How I Shop as a Multi-Millionaire

Cheap-o Multi-Millionaire goes ‘shopping’. Yes, I do this once in a while.

How’s it going everybody this is the bush happy new year and right now the car is driving so i sort of gotta pay attention a little bit this video is brought to you by weeble don’t forget to sign up and deposit any amount and you can get some free shares check out my referral link down in the video description below i’m gonna take you guys along navigate to valley

Fair mall for those of you guys that don’t know i’m in california right now i live in the bay area so i’m gonna show you guys around today we have some mild traffic but we should get there in about 20 minutes or so i’m at this newer part of valley fair they just added this i think a few years ago so today really just gonna use up all my coupons that i have expires

End of this month 20 reward my sister gave me this thing a hook here we are this is like the fancier part it has a gucci in here a dior and a tiffany let’s see it’s just around the corner banana republic here it is t-shirt 26 for a t-shirt socks 1650 this one is 10 80 for a bell or 70 dollar for a belt or this one’s 70 also they have a lot better deals on

Wednesdays so i’m not going to get it now they’ve got these ping pong tables now over there but where are the paddles or is it something new killing me look at that kaya toast i think the store is singaporean because they have that kaya toast and also this laksa curry chicken thing so this kaya toast typically is made from pandan and egg white in between this

Toast stuff it’s normally green and in singaporean breakfast when i had it there they have the sous vide type egg over here and the weird thing is they call their uh coffee coffee or coffee beef unfortunately i can’t eat anything right now because of my health condition one of my favorite places angle tetsu with the cream cheese cake i got some back there i like

Come over there open it up put it in there there’s a shake shack here and italy is gonna open up over here opening in 2022. you guys might have noticed i’m wearing this amazon mask i got it at amazon while i was working there and i just recently noticed that you can get an amazon discount as an amazon employee 10 off up to 100 off every year i don’t have much

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Other business to do other than try to use that gift card and i don’t really like to walk around in it unless i’m with somebody today i’m just by myself so i’m gonna head on over to the supermarket here you are in my car let’s squeeze in here today would be what i call one of those days where i spend all of the deals i have accumulated that might expire soon

So this morning i got a door dash deal that was 75 off so i got a far for less than six dollars this evening i’m gonna be getting a sushi dinner for about ten dollars or so a lot of different things accumulated sometimes i would just go all at once you know do half a day type of thing it’s kind of like penny pinching i get a kick out of it it’s kind of fun for me

Let me show you guys the five dollar coupon from mitsuha here it is five dollar gift certificate i got this um oops green light here we are mitsuha i don’t have a mitsuha near where i live but there is a japanese supermarket it’s not the same it’s not as good but i like this one better it’s all the way in santa clara though japanese confectionaries in the front

4.99 yeah a lot of empty shelves here used to be a lot of sushi right here pretty barren i’m just gonna get going with just one mushroom use my gift certificate you got all the snacks over here and one of my favorites is shrimp chip thing kind of like a mad house but this thing was only 3.99 it gave me one dollar and one cent change she was nice about it because

I was about to like go uh oh let me get more stuff so that’s actually five dollars so i do this thing where i scan the receipts and every time you scan no matter what receipt it is it’s 25 points which is really about two and a half cents so how many do you need to scan to get 5 000 points about 200 receipts if you get only 25 points so here we go i’m gonna click

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Scan receipt scan it snap a picture of it it does image recognition that says storage is verified total is verified it knows a date so i just submit it and it goes okay we’re uploading and now you get 25 points yay so far i have 1522 points and every once in a while i can get a five dollar starbucks gift card five dollar amazon gift card starbucks starbucks

Right it’s just kind of like a habit i guess to just scan everything i know it probably is not worth my time let’s say it takes me a minute to scan every single one of them times 200 that’s about what three hours worth of work and you get five dollars now not very good i i really should stop doing it it’s not always 25 points because sometimes you might be able

To scan something and it has some deal that you did not realize like the other day i got like 2 000 points just from scanning a receipt i did not realize there was a super deal on it so 2000 points is really two dollars so every once in a while you get like a little bit of bonus i don’t have much else to do so i’m just gonna head home now it’s new year’s eve so

I’m gonna go hang out with the girlfriend there’s von’s chicken right outside of mitsuwa they’re pretty good actually it’s like a chain korean fried chicken thing and the distinctive thing about korean fried chicken is that it’s really really crispy pretty dang juicy so it’s it’s pretty dang good you gotta go now get on the freeway if you live in the bay area

And you’re driving up 880 north and you pass by fremont boulevard exit you’re going to see the tesla factory so i’m going to show you guys what it looks like as you pass by tesla service center i’ve gotten my car serviced there before thanks to this car’s driving assistance i can pay slightly less attention to the road but still got to keep an eye out on it so

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I can put a little bit of attention on recording and showing you guys what what i see on the road all the time so this is warren exit right before you hit tesla you’ll see thermo fissure scientific over there and that big building right there that’s tesla all of this and then now we hit you know there’s a lot of trees that hides it but the but the factory is

Just right there you would take this exit fremont boulevard cushing parkway to get to tesla we are dropping by ranch 99 because i need to buy some rice stick noodles there it is ranch 99 why do i need to buy this because i’ve been eating my fur two times i order one but i eat it two times so we got all of these there’s a big line hello hey oh so in ranch 99

It’s kind of cramped in here but there’s a bakery you can buy roast pork and various items over here including dim sum which is over here and self-serve dim sum over here i think they got these leaf wrap things over there and then the groceries freezer aisle normally they would have uh ducks hanging over here but you got the chickens and these sink and i

Think that’s pork tongue there’s what’s left over of the roast pork small bakery over here oranges that’s outside there you have it that’s french 99 for you crazy crazy lots of cantonese people in there everyone speaks cantonese here we are i normally save all my receipt and do it when i get home but just for demonstration purposes and do it again okay submit

Get my two and a half cents from this two and a half cents yay oh yeah 225 points and of course if you guys wanna do this penny pinching thing get two and a half cents every receipt check out my link referral link for this app it’s called fetch i believe down in the video description below and we are back that’s all i have for you guys for today and don’t forget

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How I Shop as a Multi-Millionaire By BeatTheBush

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