How to Become a Millionaire in the next 10 Years by Investing in the Stock Market – Tue, July 12, 22

How would you like to join the millionaire club? In this video, I show you exactly how to become a millionaire in the next 10 to 15 years by investing in the stock market. I show you the strategy Warren Buffet, John Templeton, and countless others used to become billionaires by investing in the stock market. If they became billionaires, then surely you can become a millionaire. This is an incredibly simple and easy investing strategy that anyone can use – even someone who’s never invested before. And best of all, I’m going to do this with you, and provide bi-weekly updates to help you stay on track and accomplish your goal of becoming a millionaire!

Hi guys it’s stock curry and in today’s video i’m starting a new challenge to help you become a millionaire in the stock market the strategy i’m using is so simple a complete beginner can use it so let’s get into it if you’ve been following this channel for any length of time you know that we are currently running a million dollar challenge on weeble using a

Combination strategy of options and technical analysis now that strategy is a bit complicated and a lot of new investors aren’t really able to follow that million dollar challenge and we’ve been very very successful in that so far in fact that portfolio’s up over a hundred and ten percent year to date since the beginning of the year we’ve more than doubled the amount

Of money in that portfolio well today i’m introducing a new challenge that i am calling the moomoo millionaire club challenge and this challenge is so simple a complete beginner who has never invested in the stock market before can join this challenge and become a millionaire with us this strategy that we’re going to be using is a very simple strategy called value

Investing this is the same strategy that john templeton warren buffett and countless others have used to become billionaires in the stock market now unless you’re in your early 20s you probably don’t have enough time left in order to become a billionaire in the stock market and my google analytics show that the average viewer of this channel is around 35 to 40

Years old which means we don’t really have enough time left to become billionaires but we do have plenty of time left to become multi-millionaires and that is what i’m going to show you how to do in today’s video with the millionaire club challenge now the value investing is a very simple concept we’re simply going to buy stocks that are undervalued specifically

Extremely undervalued then we’re going to hold those stocks for an average of four years and then we’re going to sell the stocks when they become fair valued that’s it that’s the entire strategy and by my calculations using this strategy we will become a millionaire within 10 to 15 years now 10 to 15 years might sound like a long time but i want to encourage you

To remember the words of warren buffet that the stock market is a vehicle for transferring wealth from the inpatient to the patient if you are patient you can become a millionaire with us and over the next 10 to 15 years we are going to use this millionaire club challenge to become millionaires in the stock market now let me explain how this challenge is going

To work we’re going to start with 2 000 in a trading platform called moomoo now i’ll talk about moomoo a little bit later in the video but i want to let you know that we’re going to start with 2 000 and then we’re going to add 200 every other week now most people get paid every other week so for this challenge we’re just going to take 200 out of our paycheck

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Every other week and we’re going to put that into moomoo and add it to our millionaire club challenge now if you go on to do a hundred dollars a week if that’s easier for you you can add a hundred dollars a week that’s fine maybe 25 per weekday or 20 per day total however you want to do it but we’re going to do 200 every other week so every paycheck we’re just

Automatically going to put 200 into our moomoo account and then over time we’re going gonna start with about three or four stocks we’re gonna use that initial two thousand dollars to buy those three or four stocks and then over time we’ll add a few more stocks and then we’re just going to start dollar cost averaging into them and once one of the stocks gets to fair

Value we’re going to sell it and then we’re going to use that money to buy a different stock that is extremely undervalued now bear markets have the incredible blessing of creating a lot of stocks that are extremely undervalued we’re talking about valuations that you would never see in a normal bull market i have found so many stocks with pes of two or less and

That’s insane because an average normal fare pe is around 15. so for a stock to have a p e of two that stock could quite literally go up 700 percent over the next four or five years as it gets back up to fair value and we’re gonna be using this bear market to jumpstart this millionaire club challenge and we’re going to be using this bear market to invest in these

Extremely undervalued stocks we’re going to take advantage of the fear that’s in the market right now we’re going to be greedy and we are gonna use this time to invest in these stocks that nobody wants to touch we’re gonna wait four or five years for the market to turn around and become bullish again we’re gonna wait for these stocks to get back up to fair value

And we’re gonna sell them for five six seven hundred percent profits and this is how we’re going to beat the market this is how we’re going to average a 30 to 50 return every year and this is how we’re gonna become millionaires starting with just two thousand dollars and investing just two hundred dollars every paycheck now i understand some of you watching this

Video might not quite have that much money that’s okay start with whatever you can afford invest with whatever you can afford but the principles that you’re going to learn throughout this millionaire club challenge are very simple first you’re going to learn to find stocks that are extremely undervalued we’re going to stay away from the hype stocks we’re going to

Stay away from the growth stocks we’re going to stay away from meme stocks we’re going to stay away from story stocks we’re going to invest in stocks that are profitable that have plenty of cash on hand that just don’t get a lot of love right now and we’re going to go love on those stocks we’re going to buy them and we’re going to make a ton of money second thing

You’re going to learn is patience you’ve probably gotten used to being in and out of trades and expecting stocks to go up the second you buy them it’s not going to be the case this time around we’re going to have to buy these stocks and you know what they might drop more that’s okay because then we get to buy more even cheaper so you’re gonna learn patience and

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The other thing that you’re gonna learn is by doing this you’re gonna learn a whole new investing strategy that probably is going to end up being a lot more successful than the trading you’ve done so far so i’m going to guide you throughout this whole process we’re going to do it here on youtube you don’t have to go join a vip club you don’t have to go pay for a

Discord all of it’s going to be done right here on youtube free of charge we’re going to update the portfolio from time to time i’m going to let you know exactly what’s going on every two weeks i’m going to give you a portfolio update i’m going to show you the additional 200 that we’ve added and i’m going to show you where the account currently stands we’re going

To track the profits over time we’re going to track the account value over time and you’re going to love becoming a millionaire within the next 10 to 15 years now i want to be clear about two things real fast i’m not a financial advisor nothing i talk about is a recommendation to buy sell or hold any assets the stocks that we’re going to be investing in are not a

Recommendation to go buy these are simply the stocks that i am investing in i have put 2 000 into my moomoo account i will be investing 200 every two weeks i will be buying certain stocks holding certain stocks and a few years from now selling certain stocks and i will show you what i am doing now if you would like to follow along with what i am doing i encourage

You to come join us in the moomoo millionaire club for many of you watching this video you’re probably going to have to modify this slightly to fit your own personal investing style and your own personal net worth some of you are going to have to go a little bit lower on the trades some of you might want to go significantly higher on the trades and that’s okay

Whatever fits you best you go do you now let me explain about moo moon why we’re using moomoo for this challenge instead of weeble or some other platform the reason that we’re using moomoos mubu is actually the best investing platform they don’t have all the tools for trading like weeble does they certainly don’t have all the multi-leg options and all that stuff

Which is why we’re going to continue to use weeble for the millionaire dollar challenge which is really heavily focused on technical analysis and options moomoo is significantly better for long-term investing moomoo has tools that weibull just does not have mumu shows you what the large institutions are buying and selling how much buying pressure versus selling

Pressure there is they’ve got a lot better research tools so for long-term investing mumu is significantly better platform and that’s why we’re going to be using it for this challenge now just like i have two different challenges going in two different portfolios and different different brokers i encourage you to also have two different brokers for each portfolio

One weeble one movement now i know most of you watching this channel already have a weeble account so what i’m encouraging you to do now is to open a moomoo account down in the description of this video i have a link to moomoo there’s actually three links down there be very careful which link you click on there is one link for those of you in the united states

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There is a second link for those of you in singapore and there is a third link for those of you in australia now sadly mumu is only available in those three countries if you’re outside of those three countries and you want to join us in this challenge then i encourage you to open an account with interactive brokers and i have a link for interactive brokers in

The description of this video as well interactive brokers is available in over 200 countries so no matter what country you’re in there’s a very good chance that interactive brokers you can go in there and open an account but if you’re in the united states singapore or australia i encourage you to open the account of moomoo so that you can gain access to all of the

Research tools that we’re going to be using for this challenge now the other reason that moomoo is such an incredible platform to get started in this challenge is because moomoo has some specials running where you’re going to get some free stocks now i’m going to talk about the free stock offer here in the united states i want to let you know that if you’re on

Australia or singapore you still get free stocks it’s just your offers are a little bit different so for those of you in the united states it’s real simple when you open up an account using my link in the description below and you deposit 100 or more you’re gonna get six free stocks now if you open a moomoo account and you deposit two thousand dollars or more

You’re going to get 10 free stocks now some of the marketing material you’re going to see from moomoos you go through your account opening is going to talk about five free stocks the five free stocks is the normal promotion that mooma runs but when you use my link you don’t get five free stocks you get six with a 100 deposit or more and you get 10 with a 2 000

Deposit or more again i am starting this challenge with a 2 000 starting deposit now i do want to let you know that moomoo takes quite a bit of time to get your account set up and funded overall it takes about five business days or about one week in total so we’re not gonna start the challenge right away i’m gonna give you time to go in there and get your account

Set up to get registered to get it funded to let the funds clear so we’re going to give everybody time to get in there and get the accounts opened and funded and you hopefully are going to join me as a millionaire 10 to 15 years down the road so i want to welcome all of you to the moomoo millionaire club challenge let’s all join the millionaire club together

Of course results are not guaranteed but we’re gonna go for it i hope you enjoyed this video and got a lot out of it i look forward to doing this challenge with you and i will see you tomorrow

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