How Much YouTube Pays For Viral Videos 1M+ Views (5 EXAMPLES)

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Hello once again guys welcome back to the channel hope you’re having a great day so far so what we’re going to be talking about in this video today is how much youtube pays for a viral video that gets a million views or more now what i went ahead and did is i went on youtube and i looked at all of these different videos that people have made after they’ve had a

Video go viral because it’s actually a pretty popular topic basically you make a youtube video that video goes viral and then you make another video called how much money i made from that youtube video and maybe that video will go viral too and what i found is that these videos where people talk about how much money they made from 1 million views are some of the

Most drawn out and lengthy videos i’ve ever seen in my entire life so i sat here this morning for about two hours drinking my coffee watching video after video trying to find 5 examples of people that have gotten over a million views and how much money they earned in the process and i have to say it reminds me of something called a filibuster and a filibuster is

An action such as a prolonged speech that obstructs progress in a legislative assembly while not technically contravening the required procedures that literally seems like what people are doing with these videos they draw them out as long as possible and somehow manage to fill a 15 minute video answering one simple question which is how much money you make from 1

Million views on youtube so i went ahead and did the dirty work for you guys so please go ahead and drop a like on this video for that and now let’s go right into the examples here and talk about how much money you make from 1 million views on a youtube video alright so coming in at number 1 here is a youtube channel called auto vlog a couple of years ago he posted

A video called what happens if you push the button while driving don’t try this on your own car and obviously this video has gone crazy viral with over 15 million views so after he posted this video he also did a video talking about how much he earned and he showed his earnings on this particular video and he showed that he earned eleven thousand seven hundred

Thirty-two dollars and 30 cents from a total of ten million twenty six thousand seven hundred and two views so if you go ahead and do the math and divide that out that means that he made one thousand one hundred seventy dollars and ten cents for one million views on his youtube channel now obviously this is the automotive niche on youtube and every niche is going

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To have a different ad rate and this is one on the lower side of our five different examples and obviously guys all the credit goes back to these original video creators who made these videos and i’ll be linking to all of them in the description down below number two the second example comes from a friend of mine you guys are all familiar with who this is and that

Is graham steffen he had his first video go crazy viral and since then he’s had a number of different viral videos but he did a video unboxing a credit card that he got and it got a crazy amount of views and so he did a follow-up video shortly after going over how much money he made from that viral video now what’s important to note here is that because that video

Was over ten minutes and links graham was able to add two different ads to that video one that played at the beginning and a middle ad so there was potentially the ability for people to see two ads instead of one and as a result he earned substantially more money than some of these other examples but in that video showing how much he made he revealed he made seven

Thousand two hundred ninety three dollars and two cents from 1 million two hundred fifty four thousand two hundred thirty views so if you go ahead and do the math on that that means he was making about five thousand eight hundred fourteen dollars and seventy four cents for 1 million views now this is obviously in the finance slash credit card niche where ad rates

Are going to be significantly higher and that is the main reason why this number is significantly higher than our other example there was a lot of motive channel also the fact that he was able to run two ads and not just one number three our third example comes from a fitness channel it’s a man named marco toons oh and he made a video called four-minute ab workout

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To lose belly fat at home within one week for teenagers men and women are the videos a couple of years old and on this video he has accumulated almost four million views so he went ahead and did a video after he got a million views sharing exactly how much he earned and this was actually the lowest of all five of these examples so marco earned six hundred five

Dollars and fifty two cents for 1 million six thousand seventy-one views meaning he was earning roughly 6 oh 187 for 1 million views which is honestly extremely low and that may be just because the workout niche is not a very popular you know demographic advertisers are looking to go after or maybe people watching this video weren’t watching the ads or something

Else was going on not entirely sure exactly but that is extremely low for 1 million views and by far the lowest on our list here in terms of how much you make for 1 million views on youtube number 4 the fourth example here comes from raise the entrepreneur and he made a video talking about how much he made in his vending machine business over the course of one

Month and this video went crazy viral with just about 1.75 million views so far and the funniest thing to me as he followed up this video with a video about how much he made from a viral video and then that video got over 2 million views and became another crazy viral video well in his follow-up video he revealed that he made three thousand seven hundred $6.75

From 1 million one hundred four thousand four hundred nineteen views on that video so i went ahead and did the math and that means he was making three thousand three hundred fifty six dollars and twenty-nine cents for 1 million views which is pretty decent and again that is in the business niche which is going to naturally have a higher cpm and again since this

Video was over 10 minutes in length he was able to add multiple different ads which is going to boost the earnings from the youtube video so if you’re out there and you’re trying to make your own viral video to cash in and make money from youtube if you can keep people’s attention for a long duration of time and you can manage to have two ads in there instead of

One you’re going to naturally be making more money and then the fifth and final example i was trying to find a niche that had nothing to do with automotive or fitness or business and particularly i was interested in a vlogging channel or a beauty slash makeup channel and i found a channel called my family this is a girl who does vlogging videos as like makeup and

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Lifestyle stuff and she didn’t necessarily have a viral video but in one of her video she talks about how much she is earning relative to the number of views she is getting and in that video she revealed that on five million two hundred thousand views her earnings was twenty thousand six hundred sixty two and twenty cents which means that in that niche that beauty

Slash blog niche and that means that in that specific niche on youtube the blog slash beauty channels she was making three thousand nine hundred seventy three dollars and sixty cents for 1 million views which i’m actually quite surprised about that because i believed that that niche was actually lower but that’s a channel right there making close to four thousand

Dollars per million views in that vlogging makeup space but anyways guys that’s gonna wrap up this video that is five examples of how much you make on youtube when you’re getting a million views or more on a video or on your particular youtube channel and obviously what we see here is that there is a huge range with how much you’re making from a fitness channel

Making six hundred dollars for a million views to a credit card finance channel making close to $6,000 per million views and so that is why often times you’re gonna see different numbers all over the place with what people are making from their videos just because the ad rates are going to be different based on what niche you are in and it also depends on whether

Or not you’re running one ad during that video or multiple different ads throughout that video like i said if you guys enjoyed that video make sure you hit that like button to support the multiple hours i spent watching video after video on how much you make on youtube with a million views but thanks for watching subscribe if you enjoyed this video and i will see you in the next one

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How Much YouTube Pays For Viral Videos 1M+ Views (5 EXAMPLES) By Ryan Scribner

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