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Some people are inherently not frugal due to various reasons. For myself, I am inherently frugal through years of practice. For those that want to be more frugal and are finding it difficult, let me offer some tips, tricks, and mind hacks to help you along the way. Financial independence is a good motivator along with self confidence and self worth that helps you stay frugal when there are so much social pressures that forces you to spend more.

How’s it going everybody this is pete the push today i’m going to talk about how to be frugal even when you’re not i’m pretty frugal myself and you can see from my channel that it comes pretty easily to me you on the other hand could be a person that spends a lot but once be frugal and yet does not know how so this video is for you if you’re looking for the motivation

On how to be more frugal reasons behind it and maybe some mind hacks to do this well this video is all about this so there are two camps here one would say you only live once the other camp would say you’re saving for your future it’s important to live in the moment and it’s also important to save for the future however you don’t want to spend everything you got

To live in the moment because you do want to save for your future you also don’t want to save for your future so much that you’re not living your life today being frugal to me does not mean you’re depriving years of all the pleasures of the world it just means you’re more careful with your money and that you do not go all crazy spending on things that you like so

If zero is spending just the bare minimum like food shelter and internet and 10 is just going all-out crazy and just spending every single paycheck that you have in full then i say being frugal it’s kind of like dialing it all the way down to zero and then you come back two notches to a two two is a good point to be up because you dialed everything back to a bare

Minimum you’re spending on equivalent things and spending very minimally and yet you spend a little bit on some pleasures that you really really enjoy so this really makes you prioritize what spending you put on things that you enjoy first let me give you a quick motivation why you should actually save money this is really for financial independence because if

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You save enough you can actually save a lot of time you may be able to retire earlier as a crazy example if a person makes $1,000,000 a year and they go ahead and spend 1 million dollars every year as well yeah they’re going to live this really really crazy life but they’re never going to be able to retire because they’re not saving anything if however let’s say

You make $50,000 and you spend $25,000 a year well you’re saving $25,000 every year that means every year that you work you’re saving one year worth of retirement if on the other hand let’s say you still make $50,000 and you turn your spending all the way down to $10,000 a year it means every single year you’re saving four years where’s the retirement so when you

Turn down your spending that much you’re actually doing two things at the same time you’re saving more and you’re also reducing your expenditure when you’re retired it’s a two-fold effect here because the less you spend a year the longer your money will last when you’re in retirement to me the key to spending less is to actually understand how the world works and

How your mind works some of us have an itch to buy things all the time why is that because you’re watching too many ads on tv and all this information gets injected into your mind and you don’t even realize it so when you go to the mall you have all this urge to get one thing after another take for example if there’s two products on the shelf and they’re equivalent

Things they’re seeing exact price and yet you watch commercials for one of them which one are you going to buy you’re going to buy the one that you’re more familiar with therefore the ads are indeed influencing you just from this simple example sometimes shopping is sort of like a stress reliever for some and this might be actually an addiction so you really need

To channel your energy from relieving stress from going shopping to actually relieving stress in other ways some people may actually want to buy everything because when they’re young they actually never had all these nice things on the other hand some people are actually buying stuff in order to raise their social status once you realize that you’re doing this you

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May not actually want to buy that item anymore because you realize why should you buy an item just to raise your social status why do you need to buy this just to show off some people might say i have money why can’t i reward myself why can’t i spend some of it on myself well we can it just has to do with how fast you want to reach financial independence and how

Much you feel that your time is worth imagine whenever you buying something that if you cannot show it to anyone talk to anyone about it post a picture on facebook about it would you still buy it now if you still would buy it it just means that you’re not buying this item to show off and that you’re really really buying this just for yourself to me this kind of

Purchase gets the most bang for the buck because when you’re buying something that show off to others it’s an endless cycle you always want to buy something bigger or more expensive than other people and it’s just going to go on and on in the end you’re not getting much utility out of it you’re just trying to keep up with other people so let me just say if you are

Not will practice of being frugal being frugal is it’s really really hard because there’s a lot of social pressures to force you to try to spend more friends are going to go hey why don’t you have this item why don’t you have this you should upgrade you should get this you should get that you should come with us to you know have a yacht party or whatnot to be frugal

And to save a lot you actually need to have an i don’t get this attitude just like a honey badger you might wonder where this is i don’t care attitude come from it comes from your confidence and your self-worth it is not what you carry or what you wear but who you are that matters you can actually make yourself stronger and have more of this i don’t care attitude

So that people’s opinion does not affect you very much for one if you’re financially sound this already gives you a lot of confidence if you move on to become financially independent you can be even more confident and have even more of this i don’t care what people think about me attitude your body fitness is another point because if you look good and you’re fit

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Then you have more confidence as well your complexion also plays a large part in your self-worth and your confidence so you really want to keep your skin clear if you’re interested in my facial routine i’ll leave my video over here now the last thing to boost your confidence is really to find your life’s purpose and your life’s goal once you have something that

Is meaningful that you can work towards you can pretty much forget about everything else because you don’t care what people think about you you just want to satisfy this goal that you have having something meaningful to shoot for it’s very important because it’s sort of define who you are if you know who you are then you can just go i don’t care what other people

Think who i am i know who i want to be then you can be that much stronger so i hope these tips and tricks helps you become more confident and actually helps you become more frugal because that’s the basis of being more frugal don’t forget to give me a like on this video comment down below let me know if i missed out anything that hooks you boost your confidence if

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