How I Got the iPhone 13 Pro for .99/Month

Using a combination of ways to earn easy cash, I was able to buy the iPhone 13 Pro for $1.99/month.

This is the iphone 13 pro i don’t normally get the latest and greatest but because it’s only costing me a dollar ninety nine a month i’ll make an exception of this whole don’t buy it you don’t need it stuff i wanna thank moomoo for sponsoring this video they’re giving away 17 free iphone 13 pros no this is not part of the video they happen to be giving these phones

Away if you sign up and deposit a hundred dollars on top of this you get a guaranteed two free shares of stock valued up to seven thousand dollars let’s say you’re not so lucky to win one of the 17 iphone 13 pros but you can do what i outline in this video to guarantee you a really really cheap phone first thing i did was sign up for a bank account why would i do

Something like this is because they give a really really good sign up bonus it’s as if you’re getting free money union bank had a 300 deposit for depositing three times into your checking account to avoid any kind of monthly fees i just had to make sure after i make the deposits i had fifteen hundred dollars in there i turn plenty of bank accounts and for a 300

Bonus this is a really really low deposit requirement oftentimes banks require a lot more deposits like 10 to 15 times as much suffice to say i chose this deal because it has a really low deposit requirement and a lot of people can participate here is proof i actually got this money first check i deposit 500 second one 501. third one 499. you may wonder why i did

Not deposit the same amount every single time this is mainly for my own tracking purpose so i can differentiate between the different deposits keep in mind you do have to pay income tax on this 300 assuming you have to pay about 25 income tax on this 300 you’re gonna net about 225 dollars you’re not forced to spend this fifteen hundred dollars this is deposit into

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A checking account so as soon as you’re done with this account you can just as well close it keep the money and take the original deposits and do whatever you want with it after you do all this you have 225 dollars to apply towards your iphone 13 pro the second trick i’m using is to get 200 from bank of america without spending any of your money all you have to

Do is sign up for the bank of america cash rewards card you get a 200 cash reward after spending a thousand dollars in your first 90 days you might think this is not all that great a deal because you have to spend a thousand dollars in order to get 200 it’s all in the way you spend this thousand dollars the trick is is to apply it to stuff that you will buy anyway

Even better is to apply it to your utilities because you know you definitely will spend this in the coming months in order to meet this one thousand dollar requirements here are a few examples i’m paying 500 into my gas and electric bill paying a dollar 35 fee just for doing this i can pay 300 into my atnt internet bill there is no fee for using your credit card to

Pay this and you can prepay your at t bill even if you don’t have a balance due i’m paying 200 into my water bill again there is no fee for using your credit card however some bills are a little tricky because you can only pre-pay if there is a balance due so for those tricky kind of bills you just wait for your bill to come and then you pay much more than what is

Billed the third trick is another credit card application these things are really really lucrative apply for the capital one quick silver card i actually have one of these cards already and they’re allowing me to get a second card the deal here is you get 200 cash bonus for spending 500 within the first 90 days how am i going to spend 500 here i’m gonna pay my other

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Bills 200 into the trash bill 300 into my car insurance my trash bill accepts credit card payments without any fee as well my tesla car insurance won’t allow me to pre-pay so i’ll just put this credit card into their file and it’s just gonna charge me for three months in a row keep in mind all of these credit card cash bonuses are not taxed so whatever amount that

You’re seeing is what you are actually gonna pocket and you can apply this amount directly to your iphone 13 pro to the irs this is not earned income therefore it’s not tax because it’s a rebate on money that you’re spending you can kind of think of this as a 200 off coupon off of a 500 spending because you still have to spend 300 in order to get that 200 off the

Fourth thing i did was to get the chase freedom unlimited you get 200 cashback after spending 500 within the first three months this is the same deal as a capital one quicksilver card here are some ideas on how to meet the spend requirement buy some amazon gift cards at the grocery store usually with these 500 credit cards i just carry around and always spend it

On everything when i go out i can buy groceries parking meters just use it for everything and i’m pretty sure you’re going to fill up that 500 within a month or two i’m not going to talk about all the other benefits of this card just concentrate on the bonus here and get that iphone 13 pro the fifth thing is a little bit of cheating because i can write this phone

Off as a business expense because i am self-employed just to prove that irs i am using this phone for my youtube channel i’m going to record a short video clip over here hello this is a clip there we go all kidding aside i actually do need to use this phone to take instagram pictures or to record videos at the spur of the moment i estimate i pay an effective tax

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Rate of around 28 writing this phone off as a business expense is effectively saving me about 339 dollars the total cost comes down to one thousand two hundred eleven dollars and sixty-five cents the first trick subtracts two hundred twenty-five dollars second trick two hundred dollars third trick two hundred dollars fourth trick two hundred dollars and the fifth

Trick 339 dollars this results in me paying out of pocket about 47.65 over a period of 24 months this comes out to me paying a dollar 99 a month for the iphone 13 pro there you have it this is how i’m getting this phone for almost nothing so far i really am enjoying a stainless steel outer rim over here because i did drop it a little bit and it definitely doesn’t

Get scratched as easily there’s like a little dent over here already if you can see i know some of you might argue that i am actually earning this money and i could definitely just put it in my bank account instead of buying this phone in a way i find this bank account churning credit card churning kind of like extracurricular activities if you want something and

You’re willing to put in a little bit more effort in order to get this thing by all means i’d say this phone is more worth it for people that are doing content creation or if conducting business requires you to have this thing signing up for all these credit cards and deals it probably took me about half a day worth of work so in terms of time and money trade-off

I’d say it’s still pretty darn worth it for me thanks for watching this video don’t forget to give me a like and subscribe for more you

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How I Got the iPhone 13 Pro for $1.99/Month By BeatTheBush

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