How I made it to the CFL: Malcolm Williams – Toronto Argonauts Wide Receiver

How I made it to the CFL: Malcolm Williams – Toronto Argonauts Wide Receiver – Toronto Argonaut Grey Cup Champion – RICH TV LIVE – #richtvlive #malcolmwilliams #football

Hey how’s everybody doing today this is your boy rich and i’m here with a very special guest today malcolm williams how you doing today malcolm little i’m good i’m good man thanks for having me on the show oh i’m i feel very blessed to have you on the show malcolm williams is a wide receiver for the toronto argonauts and what i wanted to do today is because

I played high school football and it’s kind of like an al bundy story you know i’ve always always talked about my high school football days i feel blessed to be speaking to a real professional athlete that’s made it in canada a canadian athlete who has made it from the high school levels all the way to the cfl i’d like to know your story can you share your

Story with us today like how about all happy yes so originally actually coming out of high school i chose to play basketball so coming out nice welcome it to the university of british columbia in vancouver and that year i played basketball and that was quite the experience there gave you travel country you know 18 year old kid coming in and you know kind

Of i got to feel what it was like to be a pro athlete you know what university you know you kind of get held to a high standard right and so that was awesome and then so i actually ended up leaving ubc and i played junior football in langley wow and yeah and my first year playing the rams i had a pretty good year and some cfl scouts started to come around

And that’s kind of what i knew was a while okay i actually have an opportunity to get to lead one day and so i played three years for langley and after after my third year playing junior football i decided that i would like to get to the next level and play cis so then i committed to in manitoba and played football so i had to winnipeg excited with a new

Opportunity the next journey had a good training camp and then our first preseason game comes and my coach calls me it calls me into the office and i found out that i’m not eligible because of that one year at ubc i was a few credits try being eligible oh no i found out right before my first game manitoba that i have to redshirt for the year and so that was

A big blow for me i didn’t know whether i wanted to leave my tober go home right away play junior again because i have when your junior eligibility but i decided that i was gonna stay stay in manitoba you used the train at you know at their amazing facilities and and you know study hard and then come back next year ready to play and so i was just practicing

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All year and i played with a guy named david owen no matter he’s uh he ended up being a fourth-round draft pick the nfl wow so there’s a lot of scouts coming a lot of scouts coming to practice a lot of scouts checking them out and and so i can use that as an opportunity to kind of showcase myself and i remember in december you know i go to bed thinking can

You know i got his last exam they gotta be ready for next year and then i’m gonna call i don’t know where and it was general manager jim barker concern of argonauts and he had called an autumn your contract and what was wisely but the whole thing was was that i was eligible to sign for contract because i hadn’t played at the university level my tsumuji play

Game at the university level both of the drug process and so because i had to sit out that year in manitoba after playing junior i was eligible to get signed as a free agent right away so me sitting out that year redshirting ended up being a blessing in disguise i would say yeah that happened i was excited couldn’t wait to call my call my parents let them

Know i got offered a contract and looked over at my mom and and signed and then congratulations by the way that’s huge thank you very much did you ever hold it was like did you ever dream of ever making the cfl honestly yes so when i was younger i grew up playing sports basketball soccer defrost and i remember going to bc lions games as a kid and and and

I was like man like that’d be awesome to play down there one time in the future and i knew professional sports what i wanted to get into i wasn’t quite sure was football basketball or soccer and as the years kind of went on and played itself boats and uh yeah i’m very thank you ladies yep oh wow that’s such a great story if there’s any advice you can give

To anybody that’s either canadian or american that wants to get into the cfl what would it be into this yep well i would say try some formulas lots and lots of hard work i mean yes that’s super easy to say but it’s uh you know you gotta you gotta spend time on your body you know working hard in the gym you know eating right and then you know after you go

Out and have a hard practice take care of your body afterwards you know whether that’s getting in the ice tub whether you you know some guys like me massages whatever it is i would say really really focus on your body because your body is your tool you know so if there was one thing that surprised you about the cfl what would it be i’ll give you an example

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Like johnny manziel was a very high draft pick in the nfl everybody knows johnny manziel johnny football and he’s struggling in the in the cfl and i think he thought it was gonna be easier than what it is and it’s not it you know it’s still a professional sports and and and i would say 95% of the players are american correct yes yes i would say more than

Half the guys are american yes and you know when you’re getting into a locker room and you get to know other guys you know i was a guy who always follows coached football was always watching it and you find out that these are the guys that you were watching on tv ask you know and uh you know i kind of you know was putting these guys on a pedestal and you

Know it was nice to know that once they got here that you know like fit in so but the biggest thing that’s one thing i would say i know you guys have bigger balls and i know you guys have a bigger field right i would say i would say for me the crowds that you play in front of you know i was definitely not used to playing in front of you know twenty thirty

Thousand fans twenty three twenty thirty forty thousand fans that i miss feared that the cfl creates – it’s truly a blessing to be able to play in the league oh for sure and what would you say is the best stadium to play and where do the fans get the loudest fans get the loudest are after there’s a couple of tough ones but i’m gonna give them to saskatchewan

I was gonna say saskatchewan those people are crazy man yeah and they got the new stadium and they really designed it well to keep the noise in and you know they they always come out in big numbers every game so it’s always fun to play there does it give you goose bumps when you go out and the fans are just going crazy yeah like when you come out of the

Tunnel especially where in a way game and everyone yeah and then you need that first hit and then you feel good alright then you’re like okay i’m ready to play let’s play get that first year just to okay announce of the game and i just go and have fun well this event last year you want to see a foul championship yes yes it was a fortunate enough to win

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A great cup my second great cup in ottawa there a snow game and my first real snow game that i got to play and it was coming down and i couldn’t see you know like you look up to the upper deck and you can’t see anything cuz the snow was just coming down that game was classic man i was so happy to see the ergos win yeah i know you guys are having a tougher

Year this year but you know what congratulations on the championship you’re and i’m so proud of all the success you’ve had and as a canadian football player myself that played high school football i can tell you that i played football with jeff johnson who played with the toronto argonauts for like ten years and i was a db and he was a running back and he

Never made it to running back he plays fullback in the cfl cuz that’s how hard it is to be a writer back in the cfl that guy to this day gives me nightmares because when i was on the edge trying to tackle him one on one i could never tackle him and i tell you i could tack i was a very good tackler i could tackle everybody but that guy footwork was so good

And you could just juke me and get around the corner and gone and i still to this day have nightmares trying to tackle that guy and it just goes to show how good the players have to be to even get to the cfl yeah congratulations malcolm and for getting to that level matt and i wish you all the best of luck on your future endeavors i wish you all the best

Of luck in your success with the argonauts and beyond that and if there’s anything else you want the people at home to know about malcolm williams over to be it’s one thing i wanted them to know how can they contact you if they want to get in contact with or if they want to follow you on social media i’m on instagram x williams 11 check me out young man

Sick to kiplyn vancity working hard just living the dream all congratulations man we’ll be watching it very closely and thank you for your time today i really appreciate batman thank you very much for having me on the show always a pleasure i hope to do it again soon malcolm thank you very much buddy cheers

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How I made it to the CFL: Malcolm Williams – Toronto Argonauts Wide Receiver By RICH TV LIVE

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