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Paper towels may see the most innocuous of objects but using them actually has a huge impact on your NetWorth. How? It is mainly through the acceptance of using disposable products. Disposable in general harms the environment at the expense of a little bit of perceived convenience if at all. Each single disposable item you are able to cut out of your life as a mentality change greatly reduces waste and reduces waste of your NetWorth.

Probably going everybody does it beat the bush today i want to talk about how using paper towels can actually lower your network i never thought i would be using something as mundane as a roll of paper towels at the main topic of my video you see it’s not the idea of using paper towel itself but really the idea of using disposable paper product all together i realized

That after some time i kept this roll of paper towels sort of like an ornament piece because i actually never actually used the paper towels on this thing normally if my hands are wet i would dry my hands with reusable towel like this or if i’m eating i would use a table napkin that’s actually washable in fact that bought this here type of paper towels from costco

Roughly three years ago and i still have not been able to finish all of it mainly because i’ve been using something that’s reusable now let me relate how something as innocuous as the paper towel can affect your networks each roll of these guys let’s say it’s about a dollar and let’s say you go through two rolls of these every single week that means it’s roughly

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$100 in paper towels that you’re throwing away into the trashcan most people when they just both of these paper towels they just toss it into the kitchen trash and that kitchen trash actually goes straight to the landfill now you see how using these paper towels it’s actually really bad for their environment because you’re cutting down foot to trees you’re filling

Up the landfill and it also hurts your pocketbook as well now am i able to drive my hands just as well with the cows yes i am and i do rotate new ones in as soon as i feel like it’s too dirty and that would go and wash these now $100 for these paper towels you might think it’s not a big deal because it is only $100 you’re using these for the convenience because you

Don’t want to always go around hunting for these towels and then maybe it might be be dirty and then you have to go wash them well to me watching these is not that hard now let me just say whenever you use these paper towels over a 30 year time span over your lifetime if you keep on using these then you’re essentially going to be wasting upwards of 3,000 dollars of

Reduction in your network by the time you retire now $3,000 you might think all it’s not that much maybe it’s only a fraction of one percent of what you may retire with the final idea here it’s not just about the paper towel itself because if it is then yeah $3,000 and whatever let me just throw away $3,000 and just forget about all this trying to save money just

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With these one dollar rolls of paper towel the i’m trying to get at here is if you change your mentality of not using disposable products as much every single item that you do not use that is disposable it’s going to save you a lot in the long run for example other kinds of disposable products that you can do away with which would help your bottom line could be

Doing away with coffee pots those winter things where the reload cartridges are really expensive inkjet cartridges disposable forks bowls and knives and the list goes on and on and every single item you can count on saving roughly $100 every single item that you knock off your list now you might think using these disposable things is going to cost you in terms of

Convenience but really if you change the mentality and if you’re used to using reusable things then there’s not that much effort involved in trying to use these wash them and reuse them at all by the time you squeeze out all these disposable things out of your life you’re going to find that you save a lot of money from not buying these things that we just tossed in

The trash can one exception that i do take for using disposable products is actually buying the blue paper towels where things are going to be extremely messy and if i actually use these towels in some sort of greasy fashion it’s going to be extremely hard to clean it’s going to take me really really long to clean something like that so in that case i would prefer

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To actually use this both of our products so there are cases where you would use something like that but from day to day wise you don’t actually need paper towels like these i hope you enjoyed this way of thinking about buying disposable products and trying to not buy them at all because if you do this you can actually reduce your landfill usage and reduce your

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