How I got a Credit Score over 700!

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How did i get a phenomenal credit score over 700 today i’m gonna share with you guys the istep i went through to get my credit score to over a 700 guys i cannot wait the shows with you guys today so diddy subscribers thank you so much for joining me today i am jeremy this is a financial education channel in today we’re talking about how i went through to get

Us credit score over 700 guys my credit score was not always like that and today i’m gonna take you through basically the five steps on how i got to that place guys and why did the credit score even matter what the credit score and credit score is basically how i like to think about it is if you’re a report card for basically anything you’ve gotten loan wise in

The past and i have you made your payments on time those kinds of things now credit score in my opinion there’s way too much emphasis made on it by the banks and whatnot i mean credit score matters so much and getting along guys it is amazing how much a credit score matters personally i think they should have judge more off of asset and income and things like

That and how safe is your income those kinds of things because those are really going to determine whether you pay back that loan you take out or you borrow something on credit that’s what’s really going to determine that you know i would rather have someone come to me with a five hundred credit score if they have let’s say million dollars in assets and a hyundai

Making $100,000 a year rather someone come to me with a 750 credit score and maybe they’re making forty ten year maybe they have 40k in the bank i you know i would rather go with a guy that has a lot more in assets and a lot more in income and those kinds of things but neither would say that’s not the way it works guys credit score is so freakin important it’s more

Important than anything when getting a loan even more important than income and guys which is absolutely absurd to me so the bottom line is if you want to get loans out there you need a high credit score otherwise you’re going to pay a ridiculous interest rate or you’re not going to get the loan guys so let’s go ahead and get into this his thumbs up if you enjoy

This video today guys let’s get into this so number one number one way we i kind of bumped up on my credit score was basically i co-signed on my girlfriend’s car loan at the time who’s actually now my wife thank goodness i co-signed on her car loan she co-signed on mine so we both had car loans at that time and we were both cosign so every time payments were made

What not and we always made sure we made our payments on time every time those payments were made guess what all of our credit scores lifted a little and lift a little bit and lift it a little bit over time over the coming next couple years now i he’ll recommend and if you guys really out there do that that’s a highly risky thing to do when you co-sign on along

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With a girlfriend or boyfriend because who knows if you’re going to be with them who knows if you’re going to be with them for very long guys i mean no chance there’s a better chance that you’re going to break up then you’re actually going to stay together so it was definitely a highly risky move we made and lucky enough it worked out and we stayed together and

Whatnot but obviously if we broke up that could have gotten ugly because when you cosign on a loan you’re just as liable as a person who’s the main signer on that loan so say you know i stopped making my payments or something that and i default on a car loan that would affect her because if she’s just as much in that loan as i am same thing if she did that to

Me or whatever guys so lucky enough we stayed together it all worked out and but i wouldn’t recommend that but that’s certainly a way i jump the the credits for their cosign on her loan she co-signed on mine we both kind of got our credits raised over time by doing that and we also got lower interest rates because of that because we had the the bank whenever you

Cosign for a loan the bank looks at of that as a really good thing because now they have somebody else they can go after if for some reason that loan is not paid off rather than just one person guy so the banks love cosigner especially for younger people number two way my wife put me on all her credit cards you have multiple credit cards and basically in member

She was my girlfriend heather types was another risky risky thing you know we’re talking about here guys but she she put me on all her credit cards and basically i was not a credit card person back then i didn’t have a credit card i didn’t use credit cards i would show anti credit cards i’m still a little anti credit cards even nowadays but i’m not nearly as much

As i was back then i was freaking so anti credit cards so but basically credit cards are a phenomenal way to build your credit it is a phenomenal way so she put me on all her credit card and that goes into step number three she made a ton of small purchases all the time on those credit cards and always made sure they were paid off on time always making sure they

Were paid off on time the way credit kind of works is if you’re you’re making a lot of purchases on credit and you’re always paying them off on time you can really jump the scale a lot faster that way guys it doesn’t necessarily mean they have to be huge purchases she doesn’t have to go out and purchase a new thousand dollars flat-screen tv or something you just


Purchased lunch at chipotle or whatever and come the credit cards and then make sure i paid off it and she would make a lot of small purchases in paying off on time i mean while i’m also on all those credit cards as well as the dual of town so guess what my credits just keep going lifted lifted lifted lifted and lifted and by the way just to take a quick second here

My credit score was not good when we first met i had some type of issue early on with like capital one or something over like $40 and that actually affected my had credit score dramatically bad because it was like the first time i’d ever gotten credit so i think when we met my credit score was in the 500 guy so i had a really crappy credit score and basically almost

A non-existent credit score because i didn’t have credit cards are really getting loans at that time so throughout that relationship you know her you know heard me my credit score he really got left to the ceiling overtime number four if there were any disputes i made sure they were paid off remember that capital one’s one i told you about somehow i found out about

It and then i made sure that was paid off even though it was kind of late what not at that time there was also like odd something weird that happened with like i think a television provider said i didn’t turn in the box on time you know when you go to return if you’re going to move somewhere so i made sure that would pay off always making sure those disputes are

Paid off those those can help your credit score go way faster up because as long as those are on your credit score if you didn’t make a payment on time or or you owe somebody money or something like that as long as it’s on your credit score it’s going to hurt dramatically guys especially if your early days you don’t have a lot of credit history because let’s say

You only have three things on your credit report right and one of those things was a dispute that means one out of three things is a bad thing under credit score guys so make sure any disputes are paid off you know if i ever got a call from a collection agency on something i made sure what it was i made sure it was legit obviously and made sure it was paid off and

There was very few times that ever happened but a couple times it did one time was something healthcare related somehow a building it paid and it slipped through the cracks or something i made sure that was taken care of guys if you don’t make sure those things you taken care of those will kill your credit scores especially when you’re young especially when you’re

Young so take care of those disputes and that’s another way i got my credit score back raised a lot higher because been those came off as paid rather than still outstanding situations guys number five and last thing here guys i always made sure i had plenty of money around to make any payments like on my car loan or whether it be you know – network of internet or

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Whatever so there’s no like disputes nothing that could go against my credit score always making sure you got enough money around always making sure you have an emergency fund like i talked about you know and all my personal finance videos have an emergency fund so in case some things go wrong you can still pay your bills and you’ll have to pay bills late or missed

Bills completely and then they go on your credit score and they kill your credit score guys so i always made sure i had plenty of money around so i could i could pay bills and i was no thing at all that was never an issue guys so by doing that making sure your bills are paid all the time you know car loans making sure you’re making all your payments on time if you

Have one credit cards making small purchases paying those off those type of things will raise your credit score dramatically and making sure if there’s any disputes and it’s a legit dispute make sure you get that paid off but sometimes you know something will happen every once a while and will just slip through the cracks somehow something weird some type of freak

Thing and somehow olsson it then ended up on your credit report is a really bad thing just make sense a lot of times guys just pay those off because the better credit score you have the lower interest rate you’ll have to pay in the end guys i mean if you have a credit score 700-plus which is a really good credit score the interest rate if you go to get a car loan

Or home loan or anything like that it’s going to be very low interest rate guys so that’s why credit score is important that’s how i got my credit score over 700 to be a really good credit score and i would love to hear from you guys you know we do have a credit score right now if so you know if you want to share it you can share it if you want to share some ways

You maybe build your credit score enough at some of these ways or a different i’m sure everybody that watches this video would love to see in that comment section you know you guys have different ways of doing it whatnot guys so i hope you enjoyed this video today hit a thumbs up if you did if you just came across this channel you may not subscribed yet you may

Want them we talk personal finance in this channel i’m an actual business owner give away a ton of my entrepreneur type tips to help you guys build a business and we also talked the stock market the most in this channel thank you for watching guys and have a great day

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