How to become a MILLIONAIRE – How to become RICH!

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How do you become a millionaire that is a fun question today we’re going to discuss the three most popular ways you can become a millionaire in this world i can’t wait to share this with you guys today good day subscribers thank you so much for joining me today on the financial education channel so today we’re discussing a really fun subject and it’s really

Secretive so don’t tell anybody i told you it’s how to become a millionaire and today i’m going to discuss the three most popular ways on how to do it so if you ever see that guy driving that lamborghini or those people living on that hill up there and you’re like how the hell did they do it how did they make that much money that they can be you know living that

Type of lifestyle today i’m going to share with you guys the three most popular ways people do it and they might surprise you they might not some people think all they probably just inherited know some people do inherit it but most people do not so let’s go ahead and discuss this how to become millionaire number one by far in a way the most popular way to do it

Is start a business and this doesn’t mean it has to be some kind of business where you got 10,000 employees or a hundred thousand employees or something like that no this is just starting a business getting it to a level where you’re sufficient you could pay your bills and you and your spouse can make a decent living but taking it to the next level where you have

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3 5 10 employees if you can get 3 5 10 employees you’re well on your way to become a millionaire in most cases and then you’re just kind of overseeing the small operation and whatnot and you have all these employees we’re really doing the the grunt work and are really making you that money to get you to be a millionaire so that’s by far the most popular start a

Business number two most popular way start buying real estate young so maybe you’re in your early 20s mid-20s you buy your first house and it’s 150 thousand dollars and then you go ahead and sell that a few years later and you buy your next house or you go head and the old house you start reading that out and you get income for that and then you buy yourself a

New house as maybe 200 250 thousand dollars and so then you start having rental income which hopefully is a lot more than the mortgage was on that house and then you’re still paying on the new mortgage then you go ahead and you either sell that $250,000 house or you go ahead and start renting that out and you go buy yourself a 350 thousand dollar house and so now

You have two incomes coming in from just houses alone plus you might have a job or you might have your business where you have more income coming on so that’s the way you can build it through real estate you just go from a house to another house and you rent the old house out or you sell it for a big profit whichever you decides the best move to make it that time

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So that’s how some people can become millionaires and how a lot of people do it they just go up that real estate ladder and the biggest key is starting young you really want to start in your 20s maybe 30s if you’re kind of waiting to get on that wheel until you’re already in your 40s time is working against you at that point because you only have so much time to

Build up the younger you start the more you can build up build up build up number three start buying stocks young so it’s kind of the same thing as real estate as in basically users and of course with both these you need talent you need research so whether it’s real estate or stock buying you’re going to need a really research before they even get into that you’re

Going to need to learn learn learn on all the tactics all the ways to do it how to be successful learning for people in the past and whatnot we’ve done it but number three buying stocks young so you know you start in your 20s you’re done your research and whatnot and you’re successful and you you know buy and sell stocks you’re over here and you just build up build

Up build up build up so that’s the third most popular way buying stocks young and just being successful at getting your ten twenty percent a year or whatever you’re getting and as long as you’re making money making money making money it’s just going to keep building it’s like a snowball you know it starts real small but as it goes down the hill it just collects

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More and more no boom boom boom and by the time it’s done you know down the hill with snowballs house so that is how to become a millionaire folks i hope you enjoyed this today i hope it was super easy to understand next week i’m gonna do a video called how to become a billionaire so that’s going to be really fun to talk about how to become a belly oda anyways i

Started a new channel called the stock market news channel where all i covers new subjects relating to the stock market each day so monday through friday i’ll be posting videos on that there’s just real quick just kind of discussing my opinions and thoughts on what happened in the most important stock market stories in that day so if you guys want to check that

Out i’ll have a link in the description to the newest video i did in that i just started yesterday literally so check that out subscribers i thank you so much for watching guys have a great day

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How to become a MILLIONAIRE – How to become RICH! By Financial Education

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