39% off of any restaurant at all now before i begin hit that like button it really helps me out a lot and if you’re interested in getting more of these money-saving tips push that subscribe button and ring that bell icon today i’m gonna show you how i personally get 39 percent off of all

Restaurants there are criterias in order to get into this mode you just can’t be anybody and just go hey i won 39 percent off you can’t walk in the restaurant and ask for this now most of these tricks i talk about it’s no trick at all it’s just a little bit of financial finesse with that said the first thing you can do is get four percent off of restaurants this

Requires you to sign up for an uber visa card now there’s something very special about this and i’m not just trying to sell you a credit card over here because you know i don’t have a referral link for this credit card i’m just talking about this card because it’s a way for me to get thirty nine percent off of all restaurants and i would regard it as one of the

Better cards if you go out to eat at restaurants at all four percent off of restaurants takeouts bars and uber eats three percent off of the airfares hotels vacation rentals and the most important is airbnb because some cards they say three percent cash back on travel but it may not include airbnb s two percent all online purchases which i don’t think is that great

Ideal because you have a citi double cash card which gives two percent back on basically everything including uber video and music streaming that it says it will do there’s also one percent off of everything else which is pretty standard and you also get a $600 mobile phone damage and theft protection this only applies if you pay your mobile phone bill with this

Car you guys know i signed up for the mint mobile plan so i only paid a lump sum for a full six month of coverage i’m not gonna get a monthly bill so therefore this $600 damage and theft protection does not really apply to me and i’m ok with that so there you go you get a four percent cashback on restaurants already this is no annual fee and you can keep on doing

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This forever and ever now for this uber card it’s very important because you can also get the no foreign transaction fees what does this mean it means if you go international travel you can still reap in this reward of thirty nine percent off of all restaurants this is important because my knicks best card which is a capital one quicksilver it has one point five

Percent and no foreign transaction fee this one has no foreign transaction fee and 4% restaurant so you can go internationally and usually when you’re traveling you go to restaurants a lot more so this is very important in reaping 4% instead of some other lower tier of cashback now today i’m only going to concentrate on the restaurant part because you get the most

Cashback of 4% so far i only talk about 4% right so where does the remaining 35% off of restaurants come from 20% comes from your cashback if you sign up for this card and you get $100 cash back if you spend $500 now $100 off of a $500 spend means you get about 20% off right there you got to do all this within 90 days but i am okay with this i just went on the uber

App and i signed up for this thing within about five minutes or so so it’s relatively painless if you have a pretty high credit score you just go in there phone apply for this thing and then bam right there it’s in the mail you got it and some of you might argue oh you just signed up for some credit card signup bonus you can actually apply the bonus for anything

That you say yes it’s true you might also say this is not repeatable you cannot keep on doing this but for me personally i’ve been doing this for years and years i just keep on applying for credit cards applying the bonus to whatever i want if you think you’re gonna run out you’re not because the next card i can sign up for is a chase freedom unlimited once i’m

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Done spending $500 on that signup bonus i can go for the wells fargo cash wise card which is another $150 off of a $500 spending and yet after that i can sign up for the chase freedom these cards just keeps on going on and on and on especially if you’re in the united states it’s very very easy to get $100 cash back on a $500 initial spend so i can spend $500 right

Here for the next 90 days and all of this so far i talked about it’s about 24 percent off where does the next 15 percent come from this largely resides on writing off your expenses this is why small business owners are in such a big advantage right now the way the tax system works is that you can expense any kind of business meals at 50% rate so whatever you earn

Let’s say you do a small resale business on ebay and you earn only $1,000 well if you spend that $1,000 on business meals because you have to go out and then you go talk to other people about potential ways you can make more money on ebay or you can just you know kind of make it into a business meal make sure that you do some kind of business while you’re on this

Meal and as a result you can write this off at 50 percent so normally let’s say you made a thousand dollars on ebay and you have to pay taxes on this right right off of there you have to pay uncle sam three hundred dollars instead of paying uncle sam three hundred dollars you go and use it in various ways that you would anyway just go on business meals maybe you

Really want to go to that restaurant anyway go to some fancy michelin star restaurant where it’s like two hundred dollars a person or something and this is money that you would spend anyway right so once you write it off this one thousand dollars of restaurant spending you can write off five hundred dollars worth of it this means is effectively another 15 percent

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Off off of your restaurant bill so four percent cashback on the credit card you have another $100 off of the initial $500 span which is another 20 percent and then you have the business write-off which is another 15 percent so grand total thirty nine percent so this highlights a point that if you make some sort of legitimate side income you can actually pretend that

You don’t have to pay any taxes on it so this makes it even more worthwhile because any one thousand dollars of profit that you make this is pretty reasonable in terms of you know you do a couple hours a week and then you can make a little profit maybe only make fifty dollars a week and you think you have to pay thirty percent but no you can cut it down greatly

With business expenses so finally let me highlight the point that to maximize your cashback you should really try to not spend it on other categories like airfare you can do that on other credit cards the 4% on this one it’s very unique to this uber credit card so my recommendation is if you normally spend a couple hundred dollars every single month it might be

Pretty easy to fill up this five hundred dollar requirement take this card everywhere you go and mixture to always use it for restaurants and tie-in those meals with business expenses thanks for watching this video don’t forget to give me a like comment down below let me know what you think of this churning slash business expense thing and as always don’t forget

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