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How much money do i make on this channel well today i’m going to reveal for you guys the exact amounts of money i make i’m going to tell you exactly and show you on the screen exactly how much money i made last month i’m going to show you exactly how much money i paid for several months i’m going to show you exactly how much watch time minutes this channel gift

I’m going to show you guys all this today in in hopefully helping you guys understand kind of some of the things about youtube about how to make money on youtube about some of the possibilities on social media in general and it will kind of open up your eyes to some you may be a little bit and some of those kinds of things so in it’s a financial education channel

And i love being transparent and i love sharing with you guys amounts of money and those kinds of things by the way let me know in that comment section if you guys ever want me to do a video we’re actually break down how much money i get from like each category because i got lots of different income ways other than just youtube you know that so let me know if you

Ever want me to do a video like that i can do that in the future where i break it down and say 30% my revenue comes from here 40% from here i could do that for the month of april if you guys are interested let me know in that comment section and one thing i want to just get across before we even get into this people always wonder like i mentioned amounts of money

I’m making this channel it’s like how do you make that much money with such a limited amount of views right this channel only get anywhere between like 12,000 views and 15,000 views a day on average people like how do you make that much money getting that few views because definitely nothing in the youtube world that’s like nothing and the amount of money we make

Considerable and i was thinking how do i like sugarcoat this to put this a nice way and i thought i can because my the people that watch my channel are much more valuable to advertisers than the people that watch pretty much all the heather youtube channels out there the majority of them at least guide my people that watch my channel actually have some money and

Actually you’re trying to do things in the world in our older so they actually have money which is things advertisers are looking for a lot of other channels on youtube specially a lot of the most popular ones right there flood it with 10 to 18 year olds ten to 20 year olds who basically have no money at all in what that is an advertiser advertising to them when they

Almost have no money so that’s very limited where my people actually have money and my people actually work jobs and do things like that so it is different and we do have definitely have some younger people you know i think 10% of the people that watch this channel or 15% of people that watch this channel or under the age of 20 but it’s a very slim where a lot of

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Other channels right it’s like 90% though you know kids watching it and it’s like 10% you know people twenty-five and plus so i just want to explain that before we even get into this guys you guys kind of understand why i make so much more money than a lot of other people who might get the same amount of views so let’s go back the first month i ever made more than

A dollar on this channel with july 2016 i made seven dollars and 53 cents and for for reference for some of you guys i started this channel in january 2016 so it took me seven months just to make more than a dollar just to make more than a dollar seven months seven months to start making more than a dollar although i did wasn’t posting like frequently until really

Like april that’s when i started like posting you know two three times a week consistently then four times a week five times a week until i eventually went daily around august-september time i started posting every single day but that’s the first month i ever made more than a dollar july 2016 august 2 2016 you see that jumped way up so we went from $7 to $30 in

August 2016 august 2016 was the first month i ever on this channel i made my first like baby i guess you say we have some other videos that we’re kind of doing a little good and ranking but the first video that really took off was in that august month i made a video about three stocks i’m buying now and that’s – this data by far the most popular series that was a

Very first month and that’s why those earnings jumped up so much then we have september september did a hundred and $13 so we had a you know over a three hundred percent rise in income huge amount there september we had i had a popular video i created which is still the most popular video on this channel like it’s like a thousand plus views over 48 hours and it’s

A stock market for beginners video and then also there was a second edition of the three stocks on buying so just started going up and up and up and i was posting every single day at this point so under 13 then by october we were doing the next month five hundred and twenty three dollars you see every single month which is jumping way up so five hundred twenty three

Dollars and that was the first time i ever launched a video that got over 10,000 views within the first month of release which that was the three socks i’m buying now for october i believe that did was that i believe that was the first one i ever got 10,000 views within the first month we did it the october video in november i can’t remember but that’s one of the

Reasons that the numbers are jumping up i know vember 2016 doing $700 at this point so not as big of an increase in some of the past months but still a nice increase you know from five hundred and five hundred and twenty three to seven hundred and eighty december we jumped up to over a thousand almost eleven hundred dollars now december’s are great months for ads

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On it on the youtube in general like advertisers pay maximum amount of money because it’s christmas season it’s christmas shopping season and those ad reach you’ll get during that month or generally the best you’ll ever get throughout the entire year november being the second best month in october usually being the third best month so december but the problem with

December is generally around christmas time in in in like new year’s and whatnot views are really low like i like views were horrible during any time a christmas and whatnot people around their family’s out doing stuff they’re out enjoying new toys and things like that like they don’t have time to you know i guess watch youtube or learn about the stock market and

Things like that i don’t know if it’s across the board that everybody’s views go down but i know buying around that time of year went down substantially basically from a week prior to christmas all the way through about new year’s after new year’s day it was really bad but at the same time our earnings still went way up because we had a little more views than we had

The previous month in ad rates or just insane january roll around and the views rolled back to us when we get fifteen hundred dollars in revenue during the january month and then february we did just under two thousand dollars so just under two thousand dollars you see it keeps increasing keeps increasing this past month that’s month ever we did over 3200 dollars

In revenue and april will definitely surpass that no problemo and that’s pretty impressive considering april we had the whole youtube boycott thing that some advertisers are doing so the first week of april earnings were hurt substantially like that the april numbers would like to large numbers if it wasn’t for that that happened but that did happen so unfortunately

And that definitely affects things now people always ask me they say how do you consider youtube’s passive income you know because you’re posting as videos every day i consider youtube passive income because 90% of money i make on this channel is passive income stuff i create a long time ago that i don’t put any effort into now that gets views and will get used

For a long time to come 10% income absolutely 10% of income comes from new videos i post every single day like this one here but let’s look at some of those some videos at it the last 28 days right last 28 days $253 had come from stock market for beginners video right that was video i created back in september 2016 top fives on mistakes beginners making a stock

Work i think i created that in october 2016 that was the number two video three stocks i’m buying march so i was a newer video that’s a that’s the next one down five stocks at basic dividends that’s this video i created i believe back in december or january and then how to invest $1,000 that did another video and that’s created a – months ago months ago so the top

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5 videos there only one of the top 5 videos there were actually a video that was created that month so i think you guys can kind of see why it’s passive income because the majority of the money is coming from the past stuff not not from the stuff now now at the same time some of these videos on creating now will be huge passive income sources in the future right

Because they’ll start ranking in youtube they’ll start getting recommended all those kinds of things but as far as like the money i make from that video i post that day only about 10 percent of it maybe even 5 percent of it actually comes from that video i post that day and as we get we have like 350 videos right now when we have 700,000 videos it would be like 2%

3% of money is only coming from the newest videos i create goes now let’s look at the watch time minutes right so this goes all the way back to the time i create the channel we’ve gotten almost million watch time minutes and it in the history channel look at how its your spiked and spiking spiked amazingly there and then we look at just the last 90 days 6.7 million

Of those minutes have come from just the last 90 days so almost ten million minutes in total but 6.7 million in host minutes have come within the last 90 days a hundred and sixty one percent increase so we definitely see that the channels building and building and building all those kinds of things and we definitely see that we definitely make good money off this

Channel like enough for most people to probably live on unless you live somewhere very expensive obviously you guys know i have a real estate marketing company i don’t just provide i don’t just have this income source and now i got you know amazon affiliate links i got a book that just came out like i got a lot of different income sources i do some consulting on

The side like there’s a lot of different income sources i have so let me know if you guys are interested that i’ll do it if you want it i’ll do it in may i’ll do a video where it breakdown my april income oh and i’m not going to tell you the amounts on that one because that’s private information i don’t want to you know tell how much my company’s making and all

Those kinds of things but i’ll break it down like 30% in revenue came from book sales or this 50% came from you know youtube or 20% came from my business or whatever the numbers end up figuring out to be if you want that leave me in the comment section hit this video a thumbs up if you guys enjoyed today i hope you did if you just came across this channel you may

Want to subscribe we talked personal finance in the channel we talked entrepreneurship on this video is a little entrepreneur type thing we talked to stock market on how to make your money into money thank you for watching guys and have a great day

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