How Much I Earn on YouTube

Here is what I earned making YouTube videos for 7 years.

How’s it going everybody this is peter bush today i’m gonna share with you what i earn on youtube for the longest time i have not been sharing this information because i treat it like salary information and if i release it i’m gonna get a lot of inconveniences i would say from people i know but as i’ve been on youtube for longer and longer i got more comfortable

With revealing all my financial information i show a little bit at a time saying i increase my net worth a certain amount i save a hundred percent of my income as i kind of inch towards that way i realize that whenever i say something more nothing really all that bad happens in fact i get really really good response from people i release my salary information when

I was an engineer and i think this helped a lot of people before i get too deep into it this video is brought to you by weeble it’s free stocks and free money you just sign up deposit a penny and you get two free shares of stock value between 11 hundred dollars if you like cryptos trade just one dollar worth of cryptocurrencies and you can get five dollars free

Worth of bitcoin ethereum cardano dogecoin or shiba inu you get to pick check out my referral link down in the video description below let’s just get down to it and go over to the youtube analytics for the lifetime of this youtube channel i started this channel on january 11 2014 roughly seven years ago over the entire life of this youtube channel i have earned

289 000 worth of ad revenue keep in mind that this is over a really long period of time seven years if you divide it out this is only about 40 000 every single year but let’s go back to the very first video i ever made so i get cold easily and i tend to wear a lot of layers and and bundle myself up even indoors sometimes and my co-workers would come up and ask

Me hey are you cold i sound really nasally for some reason i’d say the first video is kind of weird because i’ve never uploaded any video of myself publicly i always didn’t like to do that because you have just random strangers looking at your video so the first step is actually to release a video and make it public and you know what what can i say i’m i’m not

Cold i feel perfectly normal it’s such a terrible video like who cares about me being cold i just made a video of of something some something i guess this is just the start the start of this channel it’s cold in here beat the bush oh boy so after this video i kept on making videos but all along the way i’ve been releasing a little bit more and more information

About my income within direct ways i’ve noticed that nothing really bad happens after i release this i just released one about my engineering salary information nothing actually happened after all and i actually got very positive comments i actually feel like i help a lot of people i’ve netted a total of 75 million views just in the very beginning i got like

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A huge huge spike over here in one single day okay 435 000 views in one single day this is crazy i still remember when that happened and i woke up and i looked at my youtube analytics on my phone and i was just jumping for joy the the entire month i’d say i was like yeah oh my gosh it’s great and then after this every single year around christmas time that same

Gift wrap video went viral again and again so you can see these spikes over here this is one year later around december and then another one over here around december again and that video is this one japan gift wrapping hack explained with a total of 12 million views and then you see all these other videos that it’s not really finance related right these are the

Ones that makes a lot of views but then the earnings is actually not that much as you’ll see later which cherry mx keys to use another gift wrap video how to fix a scratch disk how i make milk tea how to remove contacts how to put on contacts how to make fur so all of these are diy videos can a gimbal stabilize a drink this is not finance related which is what i

Am currently doing and a lot of people are asking for more finance videos and the last one is importance of looking poor this is the only video that has really really high number of views that is somewhat finance related watch time 4.2 million hours 352 000 subscribers and then my earnings over here under the revenues tab you can see the same information here 289

000 you have to factor in affiliate commissions here like at the beginning of this video where i mentioned weeble actually get paid from these companies as well as others like amazon affiliates so if you add all this up it actually boosts whatever you see here by 50 to 100 so you automatically just double whatever i earn here so in the beginning phases when i

Was still starting up this channel you know you can’t really divide by seven equally here because at the very beginning i was earning very little per year i should explain what playback based cpm is is basically what the advertiser pay per 1000 views now some videos have one ad some videos have like a little ad down here some videos play an ad before you actually

Watch the videos other videos play an ad right at the end in the middle some videos play one ad other videos may play two or even three ads this playback based cpm kind of averages how much an advertiser pays sometimes for an advertiser two ads are played in the video where they pay let’s say twenty dollars per one thousand views ten dollars for one ad another

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Ten dollars for another ad sometimes they only pay one ad per 1000 views so in that case they pay ten dollars so if you average these two together it’s really fifteen dollars per 1000 view so you have an aggregate number over here that you can easily use to figure out how much advertisers are paying per 1000 views so you can see they’re paying about 10.79 over

The entire life of this channel rpm stands for revenue per mill which is how much i actually receive per 1000 views if you multiply 75 million that i got for this entire channel times about four dollars it is around 289 000 google pays me 55 of what the advertisers pay so that is my cut and google keeps 45 of this but if you look at cpm it’s 10.79 you should have

Been able to multiply this by 55 which would have been like and fifty cents but instead it shows 3.89 why is this number slightly lower it’s because sometimes in a video no ads are shown at all and rpm takes into account the videos that shows no ads rpm is more for the creator where i can just use this number really easily and go okay i got a thousand views on

This video i can just multiply it by roughly four therefore i earn four dollars every 1000 views in the very beginning of this channel i you know earn like a dollar per 1000 views because i was just making a whole bunch of random videos about whatever everything under the sky like putting on pants with no hands and making fun and playing with toys or whatever

And then as the channel matured a little bit and then it kind of came up to two dollars ninety cents five dollars ninety three cents all the way up until like the last two months or so i got about eleven dollars per thousand views so this is really really good rpm really is dependent on the type of content that you create let’s dig a little deeper into what i

Earned per year in 2014 i earned 302 dollars well it’s really good for you know just starting my channel the first year and i was still working at my engineering job and i’m was just ecstatic that i even earned anything and then the next year i earned 4 000 some dollars over like a 12-fold increase so i was even happier and then one year after that i got something

Similar 4 919 and then i started putting a little bit more and more effort in i started making videos daily and for 2017 i made 42 000 this is at the point where you start looking at it and start thinking wow maybe i can just quit my job and just do youtube full-time but compared to my engineering salary it was like 120 150 000 so it cannot completely replace my

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Salary so i wanted to boost this up some more still towards the end of 2017 is when i quit my job and i went youtube full time in 2018 i earned 58 000 dollars for the entire year keep in mind you got to add somewhere between 50 to 100 for affiliate commissions and then in 2019 i earned 67 000 2020. i earned 66 000 so it’s not increasing exponentially or anything

And i would admit i’ve been sort of semi-retired so i haven’t been working the hardest on youtube and then in 2021 it looks like so far i’ve earned 45 000 and i’m projecting i’m gonna earn about fifty one thousand dollars this year so 15 000 less than the year before so it’s not looking good because i haven’t been uploading as many videos i average maybe four to

Six videos a month for the year of 2021. so this is understandable why the revenue is a lot lower now let’s go down a little bit and look at the earnings per video i’m going to sort it by uh your estimated revenue so you see at the top 289 000. so let’s just concentrate on the first 10 videos over here my highest grossing video is which cherry mx key to use at

7 500 over the lifetime of this video i spent about 20 dollars buying that key tester and then i just decided to make a very succinct and to the point video and it turns out that was a really really good idea netting me about 350 times the initial cost that i put into it my 37 a month car insurance netted me about 7 300 this cost me nothing to make i just made

A video about my car insurance and then you have the gift wrapping video i made 6 600 on that one how to put on contact lenses six thousand dollars make the best for five thousand four hundred dollars i spent about forty dollars buying the ingredients for this and i ate it so i wouldn’t say i actually spent this on making the video itself japan gift wrap video

Five thousand dollars how to fill out your w4 tax form about five thousand dollars fix a scratch disk four thousand three hundred dollars should you pay off your mortgage early about four thousand dollars but this is far from reality because i’m cherry picking 10 of my best videos ever for this entire channel i have actually made 1075 videos and 10 videos that

Does really well it’s only one percent of the total number of videos i made so on an ongoing basis i might expect to make between 100 and 200 dollars per video but sometimes there’s these home run videos viral video that you just cannot predict thanks for watching this video check out weeble for your two free shares of stock down in the video description below

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