How I Pay Nothing for Cellphone Service

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It’s a little bit too early right now it’s actually noon but i haven’t had my milk tea or you know some sort of caffeine so i probably look a little bit groggy right now this is my typical breakfast i just eat this and i don’t need anything else for another hour or two this is my almond milk tea by the way and if you’re interested in how to make it i’ll leave a

Link over here maybe this video would be a double whammy because some people asked me how the heck do i use so little paper towel well i use it according to how much i think i’m gonna be using this is a bit too big for my mouth so i just tear off you know rather than half this is a real half piece right you can go a quarter piece or 1/8 of a piece which i do for

Breakfast because it’s not really that dirty it’s just like you know just a little bit of peanut butter that might get on my mouth i just go yeah this is it so really i just tear it according to the size that i need some people might think this is extremely frugal and you know why are you doing such a thing i don’t know it just doesn’t bother me that much to only

Use what i really use anyhow today’s video is really about me not paying for a cellular phone plan which could cost anywhere probably like a hundred dollars a month for most people so it comes out to be what a thousand dollars now as far back as i can remember i think i haven’t paid for a cell phone plan for over ten years so you do the math is about 10k right there

Add in compounding interest or whatever it’s a lot more so how do i not pay for a cell phone plan my default is to just use the freedompop thing they give you a half a gigabyte of data for free and that’s basically what i would ever use you used to be able to get it to one gigabyte you get 500 megabytes of extra if you connect to a whole bunch of friends and family

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Now you can no longer do this and there used to be a trick where you can connect with random people and then i was able to get one gigabyte for a couple years but now they shrinked it back down to 500 megabytes so then it’s gonna be a little iffy because i do actually use almost a 1 whole gigabyte so i would have to cut back if i were to keep on using the feeder

Freedompop thing my freedompop is also all my iphone 5 and lately i think due to the latest os update after i updated it’s gotten a lot slower so slow that it might take a few minutes to boot up this is absolutely ridiculous how you know things can slow down so much it basically nearly killed the phone it’s basically dead to me it can sort of work for very very

Basic functions like if you want to wait 10 minutes to get one email or something yeah sure so you see on the table over here i actually have four phones now you know packrat right i have whole bunch of phones and they’re for different purposes at least i didn’t pay for any of them except for one of them because no one’s gonna give me a a international phone so

I had to buy this myself so i have this phone which is basically useless i only got one month service or something i did a review of this phone service but basically this is sort of dead unless i want to just use it on wi-fi it’s an lg g something g6 this is an iphone 6 with 8 gigabytes only on it and this is hooked up to unreal mobile and i did a review for them

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They gave me this phone they also gave me i think one year’s worth of service so i have maybe six months left on this thing but because i have this phone well and this one i can use either one of them because i’m not stuck to a particular phone number now a subscriber marais n gave me this mint mobile here let me read it for you guys hey francis sorry this is lee

Activate by january 10th or it will become inactive totally slipped my mind after came back from vietnam i hope this gives you something to review for your channel meanwhile giving you 5 gigabytes on-the-go data by the way it’s for 3 months actually keep it up can’t wait for the channel to reach 1 million subscriber i believe even you best murray and so thank you

Murray for sending this it bubbles the mind of you know how generous you are in sending this do you note that i do have cellular services so whenever i’m reviewing something i’m actually not you know i don’t actually need it i’m just reviewing it for the sake of reviewing it and not actually using it in this case i actually did switch over to using this mint thing

For two months now i have one more month left and actually i was super pleased with the service five gigabytes every single month i forget how much it is it’s like $20 a month or something and the thing that really interested me is that you can actually turn on a hot spot or unreal mobile you cannot so for mint you can which means i can actually use my laptop with

This phone use the data from this phone this is like a game changer and very very important feature for me personally so out of all these services i’m currently not paying for anything and nor have i paid anything for the past 10 years having the iphone 5 sort of you know kind of dead i think i’ll have to work something out in six months when the unreal mobile


Phone runs out a service this mint thing is gonna run out of service in one month so i don’t know maybe i might go and you know sign up for this mint thing i am not sure when the time comes i will decide then by the way if you guys are interested in this mint thing that i might get ok i’m not sure if i will i’ll have a referral link down in the video description

Below this phone by the way is my international phone and it’s very very necessary when i go travel these days you don’t want to bring a whole bunch of maps and these days i feel like it’s absolutely essential that you buy a sim card serviced by some phone service for the lit duration of your stay then you have you know internet access everywhere and you can access

You know reviews on various places you can instantly know where to go you won’t get lost you will find the interesting places to go to so to me it’s totally worth it ever since i actually buy the service i always you know try to use it as much as i can and i do get a huge benefit maximizing my time whenever i am traveling so thanks for watching this video don’t

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