How to become a Billionaire – How to get Rich!

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How do you become a billionaire today i’m going to discuss the three most popular ways nowadays to achieve billionaire status i can’t wait to share this with you guys today good day subscribers thank you so much for joining me today on the financial education channel so today we’re talking how to become a billionaire do you guys remember austin powers when he’s

Like i want a billion dollars that’s what i’m going for today how do we get to that status today i’m gonna run through with the three most popular ways people do it now a days now billionaire status there’s only like a few thousand people in the entire world that have that ranking it’s very illustrious but we’re gonna discuss how it goes down alright number one

Create some type of social media or some type of app and it gets tens of millions of people to use it you know it doesn’t even necessarily have to be the next facebook or something like that that has i mean facebook has like a three hundred billion dollar valuation in case you guys didn’t know that’s why zuckerberg is worth like forty billion dollars for the

Owns like twenty percent of the company or fifteen percent of the company or something ridiculous so social media apps if you can get tens of millions of users to use it and it’s very successful you can then monetize those by selling ads in just a lot of different ways they do it nowadays so that is a great way to become a billionaire and there’s been so many

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Billionaires made from these over the past ten years it is disgusting i mean i can think of 10 or 15 people just off the top of my head that are billionaires now all because they created a great social media app that is very popular nowadays so that’s number one number two consumer electronics created consumer electronics company that becomes very popular and

Consumer electronics they usually make very good margins on those so if you’re buying the device usually the company’s making thirty forty percent operating more so you can really make money on consumer electronics and you can build very fast new companies like fitbit gopro beats dji all those companies were created within the last 10 years 5 10 years so in all

The founders of those companies are all billionaires beats got acquired by apple a few years back for three billion gopros a billion-dollar company fitbit you know billion dollar company and dj i just got valued last year over 10 billion so consumer electronics is a great way to become a billionaire well that’s but not least this one’s not such a new thing but

It’s become more known over the last i would say 10 15 years and it’s pooling money so like hedge fund managers things like that if you can pull massive amounts of money so we’re talking hundreds of millions of other people’s dollars together or even billions of dollars and then you just get um 2 or 20% of the profits that you can make them so say you get to say

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You have a billion dollars pooled with other people’s money if you can get a 10% return for them that’s a hundred million dollars and if you get 20% of the profits of that you can get 20 million dollars so you make 20 million dollars in that year and all you did was get um you know a decent return or whatnot so that’s how you can also become a billionaire and the

Ones that are really doing it are the ones that have tens of billions of dollars or hundreds of billions of dollars pulled together and these massive hedge fund pools and they just get a decent return and then if they get a very good return they get insane money that’s why you see these head for the hedge fund managers you know some of them are making 250 350 450

Million dollars in a year i’ve even seen ones where they’ve cleared a billion dollars in income in one year one year so that’s another way to make a lot of money but all three of these are difficult i would say this last ones are the most difficult because you got to really know a lot of people we have a lot of money to even get them to invest and you have to have

A track record and whatnot consumer electronics it’s hard in the respect that you have to know a lot about technology or know a lot of people that know a lot of things about technology and having work on a product then market it right and allow those behind the things i would say social media app is probably the easiest even though i mean there’s a billion social

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Media apps out there that are unsuccessful but that’s probably the easiest way to go because you’re just putting something on the app store and then you’re hoping it goes viral and this person downloads it and like spreads it door to the next person so on and so forth so the resume you’ll become a billionaire in this world nowadays i hope you guys enjoyed this you

Might want to check out my other video on how to become a millionaire that i created two days ago and also check out my new channel i’m have a link in the description it’s a stock market news channel for all you individuals out there who like to hear about the stock market news each day i do a video each monday through friday on that channel discussing the biggest

Subjects and giving my opinion on them thank you guys have a great day

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