How to be Great! | 4 Steps

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Good day subscribers thank you so much for joining me today i am jeremy this is the financial education channel and today we’re talking about how to be great there’s four steps if you want to be great at anything in life i’ve like looked at you know people around me that are great at whatever it is they’re great at i looked at things in my life i can consider myself

Maybe very good at or great at i looked at things i wanted to degrade out and didn’t accomplish that and i basically kind of articulated it down to four things that you absolutely need if you want to be great at something not just good at something not just average if you want to be truly great at something one of the best in the world at whatever it is you do or

One of the best in your city or country if you want to be the best at whatever it is you’re want to be the best at there’s four things you absolutely in my opinion four things you absolutely need so that’s what i want to share with you guys today i’ve just kind of you know viewed things throughout my whole life and just kind of said okay these are the four things

If you want to be great at something number one number one thing you need if you want to be great at something you have to be passionate about it you have to be passionate about it to be great at something if you don’t have the passion for it it’s going to be hard to push through some tough times that come because all on your way to greatness and whatever it is

You’re going to come across some bumps you’re going to come across some bumps in the road that are going to make things tough on you if you don’t have the passion for whatever it is you’re trying to be great at it can be very hard to push through those tough times and get over it over comment guys so passion is so key also if you’re passionate about it you can get

Excited about it every single day if you’re really passionate about playing basketball then it’s not very hard for you to go out and practice shooting eight hundred three-pointers every other day isn’t it’s probably not because you’re passionate about it if you don’t have a lot of passion for basketball shooting 800 three-pointers a day is going to be a pain in the

Ass its meaning you’re not going to want to do it you’re not going to want to put in that work day after day when i look at myself some of the things i do in my own life that i really necessarily consider myself great at you know my business my real estate business made this channel i don’t myself great but just from the passion standpoint why do i keep grinding on

It why do i keep doing it day after day imix itíd to do it day after day well because on this channel for instance i love making videos i love talking stock market i’m super passionate about that i love talking entrepreneurship and i also like talking about the personal finance type subjects we talked about some time this channel so it’s so easy for me to record

A video every day because i’m super passionate about what i’m doing so it’s not like it’s work to me it’s passion behind it in my photography videography real estate marketing business that’s very easy for me to do because i love taking photos i’m a photographer i love doing photography and i just as i stated i love doing videos i love taking photos of a beautiful

House or a video of a beautiful house so i’m passionate about it and it makes things very easy that even if i get to a certain level i just keep going with it because i’m so passionate about and i just want to take things to the next level guys so whatever you want to do in life if you want to be great at it you’ve got to have passion behind it otherwise when those

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Tough times come and be hard to succeed and when you are starting to succeed to stake it to keep hungry it’s going to be hard if you don’t have that passion behind it guys number two you got to be god gifted and i know this is the one that a lot of people don’t like to hear they don’t like to hear it because it’s not something you can control really well yeah no

Matter what if you want to truly be great at something you got to have some god-given gifts and that doesn’t mean like god like blessed you with a certain you know thing when you were born it just means a lot of times it’s what situations you were put in throughout your childhood throughout the years of development they gave you whatever type of skill you need it

And it could just be you know you were born to parents that are super athletic right i want it to be great in football i wanted to be great in track i was surely never great football i wasn’t and i was good in track but i was not great in track i did not have necessarily the god giving gifts to become great at those things right so whatever you want to be great

At you’ve got to have some god-given gifts that just kind of you know have come to you over time and i don’t know if you know i it’s out there i only know god-given gifts is the right word to use maybe just on things that have happened in your life that have prepared you for whatever you’re going toward in life that’s this be the way i should kind of should kind

Of frame it i guess for instance in the stock market in investing i have a lot of god-given gifts this other people don’t have as far as being able to block out all the noise block out all the people that tell me you know you shouldn’t be doing this you shouldn’t be doing that you know every stocks are pretty much bought that i made insane gains on people said you

Shouldn’t be buying that in this was even before i started the channel now i have the channel i always get that crap like i probably have more people coming at me than probably any person in the world and i’m not exaggerating literally i have more people telling me not to buy gopro stock than probably anybody else in the world and that’s not an exaggeration like

Even warren buffett the most famous investor in the world he doesn’t have to look at comments every day you know out there he doesn’t pay attention or whatever other people are saying if they’re even saying anything me i look at the comment section people are saying you know so gopro start that’s the one that you know hated at the moment and believe me a year or two

From now it would be some other stock people would be saying don’t buy that you’re an idiot for buying that why you buying that stock you should be invited buying the stock in that stock i just have a gift that i can block out all that noise and i can say i believe in myself i have extremely high confidence level that is just something that just came to me over the

Years that i developed and you know was just given to me and so i can get through those kind of things guys so if you want to be great at anything you gotta have some god-given gifts there that some abilities and it’s just your job to find out what is it you have gifts at because we all have gifts at certain things in life you know i might i could try to be i could

Try to be the next arnold schwarzenegger and have huge muscles i could work out every single day for the rest of my life for the rest of my work for the next you know i’m 27 now for the next 10 years in telling 37 i could take steroids i could do hgh and i can almost guarantee you i would not get anywhere near as big as some of those guys that are already doing at

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The ronnie coleman’s of the world well he’s probably retired but some of the biggest guys out there because i don’t have the god-given gifts to i have god-given gifts to get muscle but i don’t have it like that like that’s ridiculous the way those guys get even if i took all the juice people always say oh take steroids and this and that and i could be that big no

You could just you know you need some god-given gifts to get that stuff as well so that’s kind of you know a big one there guys and you got to be realistic what are your gifts you have we all have them i guarantee you every single person watching this has some gifts it’s just what gifts are yours it might not be the stock market it might not be entrepreneurship

You know what are your gifts what are your gifts you’ve got to ask yourself that and you’re going to dig deep and try to find that in yourself number three you got to have a ridiculous work ethic if you want to be great at anything like you got to put in the work like this is the one that another one that people don’t like to hear because it’s a pain in the ass

But you’ve got to put in the work day after day after day after day and it’s a non-stop grind every single day that’s on your mind constantly if you really want to be great at something if you want to be great at something it’s not just like you can do it every once in a while you need to beat on the grind constantly guys it’s not something you can just lay back

And say i’m at this level now you know i’m fine every day it’s a grind you’re going to work your ass off every single day if you really want to be great at something if you want to be average of something if you want to be good at something you can get by taking some days off and not you’re not working that hard just working okay right but kind of like my real

Estate photography videography marketing business right i just get behind that business that’s not a great business because i don’t put in the work necessary for me to be great at that business i don’t i’m not ashamed of that because i put in a lot of my time and effort toward the youtube channel because that’s way bigger in my opinion for me personally but that’s

Why that business is just an ok business that’s why that business is just doing ok if i put in the type of work ethic that i put in toward this channel for that business i would absolutely be great at that business and i would be probably the leader in the entire las vegas market i just don’t put in the work toward that because i’m much more passionate about this

And the opportunities for me here is much bigger guys so that’s kind of my view on things but you got to put in that work if you want to be great there’s no all way around it you want to be great putting the work number four you need some good fortune you need some luck on your side i mean you could think about how many things could go wrong that could prevent you

From being great at whatever you’re great at there’s a lot of different things guys i look at me getting involved with the stock market i got involved at the best time which by the way when i got involved with the stock market everybody was telling me don’t invest just another time that i blocked everybody out and i said you know what you don’t know what you’re

Talking about it’s a time to invest i started investing in the middle of the recession stock market without 7,000 8,000 something super low i started investing i blocked everybody out but i had some good fortune there because what if i what if two years before that was when i started investing what if i started getting in the stock market in 2007 what would that have

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Changed my entire outlook on the markets would that have screwed me up in the head because i were started investing when the dow was at 14,000 and a year and a half later is that 7,000 would that have messed with me would that have you know taken away maybe some of my god-given gifts my confidence some of those things would that have screwed me up i don’t know it’s

Very possibly this i needed some good fortune there you know michael jordan ease regarded the best basketball player ever if he would have gotten a bad car accident that chopped off his legs he would have never been michael jordan the great basketball but you know what i mean there’s so many things that can happen that you need some good fortune to just kind of get

By so then you can become great at that you know what i mean there’s so many different things i look at so many investments i’ve had over time that i’ve gotten killer games on because a certain situation happened that i didn’t even foresee happening that just was good fortune that came to me so if you want to be great at anything you got to have some good fortune i

Mean wood wood tom brady he regarded as a greatest quarterback ever if he didn’t have bill belichick as a coach with bill belichick be as great of coach if he did that tom brady like you know what i mean there’s so many different scenarios we can we can ask each other on you know different people that are considered great at what wouldn’t would tiger woods had been

Tiger woods if his dad wasn’t pushed him in the sport at 3 years old would michael jackson have been such a huge pop store one of the biggest ever if not the biggest musician ever if michael jackson wasn’t in the jackson 5 and wasn’t blessed in that family like there’s so much suck you need some good fortune absolutely guys if you want to degrade anything and so my

Other biggest question is let’s say you become great at something whatever it is you become great at you become great at it the question for you is do you want to stay great once you’re great how do you motivate yourself when there’s no one on top to you how do you do it that’s that’s the my biggest question you know for you guys i would love to hear in that comment

Section how you would stay great maybe you are great at something right now i would love to hear from you guys if you are you would consider yourself great at something i would love to hear how you stay hungry at that point in time how do you stay great when you’re at the top of the game when there’s no one on top of you how do you keep going how do you keep on

The grind at that point guys i would love to hear from your your opinion in that comment section today i hope you guys enjoyed this four steps toward being graded anything if you don’t have one of those you’re not going to grade it i’m sorry you’re not going to be great at it because you’re just not you might be good at it you might be okay you might be average

Not going to be great unless you have all four of those things guys so hope you enjoyed if you just came across this video you may want to subscribe we talked personal finance we talked entrepreneurship on a national business owner i give away so many business tips we talked the stock market in stock market investing the most of anything thank you for watching guys and have a great day

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