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Through affiliate marketing over the last six months or so, from my past efforts, whether this is review videos i would’ve realized how much was actually possible. and show you guys exactly what these income sources were, my affiliate earnings for the month of october, 2018. so this was, i believe, one of the largest ones here. these can be the most profitable affiliate

Opportunities, number two here, this was another one that was larger. moving on, the third one is another educational program. but if you look at the last 30 days, it ends up being 2,935, you the back-end, or what i see when i look at that. but this is, it only shows, i believe, 10 per page, from review videos, and also my investing simple blog, to see these results in

Such a short period of time, so it doesn’t tell you how much people are funding, so they don’t necessarily have to open the account, and so this one should convert better down the road. one is very rare, in that it is a recurring revenue stream. i believe, may, and i actually built an entire course they pick, but this has become a pretty substantial source but what i love

About this is it’s every single month, very worthwhile to invest a lot of your time into them. so that, right there, another passive income source, away from having my own online course and membership site. for my passive income earnings through affiliate marketing, ’cause it really does not matter what it is that i’m doing. and i also have a three-part interview with

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Odi productions. and i will see you in the next one.

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HOW I MADE $10,756.26 OF PASSIVE INCOME IN 31 DAYS By Ryan Scribner

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