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Good day subscribers thank you so much for joining me today i am jeremy and this is the financial education channel and today we’re talking about youtube money how much money do youtubers make these big guys like pootie pie casey nine-step how much money of these guys pulling in are they getting paid fairly compared to other sources and media how did they become

So big and how did they make all this money i’m gonna go ahead and get into this guys and share with you a lot of my opinions and views and some fact-based things i know about youtube that i would love to share with you guys so first off many people think for whatever reason they’re just misinformed that youtubers make money based upon subscribers that is a half

Lie the reason being is if you have a million subscribers but your videos get no views which is like unrealistic but let’s say that was a scenario you got a million subscribers you get zero views your income zero because you’re paid based upon views cuz views is how you’re you know advertisements are shown on all those things and the advertisements that are shown

For businesses that’s what brings in the revenue when those advertisements are shown and somebody watches it or clicks on an ad or whatever that’s how you actually make money but the half truth to subscribers is that you in the more subscribers you have the better chance you have of getting brand deals so you can go to companies or actually companies will come to

You if you have a half million a million two million subscribers companies will come to you and they’ll say hey you know put our product in your video mention us do this do that we’ll pay you x amount of dollars and you can negotiate that way that’s another great way of making money on youtube but most people on youtube i would say most people make money based upon

The ads that are shown on the videos so let’s go ahead and talk about pudy pie let’s talk about casey neistat so first off pewdiepie for a lot of you guys don’t know he is like a gaming legend and he is hell arius the guy is just freaking funny he’s as a swedish guy i think he lives in italy and he just makes funny videos the majority of them can get you cracking

Up and he’s been on youtube a really long time i want to say probably like six or seven years now and making videos like crazy and he almost posts a video every single day now he has 47 million subscribers as of right now they’re growing to 47 million that’s killing everybody else no one’s even close the next closest is in the 20 million range so he’s got a huge

Lead he’s like he’s like the usain bolt of youtube he’s in a league of his own in terms of subscribers casey nice tat he’s a vlogger he just started vlog in about a year and a half ago he was making some other kind of youtube videos that were popular but not like very often he became vlogging like a year and a half two years ago and his channel is just blowing

Up i remember when i found his channel he had like two and a half million subscribers and that was this past winter you know six eight months later now he has over four million last time i checked his channel is blowing up and he produces really good interesting content now how much are they making okay so pudy pie has over ten times more subscribers than casey my

Staff but they’re both making roughly around the same amount of money how is that how is pudy pie who has 10 know there are 10 times as many subscribers as casey neistat how is he making roughly the same amount of money because when casey neistat puts out a video generally within the first 24 hours that video gets around one to two million views pootie pine when

He puts out a video within the first 24 hours it usually gets around a million to two million views so although putin pie has so many more subscribers in casey nice step his videos aren’t getting that many more view used in casing nice text videos and obviously both them have people that are watching their old videos on top of just their new videos some videos

They might have done months ago or year ago so they both get income off of that no for how for a million views how much do you get for a million views that seems like a lot right for a million views you only get between about $1,000 and $2,000 which is great that’s a lot but especially if you’re putting on a video every day and your videos are always getting a

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Million or more that’s a minimum of thousands of to thousand dollars every time but man that’s a lot of people you’re entertaining that is a lot a lot of people you’re entertaining i mean imagine if a million people were standing here right now you would need a camera like up to the sky to fill them all at the same time that’s a lot of people so you know i think

Youtubers are underpaid that might sound crazy because i know a lot of people like oh they’re youtubers they just put these videos up online and then they’re so popular and then they made so much money they make like a thousand two thousand five thousand dollars a day yeah well here’s what you gotta understand an actor an actress straight there one person doing

One part in a movie or a show right when a movies done or whatnot maybe a few million people go to see that movie that actor and actress makes more than a lot of youtubers that are performing and doing their videos for so many more people these guys are getting you know if you’re getting a hundred thousand viewers a day you know in times up by 365 days a year that’s

A lot of views that’s a lot more than most movies get and most shows get but you look at what a lot of actresses and actors are paid and whatnot and there’s just one person in that show or either that movie just one person one person when your youtube almost every single youtuber you’re a one man or one woman show you think of the video idea you do the filming

You do the lighting setup you do the camera setup you got the microphone on you’re the one that took all the investment to get the stuff and you’re the one that now has to edit that video then you’re the one that has to tag title it put the description and put the tags in do the thumbnail all these kinds of things you are one man or one woman show you do it all

Whereas if you’re an actor and actress and some of these shows that are on tv or movies or whatnot there’s one person in that show reading some lines so in my opinion youtubers are way way way underpaid as of right now i think that will change over the next five to ten years and these big youtubers will be making ridiculous amounts of money and smaller youtubers

Will be making a lot more money too there will be a middle class of youtubers where there’s i would say tens of thousands if not hundreds of thousands of people who have decent size bases and are able to just make a living off that right now you need i would say around a half a million subscribers and you need around probably a million to two million views a week

To be able to make a living off youtube and just that’s just a decent living you’re not rich or anything at that point yours making a decent living that’s a lot of people tuned into your videos a million to two million per week so over time i think that will change i think if you just get a hundred thousand two hundred thousand views a week i think that will be

Sufficient to pay your bills and those kinds of things now pootie pie in an average year he’s estimated to make between 12 and 15 million per year and that’s from my understanding that’s just based upon what he gets from adsense which is the google program that shows ads on his videos i’m not sure if he gets other brand deals and kind of those kinds of things casey

Nice tat i know people give him stuff like crazy companies samsung a lot of these places i don’t you know you never know what these partnerships are because they’re not public information but sometimes it’s kind of obvious you know that companies are paying or sending him stuff just so they can be in his videos like i don’t remember dji the drone company they sent

Him like all these quad copters a few months ago samsung’s always sending them phones and send them the vr rigs and all that stuff for free just so they can be in his videos and he actually does meal time on his videos where companies just sent him stuff for free and then you know he can go ahead and resell that stuff so most one thousand two thousand dollars that

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People are sendin him he could just resell it online or give it away or whatever he wants to do so you know that’s another way of making money on youtube that’s kind of like underground right now i guess you could say so and then is of course official brand partnerships which is where they actually pay you to do a show on their video like a lot of tech people a

Lot of tech youtubers they actually get paid by companies to review a product and they say oh you know by the way this is a paid review or whatever to tell you about that product so how much will these guys be making in the future you know guys like pewdiepie guys like casey nice that who knows it really depends on how they keep growing and it will really depend

On a few tube ever changes the analytics program through those are you guys you don’t know youtube has changed the search results before where they’ll favor certain videos over certain videos what i mean by this is i think he’s around 2012-2013 youtube began to favor longer videos so videos more than five minutes and the longer the better and the more watch time

You had in a video the higher results you could get in youtube for climbing that ladder whereas old-school youtube it was mostly very short clips you know 30 seconds minute two minutes three minutes something like that but then the videos that were longer are getting or getting moved up that lift and the reason being is youtube views it as they want you to be on

Youtube as long as possible so a session watch time is a great thing and going through playlists and whatnot in those those channels that do a good job of that keeping people on the channel watching this video watching that video they’re gonna make a lot more money because youtube’s gonna favor them over they’re gonna recommend them to other people in there when

You pull the front page on youtube your video is more likely to get recommended and then it’s just a ever going cycle and then somebody quits on that and they watch the video and then it’s more likely to get recommended even higher and so on and so forth and it just keeps going so that’s why youtube changed and you look at most youtuber most youtubers including

Myself do videos around 10 minutes or longer for me i can have too i found that i have to since i’m talking about financial subjects that when i first started this channel which i started this year in 2016 i was doing really short videos but they weren’t nearly enough into detail and i never wanted to make my videos so long that they put you to sleep and it’s too

Much information so i found like around a minimum of five minutes but usually around 10 minutes it may be even 15 minutes that’s good where i can explain whatever subject i’m talking about very thoroughly but not give you too much information where it’s like 30 minute video and you like feel like you were just in class and it was so much information that it’s

Like too much to handle so it kind of works out perfect for my channel but you know we’ll see how things progress as time goes on i hope youtubers get paid more in the future i think they should i think they do a heck of a job making people laugh doing great entertainment videography all these kinds of things and we’ll see where things take it um keeping my eye

On who’s the first to a hundred million subscribers that will be an interesting day who is the first person that’s gonna get to 100 million subscribers i think it will be pudy pie just because he’s so far out there right now but who knows some of these guys like casey nice tap they’re just blowing up right now and maybe they could pass him that’s gonna be fun to

Watch as time goes on i would estimate somebody reaches a hundred million within the next two years and that is a hundred million people that’s like a third of the united states that’s insane amount of people and imagine as youtube just spreads around the world more and more and more people go on you couldn’t be looking at people that have hundreds of millions of

Subscribers someday and they’ll be way bigger stars than any of these movie stars we saw today or tv stars or things like that because they’re gonna be able to be seen by anybody anytime you just click on the video as long as you have an internet connection the youtube app users watch it so anyways um one last thing i forgot to talk about i wanted to talk about how

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Pudy pie got so big and how kisi nice thought got so big so pootie bhai couty pi hoody pi he got so big because he uses doing gaming videos and the guys just freakin entertaining and he’s a funny guy i would say pudy pie kevin hart and probably of a family guy show those look like the three things that could really make me crack up at something and very consistently

He’s just a funny guy and he’s entertaining and his videos are entertaining to most people now every of course not everybody’s gonna like everything right not everybody’s gonna like this guy’s video on that guy’s video on this chick and that chick everybody’s different but pootie type for the most part is very entertaining and he’s very likeable so because of that

People subscribe to his channel and are more likely to watch more and more content and of course he was doing gaming videos which the gaming videos are longer which helped him in the search results and get more out there more people and more people and more people but number one it’s his personality because there’s i would say hundreds of thousands if not millions

Of gaming channels then never gained any traction and probably you’re trying to do all the things right but they just don’t have personality of pudding pie that guy’s freaking entertaining casey nice that how did he become so successful he’s really really good at videography really good i mean his clips are like that’s pretty you know that’s a pretty clip that’s

Pretty full of his time lapses he does some of those things they’re just really nice he’s entertaining he’s very easy to be likable you it’s would be so hard for you to hate casey neistat it would be so hard i mean if you watch one of his videos he’s just a pretty likable person he doesn’t put you off and then he’s got his little daughter in the video he’s like 2

Years old he’s got his wife there’s a there’s a cast of characters they don’t play characters but they they just naturally are characters in the show because he surrounds himself with them and this shows in new york city which i in my opinion it’s really helped his success new york city is a great backdrop and it’s fun watching him go on his boosted board throughout

New york city and see all the types of things and what if he was in montana or somewhere like that no disrespect to those places new mexico i don’t think he would have nearly the subscriber base he does because new cities like what i would call what are the main characters in his videos and that’s helped him propelled to be very successful and his videos are just

They keep you interested is hard to click off the kc nice to have video before that things over so you know that’s kind of how pudy pie had success and that’s kind of how kc nice to have had success that’s how much those guys are making you know they’re making a thousand of two thousand dollars for every million views they get and every single video they put out

Pretty much every single day gets a minimum of a million of two million views and good ones by the end of the week there’ll be a three or two five million so think about that those guys are making really good money and then they’re getting views on all their old videos too that people are watching and so you know you can you to make millions and millions of dollars

On youtube if you’re big but i still think they’re underpaid anyways thank you so much for watching guys you may want to subscribe if you haven’t i talk a ton about personal finance i talk about stock market investments things like that i talk about business entrepreneurship tips like that and i do a fun video every once in awhile like this i was really looking

Forward to this one and i’m so happy to share it with you guys today anyways you know what guys have a great day

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