How Much Passive Income 60,000 Dividend Stock Portfolio?

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And what i mean by that is there’s only a few forms and that is passive income earned from dividend stocks. so i thought it would be cool to go through this portfolio i actually re-invest them in order to earn compound interest and as new money is added to that portfolio from your bank and you should always do your own research in due diligence and quite a bit has changed

Since my last portfolio update. but i made a couple of huge changes to this portfolio. so, first of all, if we go through the holdings here that being said, i finally decided to cut my losses but to be honest with you guys, it was just a point in time and then one other change i made to this portfolio, that i had borrowed to put into my dividend stock portfolio. with m1

Borrow, i’m able to borrow at a 2% interest rate. and put that towards my car loan and pay this back instead. next up, we have microsoft, another big tech name here. so annually, that is $173.89 in dividends from mcdonald’s. i am basically able to pay for that with my dividends then we have a classic warren buffet investment here, then we have 3m, which has been another

Lackluster performer next up we have gpc, which is genuine parts company, then we have verizon, which is kind of a boring investment second to last year, we have walgreens boots alliance. it is $4,657.46 which comes out to 388.12 per month, i’m also focused on the growth aspect of this portfolio so for example of couple of stocks i own in this portfolio and look at the

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Overall performance of this portfolio. and then let’s talk about the losers in those portfolio. but the rest of the stocks i’ve done pretty well in make sure you subscribe, hit that bell for notifications.

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How Much Passive Income $160,000 Dividend Stock Portfolio? By Ryan Scribner

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