How I Make Latte and get 25% off Apple Products

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How’s it going everybody this is big bush today i’m gonna do a more realistic vlog where i am just in my kitchen it’s around 3 p.m i’m going to make a coffee for myself just one shot over here i have some apple gift cards i’m going to talk about how i got those for really really cheap this video is brought to you by weeble you can help me out greatly just for

Signing up and depositing any amount you can get three free shares of stock valued up to thirty three hundred dollars and if you trade cryptos of at least one dollar you’ll get five dollars worth of kryptos for free check out my referral link down in the video description below first what do we do here we turn it on and we turn on the steam broiler there’s only a

Single broiler so it needs two temperatures one for steaming which is hotter and one for doing the espresso which is at a lower temperature so at first you want to increase the temperature so you can do the steaming so we’re gonna wait for that to heat up if you know my coffee making routine before i had a really really cheap one that cost me only ten dollars this

Kamen dante is like 250 or something like that but i actually measured the particle size of all these coffees that comes out of these things and indeed this one sort of makes the grind size more uniform it peaks at a certain grind size that you sit at and the very very fine stuff is less and the very very coarse stuff is less by the way ignore my get up here it’s

Not quite formal or anything it’s not what i normally wear uh in front of the camera it’s just kind of like my comfy gear i got my scale over here put it in grams put this thing on here and i want 10 grams so i’m gonna put some in nine ten put that away we’re gonna grind this it is at eight clicks a common dante by the way is world renowned for poor over coffee

People or like very very picky coffee people and when you say how many clicks people will understand basically close this and then you open up eight clicks that sets the size of the grinder i don’t have the special red clicks thing which kind of doubles the number of clicks and gives you the same result so it’s like it has a finer granularity grind this up and

Uh i’m gonna put the one shot filter thingy here put the coffee grind in here i don’t have all those fancy things to kind of level it off so i’m just gonna use my hands here try to get it kind of even i experimented with eight grams of coffee and it kind of made my puck a little bit wet so i had to add it all the way up to 10 grams and this is the tamper thing i’m

Gonna push it a little bit just kind of compress it a little just a little bit okay so i’m gonna put this in here this indicates that the broiler is off it’s very hot the water at the beginning of this thing is kind of liquid it’s not a steam yet so we’re gonna let some out let’s see it’s like liquid now it’s steam so we don’t really use this water over here now

I want some sugar i add a little bit of sugar to my espresso about half a teaspoon or so and i got my almond milk i made this myself 2.8 ounces of almonds organic almonds and also one and a half cup of water blend that up pour it out and then put in another half cup so two cups of water total and then you can wash the rest of that and then you filter that and

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Then it comes over here so i’m gonna put four tablespoons of this in here one two three kind of making a mess here double check that it’s still steaming okay now we’re gonna steam it now i prefer to steam the almond milk less so i don’t over steam them because after you overcook the almond milk it actually separates so now we don’t want the steaming temperature

Anymore you turn this off i’m going to turn the pump on for this boiler so we rinse through a lot of water it’s actually pumping water through here i’m actually lowering the temperature of the broiler right now and i kind of can kind of eyeball how much about that much clean up this nozzle that also you know eject some some of the water out so that the almond

Milk doesn’t get all funked up and going inside over there now we’re done with that now we pour out the water this has a great effect because it actually heats up this little mug over here now i do it to exactly that amount of water because i kind of know instinctively that the temperature is correct if i do it too much it’s going to try to heat up the water

Again because too much water came out and the boiler is a little bit too cold for boiling coffee so over here i have a timer i’m gonna set it to uh two minutes just so that i can watch what the seconds are i’m gonna wait a little bit i’m gonna turn it on okay 30 seconds about 33 seconds that’s how much i brew it for you can see it’s coming out i don’t know if

You guys can see it it’s coming out uh when that says one minute and 20. and while that’s going on i like to fold up this little thing it’s almost done four three two one and then we turn this off because we don’t want it to heat up anymore i like to eject the little puck into a piece of paper let me get a piece of paper here’s a piece of paper open this

Up and i have the coffee over here i have the sweetened almond milk i’m gonna pour it on grab the rest of the foam okay and we can give this a taste test um so tastes like tastes good you need a lot of practice before i was able to get it to this level i had this for i don’t know like a year so uh takes a little practice it’s kind of like driving a manual

Shift but you get really intimate knowing how the machine works how much to grind it you kind of like adjust a little bit here and there and then you figure it out it’s kind of like a fun hobby now we’re gonna talk about cleaning up here i got a piece of paper here i got the puck this doesn’t always come out nicely so i gotta well if it doesn’t come out nicely

You can use a chopstick and dig it out there we go okay so i don’t like this coffee grind getting everywhere so i like to wrap every single one of my pucks in newspaper or like a magazine paper so i fold it up like this i have this little method where i fold it up in a corner fold the other corner fold this corner at a little slight angle like that you’ll see

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Why i’m gonna then fold this in and then i flip this over fold that over because this side only has two pieces of paper so i want to double that up and then tuck this in and this becomes like a self-contained little thing where i can put it in my compost bin this is my compost bucket here while i’m enjoying my coffee a little one sip at a time and you gotta

Do a little bit of cleanup so i just kind of rinse this put this back put that back over there you can see i got a bunch of apple gift cards over here it’s because i’m about to buy a um macbook pro m1 max and those things are very very expensive i need it because i am a video creator you can argue about how much video i actually create these days only like one a

Week or so that’s because of my health issue i’m getting a lot better i’ve realized that i can’t eat inflammatory foods which is like anything that is pan-fried too hard any dairy any kind of beef or or pork it’s just kind of like a transitory thing i’m a little bit better now so that’s why i’m able to make these videos and i apologize i’m not uploading very very

Often i have to take care of my health first anyway i want to talk to you guys about these apple gift cards when you have to buy thousands of dollars worth of it to buy a laptop you want to think about how do you get the most cash back maybe you know someone that works at apple and they can give you maybe like 15 discount i know the employees there they get 25

Off and they can buy like one laptop a year or something like that and they can buy like i forget like one or two laptops for other people but it’s only at 15 discount so if you know someone like that great so i basically maxed out like three or four different credit cards one of them gives 10 cash back off of groceries two or three of them gives back cash back

At like five percent or something but this doesn’t end there i’m actually buying them from safeway so if you are living in the bay area northern california in particular you can go to safeway and buy these guys and get a 2x cash back like what i mean by that is every um 100 that you buy you get 200 points which turns into two rewards so every 1000 gets you about

20 rewards points and this is worth about about 25 or so so not bad about 2.5 percent in addition to whatever you do but what i noticed recently is that i bought like two or three thousand dollars worth of apple gift cards and very quickly maybe like a week after they put another promotion on my account saying hey if you buy 75 or more you’re gonna get eight

Times the points so buying 100 would get me 800 points which is eight rewards points and this is worth i don’t know like ten dollars or something so when you buy let’s say one thousand dollars worth this is worth 80 points and there’s this whole system with it so i just want to let you guys know that maybe if you are in the market for buying some expensive iphone

Or a laptop or something from apple you may want to buy you know just to stimulate the safeway account you buy one gift card maybe 100 the first week and see if they give you some kind of promotion if they don’t maybe buy a 500 gift card and then see if they give you a promotion this might or might not work it’s just my gut feeling that um it might work for you

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And if you get 8x this is almost like 12 cashback except you get it in the form of groceries there are other tricks to it so i’m just to explain it very briefly if you use the rewards points and you pick the cash options where you get essentially free groceries so for example if you redeem 12 rewards points you get 20 dollars cash back what i realized that is

If you have all these cash back you just keep on using all your rewards for all the lower tiers so 12 rewards points for 20 10 rewards points for 15 7 rewards points for ten dollars if you get all of them you’re essentially going to get about sixty one dollars of cash rewards if you go on safeway and you redeem about twenty dollars of groceries you buy twenty

Dollars of whatever groceries that you want and then what you want to do is add on another apple gift card like 50 or something or whatever remainder amount it will actually redeem all those rewards that are lower tier than twenty dollars as long as you redeem the twenty dollars if that makes sense because you you tripped the activation of the twenty dollars so

The fifteen dollars is going to get activated the ten dollars gonna get activated even if you did not buy twenty dollars plus fifteen dollars if that makes sense like you don’t have to buy thirty five dollars worth of groceries in order to get the minus twenty dollars off and the minus fifteen dollars off you only need to buy twenty dollars so what do you do with

The rest of that sometimes if you don’t have enough stuff that you bought it might just show up as a negative balance at the cashier register and some cashiers would actually say hey you know i’m you can’t give give money back it doesn’t work that way there are coupons so some cashiers know better and they won’t give you money back but sometimes i have people that

Are less experienced it just happens to be like minus one dollar fifty cents or two dollars or something and then they’re like they’re like oh my gosh it’s minus okay so they take some money out of the register and actually give it to me but they’re not supposed to do that i wasn’t trying to do that it just you know sometimes this reward stuff is really confusing

And i happen to get money back so i wouldn’t count on that but what you can count on is get something that’s 20 worth of groceries you get like some amount if you can calculate perfectly you can get like let’s say 41 of apple gift card and essentially it would subtract so much out that you don’t have to pay anything for the new apple gift card you don’t actually

Have to buy groceries if you don’t want to you can actually convert it into an apple gift card so i hope you guys enjoyed this video i’m gonna have some on my coffee now i hope these are you know kind of cool tips for you guys and maybe some coffee tips over here thanks for watching you

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